Crow Gets Two Cats to Fight or Care2 gets Microsoft to Attack Google on Privacy Violations

Google to stop going through your email to sell ads.” (link) It was sponsored by Microsoft’s I clicked on it and was taken to Care2 to sign the petition.

While clicking on a story about Republicans being bribed (old news, yawn) I got a pop-up ad that said, “Tell

I found this petition fascinating, because it represents one corporation attacking another corporation with the intent to force the second corporation into a making a change in their privacy policy. (I should point out that of course Microsoft ALSO goes though your Outlook mail to provide ads. How are they different? You get to choose how targeted your ad is. If you give them no info they send you generic ads.)

There is an old saying, “Let’s you and him go fight.” Setting two corporations up to fight each other to get a result that you want is pretty clever. We aren’t the only species that thinks so. Here is a video of a crow prodding two cats to fight each other, for entertainment.

Now I don’t know if this petition was Care2’s idea and they sold it to Microsoft or the idea came from Microsoft. Care2 is . . . → Read More: Crow Gets Two Cats to Fight or Care2 gets Microsoft to Attack Google on Privacy Violations

Time Travel Question. What if you stopped MLK’s Assassination?

People always talk about going back in time to stop JFK’s assassination. Why not go back to prevent #MLK s? #IHaveADream .@io9

— Spocko (@spockosbrain) August 29, 2013

This occurred to me today on the 50th Anniversary of the I had a dream speech. I see a lot of the, “If MLK was alive to day…” Well, what if he was? How would the world be different if he wasn’t assassinated?

How would the people who hated him attempt to destroy him? Reveal tapes of his love life? Fake connections to Communism?

One of my favorite time travel premises is a book that examines. “What if you went back in time and stopped Reagan from going into politics? You didn’t have to kill him or anything, just make his movie career more successful, or make him be interested in something else.”


Look Before He Leaps. Castleton Tower Jump in Moab

This is beautiful footage. Watch it full screen at 1080 resolution.

@ubisoft Video Game @splintercell Lets You Torture Gitmo Prisoners For Fun!

Did you ever notice that when Americans talk about torture they are always in the power position? They always see themselves as the person deciding whether or not to torture someone? They never put themselves in the shoes of the person being tortured. They never consider that they might be wrongfully held and tortured. – Interrobang, writer, Canadian, brilliant friend

I’ve played violent video games. I’d killed billions of pixels (most look like monsters, but not all). I’ve watched violent movies and TV. I’ve seen thousands of simulated murders. I don’t think playing the games or watching the movies makes me more apt to pick up a gun and go on a shooting spree. (I can’t speak for everyone though, considering this: 8-Year-Old Shot and Killed Caregiver After Playing Grand Theft Auto. I wonder what games or shows other kids were playing or watching before they shot people? What if they were playing Super Mario Bros or watching Barney?)

I’ve also seen torture used in TV and movies. Remember 24? Kiefer Sutherland was always saying, “There is no time!” and “We have no other choice!” Torture was a convenient shortcut to the next plot point. The people tortured were . . . → Read More: @ubisoft Video Game @splintercell Lets You Torture Gitmo Prisoners For Fun!

Onto Oz from the Fog

This looks like it was taken in San Francisco in July or August. Love SF but this fog is getting to me. I think I need to go the East Bay or Marin, that’s where the Wizard (and the sun) live.

Mitt Never Said That 47% Thing! Romney: ‘Actually, I Didn’t Say That’

My comedian friend Jimmy Dore got to do what journalists rarely do–but should–call out a politician on his BS. This is from his podcast. I animated it with goAnimate. It’s short, about a minute and a half.

It’s great that most people have a camera, phone, video and audio recorder on them at all times. Politicians and their spokespeople now need to find new ways to dig out of terrible comments. When they can’t “walk it back” or “clarify in context” they just deny they said it.

As John Oliver said on the Daily Show, it’s their job to find politicians and media saying the opposite of what they said earlier. And now it can be ALL of our jobs. Fire up those iPhones!

However, the mainstream press love to give politicians, ‘A second bite at the apple’ after a bad quote appears. In Dan Balz new book, “Collision 2012: Obama vs. Romney and the Future of Elections in America,” We see Mitt in full denial mode. As Luke Johnson at the Huffington Post points out in his piece: Mitt Romney On 47 Percent Remark: ‘Actually, I Didn’t Say That’ About Personal Responsibility. This is the third opportunity he . . . → Read More: Mitt Never Said That 47% Thing! Romney: ‘Actually, I Didn’t Say That’

Hilarious Jimmy Dore in Bay Area Aug 10-11, 2013

Last night I went to Rooster T. Feathers in beautiful Sunnyvale to see Jimmy Dore’s stand-up comedy show. It was great. He was hilarious. If you are in the Bay Area pop down to the show tonight or Sunday. Rooster T. Feathers is a great venue. (Link to get tickets). I haven’t laughed this hard since seeing Maria Bamford at the Punchline in SF. (BTW, check out Maria Bamford’s interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross)

I’m a huge fan of the Jimmy Dore Podcast (Here’s a link to the most current episode)

When I explain to people what the podcast is like I say. “It’s like the Daily Show, only on radio” and that usually hooks them. One of the guys on the podcast was a former Daily Show writer. ( Steve Rosenfield, )

It also usually includes the brilliant Frank Connif who wrote for Mystery Science Theater 3000. (Favorite Line, “Chris Christie voted for the Defense of Marinara Act”)

Besides the political comedy they do spot on funny phone calls with celebrities with Mike MacRae, doing Bill O’Reilly, Herman Cain, The Pope, Paula Deen, President Obama, and my favorite, Chris Christie.

Robert Yasumura, Stef Zamorano, Paul Kozlowski help . . . → Read More: Hilarious Jimmy Dore in Bay Area Aug 10-11, 2013