They’re all laughing at you Trump!

Two of Trump’s worst nightmares are happening right now, he’s broke and people are laughing at him.
It’s glorious! I’m enjoying these 24 hours of knowing he’s squirming. In this clip you can see how Eric Trump is personally experiencing his Dad’s humiliation at the hands of bankers and bond companies.
Eric Trump Sunday interview on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo 

“When I came to them saying, ‘Hey, can I get a 1/2 billion dollar bond?’ Maria they were laughing!”

-Eric Trump to Maria Bartiromo on Fox 3-24-2024

It’s interesting that Eric is doing this. Why not Daddy? Because they know Donald always get revenge against people who laugh at him and don’t do what he wants.

On Monday there will be some story about how Trump leveraged the recent IPO to get the money for a bond. Or he’ll file for a Double Secret Special Extension that will kick the can down the road 30 days. Or, he’ll get the money from “outside the US” (I noted that Eric used that phrase intentionally twice, he’s setting it up for a “We had to go outside the US because no one would do it in the US!” We’ll probably learn is TOTALLY legal-for people who aren’t running for President. If it is a FEC violation, good luck with enforcement!

Intelligence communities know that money troubles make people vulnerable to blackmail. The experts will look at the laws for a bond, and it might be technically legal if it comes from Jared via the Saudis to Trump. Or it will come from Jeffrey Yass, the billionaire GOP megadonor who has a $33 billion stake in TikTok, and supported the Truth Social IPO.

Maybe his assets will start to be seized! Trump will turn that into a rallying cry to the base. “If they can take my property illegally, they can take yours!! Send me money!” If he gets the bond Trump lash out at the people who laughed at him and didn’t give him money. And Tish James. There were be new death threats, harassment and attacks on her via social media. Judge Engoron and his clerk will likely get new threats, especially since nothing happened to Trump, OR THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THE THREATS, last time.

When Trump says “They are laughing at our country” He means they are laughing at him. Laughing at him is almost as dangerous as criticizing him. Remember how he made Governors beg for supplies during the pandemic? Trump threatens people’s lives and withholds lifesaving food and supplies–unless they grovel before him.

I was thinking about the next scene after Carrie gets laughed at — she kills everyone.
Then she goes home and tells her mom they all laughed at her and asked for her mother to hold her. Instead, the mother said, ‘I should have killed you when you were born. But I was weak and back sliding.”

They were all laughing at you.

Trump is a damaged man. I want to ENJOY watching Trump squirm. I also know that Trump is like a cornered animal and he will extract vengeance on people who aren’t supporting him and who laugh at him. This time around he is promising a blood bath. That’s not funny.

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