Threats of Violence to Judge McAfee & family delayed Trump’s RICO Case

Did you know that Judge Scott McAfee delayed his written order on Willis and Wade for a week because he had been receiving threats? He needed time for proper security to be in place for him and his family. The ONLY source that I found who mentioned this was Kyle Griffin at MSNBC.

This really PISSES ME OFF. I try to be all logical about the reasons the threats keep working and point to solutions, but I’m really sick and tired of the BS excuses by law enforcement when it comes to dealing with threats from the MAGA base to the judges, prosecutors, witnesses, jurors AND THEIR FAMILIES, in Donald Trump’s legal cases.

I’m a fast talker but slow writer so I dictated my thoughts to Otter.AI (a service I use to transcribe videos). It has a feature to summarize what you said and provide action items. It worked surprisingly well!

Spocko is frustrated with the lack of action taken by law enforcement to address threats made against judges and their families. He argues that local law enforcement should have anticipated and prepared for these threats, but their failure to do so is driving him ‘nuts.’

Spocko highlights specific instances where media attention and public pressure led to action being taken, but notes that more often than not, there is a lack of response or prosecution.

He questions why law enforcement is failing to take these threats seriously and why they are not doing more to address them.

It even came up with Action Items for the Georgia law enforcement based on what I said:

  • Anticipate and prepare for threats ahead of time to allow for quick response
    (Georgia law enforcement FAILED!)
  • Intercept, trace, find, arrest, and prosecute people making threats
    (Georgia law enforcement FAILED!)

    I had action items for Georgia government:
  • Investigate reasons for failure to anticipate and respond to threats
    Analyze past examples of effective law enforcement response to threats
  • I had action items for the people in comms in Georgia government:
    Serious question: Do you want threats to stop? Because when there are no arrests for threats, the message being sent to the people making them is that they are fine.

The Failure To Protect The People from MAGA Domestic Terrorists

Every week i talk with Glenn Kirschner about what can be done about threats. He got REALLY PISSED that Trump’s BLOODBATH comments aren’t going to land him in pretrial detention. He asks,

“Will the criminal justice system writ large receive this latest deadly threat with a yawn? Or will they apply the law as it is intended to be applied?”

Glenn Kirschner on Trump’s promise of a “bloodbath” if he loses the election?

I’m always looking for solutions, but I’m also looking at people to blame when they have refused to act over and over again when it comes to threats. Did you know Georgia law enforcement never arrested ANYONE for the threats to Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss?!

Check out this great Reuters report

Trump campaign demonized two Georgia election workers – and death threats followed

Cobb County Police said no one was arrested in response to the reported threats and declined further comment.

On Jan. 25, Barron emailed Fulton County police chief Wade Yates and other officials. The family needed protection, he said. “Can we do anything to help her and her family with security?” he asked, referring to Moss, in the email, reviewed by Reuters. Yates suggested hiring an armed guard at a cost of $22.50 per hour, according to an email. “We can work out funding details next week,” he said.

Asked why Freeman and Moss didn’t receive a security detail, Fulton County Police said in a statement that it can’t approve budgeting in such a case and referred questions to the county government.

The county government said it did not provide security for the women because the messages they received did not rise to the level of criminal threats that could be prosecuted. The decision was not financial in nature, it added.

[The Reuters reporters talked to multiple experts who said the threats DID rise to the level of criminal threats.]

Reuter’s Special Report: Campaign of Fear by Jason Szep and Linda So Dec. 1, 2021

You would THINK that considering it was a Judge who is white and a Republican, Georgia law enforcement would have prepared for threats ahead of time to allow for a quick response. Georgia cops should have announced arrests IMMEDIATELY after the threats, to show they were prepared.

It’s almost as if law enforcement WANTS anyone involved in Trump cases to be AFRAID of political violence. As I said, I’ve investigated failure and successes when it comes to threats online. I could point to good communications about threats (like from New York’s Judicial Threats Assessment Unit that informed the media about the scale and scope of the threats to Judge Engoron and his clerk.)

That report got through to people in the media like Chris Hayes, who I’ve seen conflating criticism of elected officials with threats over and over again. Watch this clip of Lisa Rubin talking about the 275 pages of transcribed threats from voice mail, that finally got to him.

I know that the media have a big role to play in making sure the people understand what is happening and who is benefiting from a failure to act on threats. So I wrote to Kyle Griffin at MSNBC.

Could you please dig into threats made to Judge McAfee? Your March 15 tweet was the ONLY place I saw anyone saying McAfee delayed the Willis/Wade order because of the threats to his family. 

This sounds like a massive failure of Georgia Law enforcement.

Could you do a Weekend segment on this failure of law enforcement? I know there ARE laws that can deal with these threats, but they aren’t a priority. I don’t want to hear the lame excuses. Please get someone to expose the reasons behind the failures, and what must be done to fix it.

LLAP, Spocko

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