New Fantastic Four Script Product Placement and Merchandise Possibilities

Possible Fantastic Four script leaked. Email forwarded to me by mistake

From: Art Foonman, merchandising and product placement dept.

To: Josh Trank, Fantastic Four producer

Josh, the script looks GREAT! A few notes:

1) Action figures. Tell me more about these costumes Sue wears that contains her “powers!” . I’m assuming skin tight, blue, white and black. Need Art ASAP. Confirmed toy art dept is using SPRHRO blue, Pantone 9-286 Heads can wait until casting is complete since they just pop on, just make sure the cast is all white! Remember the scare with a black Spiderman!? HA!

2) The Doombot line of military drones–GENIUS! Killer line of toys! DoD is already on board with rejected designs from the latest war. Lego has ponied up big numbers for licensing. Got one request for a “cute” doombot from Hasbro, think Wall-E with guns. Any chance of a good Doombot? One with big “eyes?”

3) Computer product placement. Sad trombone sound. Hacking into them? What is this 1989? Boring, nobody wants to pay to see their servers hacked. Oracle paid big bucks for Iron Man tie ins but we had to promise Ellison a bit part. Thank god he was a RDJ . . . → Read More: New Fantastic Four Script Product Placement and Merchandise Possibilities

The Newsroom: A Fantasy Network Reality Show

Aaron Sorkin writes more fantasy than George R.R. Martin. The Newsroom is Sorkin’s latest. I watch SF and fantasy for entertainment first and if I get some some insights into human nature and into a different world that’s a bonus. The season three opener of The Newsroom was useful in both these ways and also gave me some ideas for media activism.

These things happened in last night’s episode of The Newsroom:

A TV news network learned from a major mistake made last season. They changed their behavior to maintain a higher professional standard and are trying to do better. People in the news division have values and responsibilities in their lives and profession other than the bottom line. They will act on these even at the cost of their ratings or job. The president of the network states that the news division’s autonomy can only be protected if they have good ratings. Rating are not separated from quality or ethical work. Ratings equals money. If they don’t maintain high ratings they will lose autonomy. It appears the news division’s recent failure impacted the parent companies’ financial projections. The parent company is now under some kind of attack from . . . → Read More: The Newsroom: A Fantasy Network Reality Show