What will it take to stop the threats of violence?

Jamison Foser wrote an excellent piece about how the media disconnects the threat of violence from Trump and his supporters from the 14th Amendment court case.

I read that and my first thought was, “Yes!” Then, “What can I do?” Followed by, “Do I have to write about it again? My brain gets tired just thinking about this! Where’s my Sodastream diet cola?”

Some thoughts one liter later:
1) The media doesn’t want to say it, but the threats from Donald Trump needed to be stopped years ago. Now to stop him it will involve putting him in pre-trial detention, with no direct access to social media, as the law provides.

2) Law enforcement doesn’t want to say it, but it takes too much time, money and human resources to find and arrest people making threats. So they just say, “It’s “protected” political speech and don’t charge anyone.

3) Legislators don’t want to pass laws that would appear to be targeting conservatives. Even suggesting it sends them into gaslighting hissy fits. “They want to send the FBI after me just because of a difference of opinion!

4) Social Media companies don’t want to enforce their own Terms of Service on the use of threats of violence. They profit from the engagement by people who use threats on their platforms.

5) The victims of the threats and harassment need to be protected. If they aren’t protected the perpetrators AND the people who incited and profited from the threats need to be sued to compensate the victims for the pain and suffering they caused.

So, what is to be done?

Media: Stop buying the cops narrative about what can be done about threats of violence

Law enforcement to media about threats of violence toward election workers:
“It’s hard to find the people doing this.”
Bullsh** (If it’s a priority & they want to, they can find people. Read Reuters unmasks Trump supporters who terrified U.S. election officials Reuters reporters easily found people the police said they couldn’t find.

Media: Okay, whatever you say. So can anything be done?
Law Enforcement: Er, um well it takes time and money. Unsaid, “We don’t want go after Trump supporters.”
True story!
U.S. election workers get little help from law enforcement as terror threats mount
(I highly recommend this Reuters article. Read the first few paragraphs. It’s astonishing to me that no charges were brought against the people. Like this one:

Police identified the man who sent these threats as Steven Telepchak, a 42-year-old information technology manager, but did not pursue charges against him.

Legislators: Pass laws to make it a serious crime to threaten people. Tell prosecutors to prosecute.

Justice system. We caught someone who threatened the life of the Colorado Secretary of State! We sent them to trial!
Media: Great! What happened?
Justice system: He got 2 years probation!
True story!
Man gets probation for making threatening calls to Colorado secretary of state

Legislators: Give more funding to protect people from threats

Colorado Secretary of State to legislators, ‘Hey I’m getting a LOT more death threats. Those 2 years of probation for the last guy didn’t really send the message that you thought it did. I need some more security money for me and my staff.”
Legislators: Nah, just try and ignore it. We’ll keep a police car outside your office for a few weeks until it blows over.
True story!
Election officials can’t access federal funding for security as violent threats mount
Advisory board rejected application from Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has received multiple death threats. REUTERS/Linda So

Media: Stop repeating Trump’s social media threats

Media: We need to read Trump’s threats directly, even though that amplifies the threats, because we are helpless in the method we cover him.
True story!

2 Ways To Stop White Nationalist Morons Like The Patriot Front

The White Nationalist group Patriot Front was confused by the turnstiles at NYC’s World Trade Center PATH station. It reminded me of this classic turnstile scene with Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles.

But seriously folks, who is the Patriot Front and how can they be defeated once they figure out how to use turnstiles? In June I talked to Matt Binder on the Doomed podcast about Patriot Front, the Neo-Nazis group seen in this clip. They wear the same hats, khakis and gatherers on their faces when they go to Pride events, Juneteenth parades and other events.

The Patriot Front may appear dumb here, but they are very clever at avoiding being prosecuted for their use of threats online and in person. One organization that figured out how to fight them is the called Task Force Butler Institute. Their tag line: Veterans Fighting Fascism

From the Task Force Butler website under What We Do

Hold Extremists Accountable

For far too long neo-nazi, white supremacist, and fascist organizations have been able to terrorize vulnerable Americans and erode our democracy without paying a price.

We provide the resources and support necessary to ensure that those who want to destroy our . . . → Read More: 2 Ways To Stop White Nationalist Morons Like The Patriot Front

Stop Rudy Giuliani from weaseling out of paying the financial judgment against him!

The size of the financial judgement against Rudy Giuliani should come tomorrow. The first question people will have is. “Will he pay?” The rich have lots of tricks to avoid paying. Here’s a bit of good news from Barb Mcquade.

“Intentional torts, like defamation, are NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy.

And so it may be that Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss are able to chase Rudy Giuliani to his grave to catch every penny they can out of his pockets.”

barb Mcquade

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Elon’s dominance over global satellite communications is dangerous.

I just listened to Elon Musk on Spaces talk about the use of his Starlink satellites by Ukraine. He also talked about how they might be used by people in Gaza. When I listen to his answer I remember two things. 1) He is not ‘under oath” he can be lying and mischaracterizing what he did and what happened. There is no one on the call who will check him or ask for clarification. 2) His control over Starlink makes him a major player in global politics. Who has leverage over him? The US? He is located here and Starlink is a US corporation. He is a US citizen. BUT we have seen that the control the US government has over him is not total. Other people and countries have leverage over him. He listened to Putin and made a decision based on what Putin told him. Musk has dominance over satellite communications. When a company has harmful dominance over an industry they need to be disciplined. That can happen by competition, regulation or labor. Last week Cory Doctorow talked about why the US implemented antitrust laws. To stop harmful domination by a company.This should apply to person too. . . . → Read More: Elon’s dominance over global satellite communications is dangerous.

Real people are hurt by Trump’s words

I think it’s really important to focus on the people being hurt by Trump’s words. In this interview with Lisa Rubin she talks about the scope and the volume of the threats to Judge Engoron’s clerk. Chris Hayes FINALLY gets it and calls it “unacceptable.”

It’s time for the media to destroy Trump’s old excuse list instantly, then preempt new ones @spocko@mastodon.online

Today’s news on Trump’s national security crimes:

Trump Leaked Nuclear Sub Secrets To Australian Businessman Susie Madrak, Oct 6, 2023 Crooks and Liars

I dropped my Photoshopped illustration in the comments section of Suzie’s article at Crooks and Liars. I then popped over to Salon to read their article titled, “Tip of the iceberg”: Experts sound the alarm after Trump blabbed nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago by Igor Derysh where I read the various excuses given by Trump’s spokespeople:

A Trump spokesperson told ABC News that the report lacks “proper context and relevant information.”

“President Trump did nothing wrong, has always insisted on truth and transparency, and acted in a proper manner, according to the law,” the spokesperson said.

Igor Derysh, Salon, Oct 6, 2023

The story also included excuses from the Australian billionaire, Anthony Pratt, why it was okay that he got this information they included:1) It might not be accurate info, because he never saw any documents 2) We are allies and share this stuff anyway3) Even if the enemies did find out the details they already know them, so it’s no big deal.4) Bottom line. Trump helped secure a $40 billion dollar contract, so America got the . . . → Read More: It’s time for the media to destroy Trump’s old excuse list instantly, then preempt new ones @spocko@mastodon.online

Who will be the new Speaker?

When I try to embed with the URL USING the EMBED widget

I get this.

Judge orders permanent injunction against Ammon Bundy to stop posting defamatory statements about St. Luke’s & it’s employees

I’m going to do a longer story about this case, since I’ve been following it for over a year. But I want to put this up because it shows what can be done to people who harass and threaten people via social media.

Bundy when arrested at St. Luke’s in 2022

An Idaho judge has issued a permanent injunction meant to prevent far-right activist Ammon Bundy from disseminating defamatory statements about St. Luke’s Health System and several of its employees.

In a 40-page order, 4th District Judge Nancy Baskin ruled that the injunction was “warranted” and “appropriate” to stop Bundy and his former campaign adviser, Diego Rodriguez — both of whom owe St. Luke’s and other plaintiffs millions of dollars after losing a defamation case — from posting “harmful” statements about St. Luke’s; the system’s CEO, Chris Roth; Dr. Natasha Erickson; and nurse practitioner Tracy Jungman.

“The actions and conduct of the defendants have made our community less safe,” Baskin wrote in the order. “Medical providers and other employees are leaving their professions because of the damage to their reputation, the invasion of their privacy, the harassment and threats of intimidation by defendants.”

The order also applies to . . . → Read More: Judge orders permanent injunction against Ammon Bundy to stop posting defamatory statements about St. Luke’s & it’s employees

Will Trump’s threats on social media send him to jail?

Donald’s Trump’s threats on social media MIGHT finally lead to legal consequences for him. Woo hoo! Today it was revealed that in Trump’s pretrial conditions in the Georgia RICO case he is forbidden from making any “direct or indirect threat of any nature against the community or to any property in the community,” including in “posts on social media or reposts of posts” by others on social media.

Trump’s pretrial conditions from Georgia RICO case

Wow. It took a long time to get here, especially considering all the other times he intimidated and threatened witnesses on social media. Remember Alexander Vindman? Marie Yovanovitch, US Ambassador to Ukrainian? But now, because he’s under pretrial conditions and protective orders issued by a judge in our legal system, he MIGHT be charged with witness tampering. It’s one of the reasons that we needed to get him in this position. It’s the difference between lying to the media and on social media to the public, vs lying in court under oath.

Keep Normalizing Jail For Trump

Every time these conditions are set I watch the cable hosts and legal analysts talk about how pretrial jailing is not going to happen. . . . → Read More: Will Trump’s threats on social media send him to jail?

What happens when Trump violates his protective order or pretrial conditions?

“What will happen next WHEN Trump violates the protective order or his pretrial conditions?”I asked Lisa Graves, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, this question on the Nicole Sandler Show.She explained the steps the judge can take before putting Trump in jail for contempt.

Partial transcript for readers from the August 11, 2023 episode of the Nicole Sandler Show. Link to the full show

Spocko: We know Trump’s going to violate them. Who files the motion? Where does it come from? How does the judge decide on a show cause hearing? Could you explain that part and then the next step showing the difference pieces that are going to happen to get to the judge issuing a stern warning, or a contempt charge. Lisa Graves: Contempt is a power that judges hold, it’s their power, they can act without a motion on any act that is in contempt of court. So she doesn’t need a motion from the prosecutor to hold Trump in contempt she can make that determination herself based on his actions. She can also entertain a motion I suppose from the prosecutor to hold them in contempt but that’s not necessary.

She could ask for briefing . . . → Read More: What happens when Trump violates his protective order or pretrial conditions?