DeJoy was sued by his brother for hiding his mail & millions from him

My  friend Lisa Graves testified Monday in front of the House Subcommittee on Government Operations Hearing on “Postal Update.”

“I am calling on Mr. DeJoy to be fired or resign,”  government watchdog Lisa Graves told lawmakers on Monday morning, during a briefing on postal operations before the House Oversight Committee. True North Research, the organization Graves heads, found that DeJoy — who runs a North Carolina shipping firm — had been sued by his brother Dominick for allegedly siphoning money from the trucking company founded by their father.  – Alexander Nazaryan  Yahoo News .

A boy like that he’ll cheat his brother. Fire that boy and hire another!

Lisa’s an expert on vetting people and she found out that the Board of Governors missed some doozies.  Like this one she uncovered, ( Bloomberg)

DeJoy Gave $600,000 to GOP After Postmaster Job Opened Up

DeJoy  gave President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee more than $600,000 over eight weeks after the opening was announced, Lisa Graves, executive director of True North Research, which investigates the influence of money on public policy, said in written testimony submitted to a panel of the House Oversight Committee in advance of a hearing Monday

But the part that got my attention was how Louis DeJoy’s own brother sued him for hiding mail and money from him.  From Graves’ research (link)

Louis DeJoy Was Sued by His Brother Who Alleged a Pattern of Financial Deception, which DeJoy Denied

  • Dominick alleged that Louis DeJoy opened three different bank accounts in his name, forging his signature without his permission, and that he did not know these financial accounts–that held millions of dollars–were in his name. Louis DeJoy claimed they often signed each other names on documents.
  • Dominick also alleged that Louis DeJoy hid the mailed bank statements for three different bank or investment accounts in Dominick’s name from him for more than five years, from 1994-2000, or had employees of the company hide that monthly mail from him.

Graves she goes into detail based on the public information that the Board of Governors could have found if they did a simple Lexis/Nexis search.

Dominick DeJoy, Jr., who alleged that Mr. DeJoy told him certain companies were subsidiaries of the family business they owned jointly but then it turned out that Mr. DeJoy had secretly created companies with a similar name that were held only in his name and the name of another brother, Michael DeJoy, who also denied wrongdoing.

Dominick DeJoy, Jr., swore in his complaint that Mr. DeJoy cheated him out of millions of dollars of business that he helped generate through this secret arrangement, and that Mr. DeJoy was able to do so because he had trained as an accountant and knew how to structure different legal entities.

The DeJoy brothers reached a confidential settlement in 2000. There were never any charges brought for the allegations regarding signing someone else’s name. Nevertheless, the claims alleged are troubling given the position of enormous public responsibility Mr. DeJoy now holds.

Look, I don’t want to draw comparisons between the DeJoy Family and The Trump Family. Maybe Mary Trump could explain the mind of someone who  manipulates financial documents to screw his brother (and family) out of millions from the family business.

Raw Story has more details, like how they haven’t talked since 2001. (“You never call you never write. What, you need stamps? I’ve got a million of ’em!” )

The other big thing I learned from talking to Lisa  about this  is that only the Board of Governors can fire DeJoy.  Congress can’t impeach Postmaster General DeJoy. so what can people do?

Tell the USPS Board of Governors to fire Louis DeJoy.
Mail them a postcard saying
Fire DeJoy
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, D.C. 20260
As Rep. Katie Porter knows, but Dejoy doesn’t, postcard stamps are 35¢

Or send them an email.

Robert Duncan, Chairman:
John Barger:
Ron Bloom:
Ramon Martinez IV:
Donald L. Moak:
William Zollars:

I’d suggest you tweet #FireDeJoy at the Board of Governors but none of them are on Twitter! (“We get no revenue from Twitter! Mail us a letter if you want to talk to us!” -BoG probably)

Here’s the kicker about this  board–they are all Trump approved!  It turns out that the entire board of Governors are new! Some have served less than a year. And Chairman Duncan? Huge McConnell donor buddy.
UPSP Board of Governors

Name Title Political party Term begin Term expiration Notes
Louis DeJoy Postmaster General Republican June 15, 2020 No term limit 75th United States postmaster general[16]
Robert M. Duncan Governor, Chairman Republican August 2018 December 8, 2025 Re-elected as chairman in November 2019[17]
Ron A. Bloom Governor Democratic[18] August 20, 2019 December 8, 2020 Chair of Strategy and Innovation Committee[19]
Roman Martinez IV Governor Republican[20] August 1, 2019 December 8, 2024 Chair of Audit and Finance Committee[21]
John McLeod Barger Governor Republican[22] August 1, 2019 December 8, 2021 Chair of Compensation and Governance Committee[23]
Donald L. Moak Governor[24] Democratic[25] June 18, 2020 December 8, 2022 Replacing Alan C. Kessler[26]

Full disclosure, as I said, Lisa’s a friend and I’ve been an advisor to her and did a project for Center for Media and Democracy in the past on journalism and drones. She is working now on The Ben Franklin Project to protect the Post Office. Twitter: @ProjectBenFrank Facebook

I’m always trying to figure out effective actions activists can take to have an impact. Graves’ research got in front of Congress and made the news, but that doesn’t always translate to the kind of pressure that is needed to force action. There needs to be more pressure on the Board of Governors.

Sadly in America it often comes down to money above all else. Saying “Save Democracy!” is too abstract. I would tell the millions of people who sell & buy items through Etsy and Ebay to write the Board of Governors and tell them “DeJoy is hurting my bottom line and needs to be fired right now.”

(I’m also thinking that the millionaires on the boards of those companies should make some calls to the Board of Governors too since they travel in the same circles. ‘Hey our stocks are going to take a hit this quarter if DeJoy keeps messing with the P.O.”)

If people don’t want to write postcards or send email they could donate to the Ben Franklin Project, because they are doing these kind of strategic and tactical actions to save the USPS.

SF kids’ BLM lemonade stand

On my ride during the 100 degree record breaking heat I stopped at Spreckels Lake Model Yacht Facility in Golden Gate Park to get some water.

I sat under a tree eating my almond butter and raspberry jelly sandwich when a masked little boy approached and asked if I wanted some lemonade. As a rule, when riding my bike I always stop to buy lemonade from kids. I also always over pay. I like to chat with the kids (first to make sure there is no high fructose corn syrup in the mix) and then to find out how business is going.

After he found out they used regular sugar, I asked for the strawberry lemonade. I clipped two dollars to my makeshift social distancing tool and had him put the cup down on the ground.

I told him that after I was done I was going to try the regular lemonade. Like a an excellent server he noticed when I had finished my first and brought me another. “This one is a special mix I made of strawberry and lemonade!” he proudly told me.

I wanted to take his photo so I asked a nearby parent for . . . → Read More: SF kids’ BLM lemonade stand

Make Team Trump Pay For Holding Deadly Rallies, Including the RNC

Rachel Maddow gave an almost giddy recitation of all the laws that the RNC might break, from Melania Trump’s speech in the White House Rose Garden to using a Federal Building for partisan purposes. But one of the most deadly might be if they allow more than 50 people to be inside at the same time.

The current scuttlebutt is that multiple people will be attending in person at both DC AND North Carolina venues. Depending on the venue local and Federal laws on mask mandates & the number of people allowed at indoor gatherings could be broken. Who will be sent to ensure compliance? The Mayor of D.C.? The Mayor of Charlotte? The Surgeon General?

Hermain Cain is dead. People who attended the Tulsa rally got infected. These are both facts. This information SHOULD have BEEN used by the public health community as evidence to prevent ANY more large scale, in-person indoor rallies, especially when there are no-mask requirements and enforcement of social distancing rules. The information DID lead to Pence cancelling an event in Jacksonville, but it could have led to even MORE scientific proof that these types of events are deadly and should be banned . . . → Read More: Make Team Trump Pay For Holding Deadly Rallies, Including the RNC

Nebraska’s Gov. Ricketts’ policies are going to kill teachers

I talked to a teacher today. She lives in Nebraska. It’s one of the states that doesn’t have a mask mandate. Yesterday I learned that Omaha is the largest US city with neither a state nor a local mask mandate. She’s worried that the schools aren’t prepared to safely reopen for in-person learning. I agree with her.

I’m filled with rage that she is going to be subjected to an unnecessary experiment on the transmission and spread of a deadly virus. We do NOT need another human death data point to prove what the rest of the country has learned over and over again.

I’m trying to channel my anger in a productive way. I want the elected officials in the state to know how long aerosols stay in the air. So I’ll post videos showing that.

??UPDATE on airborne—newest aerosol study (CDC journal) indicates that coronavirus is persistent and stable up to 16 hours in the air! Typical air exchange every 20 min to 4 hrs, depending on ventilation. But up to 16 hours is worrisome (HT @kprather88)

— Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) July 14, 2020

REPORT: Virus is stable in air: once . . . → Read More: Nebraska’s Gov. Ricketts’ policies are going to kill teachers

Walmart mandated masks nationwide, now all retailers should too

July 15, By Dacona Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Walmart U.S., and Lance de la Rosa, Chief Operating Officer, Sam’s Club Starting Monday, July 20th we will require all shoppers to wear a face covering.

THIS IS GREAT NEWS! This is huge! I could go on about how this should have happened MONTHS ago. I could speculate how their customers will react. But what I want to do instead is use Walmart’s action as leverage to GET MANDATED MASK REQUIREMENTS IN ALL OTHER RETAIL STORES IN THE COUNTRY.

That’s it. That’s your action step for today. Corporate America now has a model they can follow. If you want, you can read the link to their press release on the mask policy to see how they justify it and how they are dealing with customers. Then tweet, email, FB and call other retail store headquarters and ask. “When will you be issuing a nationwide mask policy like Walmart?” If they say they are not, ask why.

Here’s the piece I wrote two months ago on how to get retailers to pass mask requirements. I have a lot of good advice, but this Walmart announcement is going to help convince . . . → Read More: Walmart mandated masks nationwide, now all retailers should too

Trump’s using the NRA’s playbook to block mask laws & accept COVID deaths in schools

The reopening schools issue reminds me of how in many states school boards had to decide about arming teachers.

No national or state mask mandate means that decisions are pushed down to cities, counties and school boards. When there is no law and no funding strings boards can be swayed by the powerful & organized people in their community.

In the past the “guns everywhere” people were better organized, had better lobbyists and catchier messaging. So they won.

Lately the Parkland activists, MDA and other groups fought back at the state and local level. But they didn’t always win.

I watched a LOT of those meetings. Allowing those boards to make life or death medical decisions is crazy.

Part of the blame goes to medical professionals and scientists who say, “Just look at the data!” Elected officials can be craven cowards. They don’t make decisions based on reason alone.

The data alone isn’t going to make elected officials act the way we want, so we must use other pressures.

In Florida I watched school boards decide about arming teachers. The Governor said, “You have to do something from the options we decided on.”

The choices were cops . . . → Read More: Trump’s using the NRA’s playbook to block mask laws & accept COVID deaths in schools

Supervisors rescinded public health orders. People died. Who’s responsible?

Barbara Feder Ostrov, contributing writer Cal Matters

Hi Barbara: I just read your great CALmed article from June 16th about how Public Health Officers were being threatened and quitting. You also linked to the Orange County Board of Supervisors’ meeting on May 26th. I watched most of that video. (especially the comments starting at 2:09)

I saw the Sheriff say he wouldn’t enforce mask laws. I saw people stand up and threaten Orange County Chief Health Officer Dr. Nichole Quick. They rejected the order to wear masks with factually incorrect or misleading information.

In this March 2020 photo, Orange County, Calif., Chief Health Officer Dr. Nichole Quick listens during a coronavirus press conference in Santa Ana, Calif. D.r. Quick resigned Monday, June 8, 2020, after receiving threats over her order for residents wear to face coverings when near others in public to protect against the coronavirus. Quick is the seventh senior health official to resign in California since the pandemic began and the officials suddenly faced unprecedented pressure, criticism and threats, said Kat DeBurgh, executive director of the Health Officers Association of California. (Jeff Gritchen/The Orange County Register via AP)

It’s July 5th and cases are . . . → Read More: Supervisors rescinded public health orders. People died. Who’s responsible?

How will Trump block contact tracing after rallies?

From COVID-19 Contact Tracing Course.

How long is the incubation period for the disease? Two to 14 days, but typically five days. When does someone become contagious? Two days before showing symptoms. Course offered by Johns Hopkins University (link) 6,000 at Trump’s Tulsa Rally, June 20 Dozens of Secret Service officers and agents told to self-quarantine after Trump’s Tulsa rally, June 24 (link) Reporter at Trump’s Tulsa rally tests positive for COVID-19, June 26 (link) 3,000 at Trump’s Phoenix Rally, June 23

I’ve been writing about the need for contact tracing for a long time. I started by suggesting we should trace the people protesting in Lansing. Michigan, Link. Then I attended a conference that pointed out the need to ensure contact tracing was kept in the world of science and public health. It shouldn’t be politicized. I kept that in mind for future stories on enforcement of violations of people wearing masks.

May 26th following George Floyd’s murder 100’s and 1,000’s of people gathered outside to march and protest. Most wore masks. This continued for weeks.

Protest stemming from the recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, in Brookside neighborhood near 34th . . . → Read More: How will Trump block contact tracing after rallies?

No masks? We will mock you.

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COVID-19 Infected Man Attends Tulsa Trump Rally. What happens next?

What happens if someone with COVID-19 attends the Tulsa Trump rally? Will the campaign turn over the attendee data to the Oklahoma Health Department for contact tracing?

The Trump Campaign should have mandated masks and held it outside with social distancing. But they didn’t, so now the correct procedure after news of an infection should be to alert everyone who attended.

Attendee data should be turned over to Col. Lance T. Frye, M.D. the commissioner for Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) to start contact tracing. But will it be?

1) The Trump campaign admits they have all attendee data. (Especially inside, no entry without registered ticket. ) 2) It’s legal to turn over the data — June 3, OK Attorney General Mike Hunter today advised the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) thats does not violate state or federal law, as long as individuals are not identifiable. (Link)

3)The Trump Campaign doesn’t care about the health of their followers. We know that. They care about being sued and are doing the minimum to avoid charges of gross negligence. As shown by this tweet.

BTW, I’ve identified another source that has the legal right to attendee data. . . . → Read More: COVID-19 Infected Man Attends Tulsa Trump Rally. What happens next?