On Debate Night Your Tweet Matters

When the debates are on, my comedian friends and I are trying to come up with funny tweets. We’ll comment on the zingers and if they landed or not. We retweet the ones we think are the funniest. Getting a like for a funny tweet is nice, but getting a retweet really hits the ol’ dopamine centers. ( Frank Conniff is my favorite. The HRC camp should classify him as a national treasure and put him in charge of strategic zingers.)

While I’m trying to craft 140 character zingers, my political friends are trying to fill out their debate bingo drinking cards.

“When Hillary’s opponent says, ‘I’m going to build a wall!’ take a drink. If he says, ‘Mexico will pay for it,’ take a shot of tequila.’ If the moderator, asks ‘How will that work?’ or cites comments from the Mexican President about paying for the wall, eat the worm. (Don’t worry, you won’t have to eat a worm!)”

When I watched the first GOP debate I knew I was no longer watching a political debate but the TV show Who Wants to be President? which morphed into Last Comic Standing. It was all about the zingers, insults and . . . → Read More: On Debate Night Your Tweet Matters

Monday’s Debate Is Not An Episode Of ‘America’s Got Presidential Talent’ [Updated]

My friend Joel Silberman was on MSNBC talking about what to expect at the debates. He talked about how important it is for the media to not lower the bar for Trump.

This isn’t Dancing With the Stars, or The Voice or America’s Got Presidential Talent. We’re talking about the leader of the free world so let’s ask some real questions and hold them accountable.

UPDATE: Here’s a clip from Joels’ appearance on MSNBC the Sunday before the debate.

Trigger alert, it includes the odious Hugh Hewitt who tries to makes the claim that facts are “In fact, a debatable set of conclusions based on disparate set of evidence.” In the right wing media that IS how they define facts. (I think it is hilarious that just before Hewitt gives his definition he says, “In fact,” which is a standard right wing gambit they use to bust something they don’t like.

They typically go after an all encompassing statement. Like in his example. “If she says, ‘all or I never.. about the emails…” That is no longer a fact, because it doesn’t include a qualifier. Qualifying statements, which makes something accurate, are seen as weasel words by . . . → Read More: Monday’s Debate Is Not An Episode Of ‘America’s Got Presidential Talent’ [Updated]

It’s Lost In Space’s 50 Year Anniversary. Reboot Time!

Today over at io9 Katharine Trendacosta mentioned the casting of Will Robinson for the new Lost In Space reboot. She ended it with this line.

Honestly, all this show needs to do is have a robot yell “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!” at Jenkins and most people will probably be happy with it. Honestly, it’s not like it can be worse than the 1998 film.

I really liked the 1998 film, the father son relationship, the great action special effects and the sexy outfits for the crew. But it did have some massive CGI problems, especially with their space monkey.

One poster, Angrier Geek, had this to say 9/20/16 4:49pm Oh, that fucking monkey. That’s how you know everyone in Hollywood is on cocaine. Only a drug addled mind thinks that’s a good idea.

I thought that was probably right, so I envisioned how the monkey happened, how it got in there, what happened with the CGI and finally what the fallout was.

Scene opens in New Line Cinema studio executive’s office.

Studio Exec: We need a cute alien. You know, for the kids! We can sell more toys with it. Administrative Assistant: How about we do a take on . . . → Read More: It’s Lost In Space’s 50 Year Anniversary. Reboot Time!

How does he get away with death threats?

For the second time in less than a month, Donald Trump made a comment suggesting someone take a shot at Hillary Clinton because of her position on guns. Who might do this? “The 2nd Amendment people”. What might they do? “We’ll see.”

Once again, I feel it’s 2003 and we are leading up to the war in Iraq and nobody in the media is questioning the lame reasoning. “Surely the press won’t let that BS slide.” But I’ve since realized that the media lets politicians on the right get away with saying all sorts of crap. In the case of death threats from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, they actually help him get away with them.

Here’s how it’s done, in 5 easy steps

“I think that [Hillary Clinton’s] bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm. Immediately…Let’s see what happens to her. Take their guns away, okay? It’ll be very dangerous.” [1]

1. Declare it’s a Joke!

At the start of the video Wolf Blitzer called Trumps’ comment a joke. Instead of being taken seriously as a comment, Blitzer assigned the frame of the discussion as “a joke,” removing the seriousness of it. This is one way they . . . → Read More: How does he get away with death threats?

ICYMI Stuntman Flies over Snake River Canyon on Evel Knievel’s X2 Skycycle

Because a certain short-fingered vulgarian sucked up all the media’s time and attention, you might have missed this really exciting and suspenseful story yesterday.

Stuntman Eddie Braun in the X2 Skycycle flying over Snake River Canyon AP ©2016, by Times-News and MagicValley.com

Stuntman Eddie Braun successfully flew over Snake River Canyon on an exact duplicate of Evel Knievel’s X2 Skycycle. Braun has said the rocket was identical to the model Knievel used for his failed canyon attempt on Sept. 8, 1974.

Months of testing was performed on the rocket designed by Scott Truax, whose father constructed the original “X2 Skycycle” for Knievel.

Truax followed his father’s blueprints down to the last bolt and deviated only by updating the parachute system.

Full story in Popular Mechanics

THIS is the event the news networks should have gone to yesterday instead of a hotel launch promo. THIS was a real suspenseful story, it has never been done successfully. The last attempt was 42 years ago. Braun could have literally crashed and burned, not just metaphorically.

THIS would have justified multiple film crews and live reporters at the location.

Link to KBOI full story and video Instead the media got conned. A . . . → Read More: ICYMI Stuntman Flies over Snake River Canyon on Evel Knievel’s X2 Skycycle

Remember The Last Time The MSM Didn’t Do Their Job?


I’ve noticed some serious anger at the mainstream media coming from multiple sources lately. It reminds me of 2003, during the build up to the Iraq war. I, like many people, were thinking, “The mainstream media is going to do their job, right? They will ask the tough questions, sort out the BS from the truth, hold power accountable, you know, the stuff from the movies.” But they didn’t.

Some of us started blogging during that time as an alternative to screaming at the TV. The MSM didn’t want me helping them be better, so I chose to defund the right-wing media, who were making the world worse. (They still are, but are getting a lot less money for it.)

After the disaster of the Matt Lauer interviews, I got the same sick feeling about the MSM as I had in 2003. “Wait, what? Are you KIDDING ME?” I suppose in the spring and summer people could forgive the MSM for going with the most entertaining candidate. I mean, would you want to cover the unctuous Ted Cruz for 9 months? I couldn’t take enough showers every day.

But this isn’t Dancing with the Stars, the winner of this . . . → Read More: Remember The Last Time The MSM Didn’t Do Their Job?

Gun Nuts Can’t Handle Cocks Not Glocks Protest

Gun nuts just can’t take a joke. I saw a vicious video last week, my edited version is below. It’s in response to the Cocks Not Glocks protest at University of Texas where individuals with a concealed handgun license (CHL) are allowed to bring their handguns on campus, but people with sex toys can not, because they are deemed obscene.


The Cocks Not Glocks protest is a clever way to make a point. The TV stations can discuss the issue with a “Live from the University of Texas” stand up, state the current facts, make cute “We can’t say it on TV” comments about the rubber penises the activists are bringing, interview a few supporters, give their detractors equal time, then it’s back to Sunny Storm with the weather.

As far as media friendly protests go this one is pretty damn good. It has a message and makes a point. Even the way that TV stations have to dance around what they can’t show or say helps make the point of the absurdity of the situation.

But from a “news” point of view the story is over. I think there needs to be more stories in the . . . → Read More: Gun Nuts Can’t Handle Cocks Not Glocks Protest