True Detective’s Rust Cohle vs. Oscar Winner McConaughey

After watching True Detective did you wonder what Rust Cohle would have to say about Matt McConaughey’s Oscar speech? Well wonder no more. Comedian and Filmmaker Katie Halper shows us.

McConaughey is a great actor, but we should give credit to Rust Cohle’s creator, the writer Nic Pizzolatto. I don’t know who wrote McConaughey’s Oscar speech, but Rust’s words are all Pizzolatto.

I loved this show. Wonderful writing, acting and cinematography. I haven’t really felt a sense of mood like this since “The Killing” and it was not a surprise to me that Pizzolatto was involved in writing that. That show is another one of my favorites. I could watch just the face of Mireille Enos, the lead in that show, for hours.