March 25th 1911, the day the New Deal began

March 25, 1911 was, as Secretary of Labor Francis Perkins recalled, “the day the New Deal began.” Watch this moving video to see how far America has come yet how far the world still needs to go regarding workers rights.

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

The thing that also gets me is what happened to the people who made it possible.

The company’s owners, Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, who survived the fire by fleeing to the building’s roof when the fire began, were indicted on charges of first and second degree manslaughter in mid-April; the pair’s trial began on December 4, 1911.[33] Max Steuer, counsel for the defendants, managed to destroy the credibility of one of the survivors, Kate Alterman, by asking her to repeat her testimony a number of times — which she did without altering key phrases. Steuer argued to the jury that Alterman and possibly other witnesses had memorized their statements, and might even have been told what to say by the prosecutors. The defense also stressed that the prosecution had failed to prove that the owners knew the exit doors were locked at the time in question. The jury acquitted the two men, but they lost . . . → Read More: March 25th 1911, the day the New Deal began

Re: Your Brains

Re: Your Brains

Music from Jonathon Coulton As someone whose brain has been very attractive to others I totally get where these guys are coming from. But as usually I don’t condone violence.

Koch Calls Dore Gets Spocko

David and Julie Koch photo from

If you aren’t listening to the Jimmy Dore show you are really missing out.

It’s a smart and funny show that blows holes in all sorts of political and corporate nonsense.

Jimmy knows everybody and so lots of newsmakers call him and leave him messages.

My phone number is one digit off of Jimmy’s number and sometimes I get his calls. This week I got a call from David Koch.

David Koch Calls Jimmy Dore but gets Spocko by Accident.

David Koch Calls Jimmy Dore Gets Spocko by Accident low quality MP3

DAVID Koch, the 6-foot-6 billionaire from Kansas, is extremely proud of his lovely blond wife, Julia. “Did you know that I was just out of college when my future bride was only 6 weeks old?” Koch, 66, informed writer Gregory Speck at the American Ballet Theater gala on Monday. “Well, they say that even a blind hog sometimes finds a truffle.”

. . . → Read More: Koch Calls Dore Gets Spocko