Is Your Bubble Filled with Despair, Hope, Anger or Soap?

I’ve lived in at least four bubbles in the “bubble economy”. The Dot Com Bubble, The Housing Bubble, The Financial Toxic Waste Bubble and The Great Recession Bubble. I’ve observed people living in personal bubbles and I’ve created and popped my own. This last week I got to live in a different personal bubble than my usual Vulcan bubble while observing the impact of the bubble housing on people. It was interesting and it has briefly reconfigured my thinking.

When people talk about the bubble economy or people living in a bubble there is an underlying criticism that bubbles are a bad thing, and they often are. But I totally understand why people want them, create them and love them. Bubbles are GREAT — if they work for you. If there are no sanctions or consequences for the deleterious effects of bubbles when expanding rapidly or after popping, people will continue to create them as fast as they can. If they could, they would get a bubble gun.

All bubbles have winner and losers. Here in the future home of Star Fleet Academy I know some of the Dot Com Bubble winners and losers very well. For everyone who . . . → Read More: Is Your Bubble Filled with Despair, Hope, Anger or Soap?

No Brains. No Heart. The Tea Party/CNN debate.

When Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” at the State of the Union address he got interviewed. Why not interview at least the two guys who wanted the uninsured to die? CNN and the Tea Party Express obviously know their names, why won’t they release them? Are they afraid of being found out? I think that they would be proud of their shouts. They clearly represent the views of many. Maybe they will end up hosting their own Fox News shows. . . . → Read More: No Brains. No Heart. The Tea Party/CNN debate.