It’s not logical, but I want anti-maskers & anti-vaxxers punished

I’ll admit it. I’m angry at anti-vaxxers and anti maskers. They are messing up our lives and plans. Yet only their anger is covered by the media? We get stories about how our officials are “frustrated” and “saddened” by their failure to get vaccinated. Where are the stories of our anger toward these “vaccine deniers and right wing loonies”?

I don’t want to be like the right wing, screaming and threatening those who aren’t wearing masks or getting a vaccine. And I don’t want to inappropriately use the law like they have been doing with their Texas abortion ban. But I’m pissed and I want people punished for the harm they are causing.

What can I do to satisfy my need for an emotional catharsis without becoming a screaming banchee?

I’ve been watching Unforgotten, a British murder mystery show about police solving crimes that happened 40, 30 or 20 years ago. It’s excellent.

In the UK they call these cases historic crimes. Because they happened so long ago sometimes the person who committed the crime is dead. An arrest can’t deter a dead person.

While the detectives try to solve the crimes, we see the stories of the pain the victims’ family have suffered over the years. We learn all the ways people were damaged and when it comes time for justice, the detective asks the question: “What helps the families now?”

The lead, played by Nicola Walker, wants to solve the case. But unlike other murder mystery shows, she doesn’t talk about finding out who did it for “closure.” She wants to punish the people who did the crime.

Does punishment of the killers help the families now?

Unforgotten Season 1, Episode 1

I want to find who caused a pain that’s very much alive today–who took his life, who took hers–and I want to punish them.

DCI Cassie Stuart, Unforgotten, written by Chris Lang

On the Majority Report a few weeks ago Emma Vigeland and Matt Lech were talking about enforcement and punishment of those breaking public health laws. Matt said we should avoid going after individuals who didn’t get vaccinated who then infected someone in your family.

I listened to this and noted the difference between “punching down” at individuals and “punching up” at those whose intentional actions have led to infections of large groups of people.

On another episode of Majority Report I called in to discuss enforcement and punishment when Brandon Sutton made an excellent point. He pointed out how historically law enforcement in America it is often unequally applied. POC are incarcerated. Rich white people aren’t.

Also, incarceration during a pandemic is a bad idea. But that’s not the only way to enforce the law.

For example, citing and arresting suppliers of fake or stolen vaccine cards and individuals who buy and use them is a good thing to do. Both of these types of stories need to be publicized.

Even Fox “News” ran the stories of arrests of fake vaccination cards being supplied and used by individuals because breaking the law has consequences. Showing the arrests to the target audience can act as a deterrent. But arrests only happen if the laws are enforced. No one is arrested for failing to follow a recommendation.

I think that the federal government should spend resources NOW to arrest people for violating public health laws.

Why Enforce Public Health Laws?

My logical Vulcan side thinks enforcing public health laws will deter others from breaking them.
I think publicizing the charging and sentencing of people who break public health laws helps prevent future deaths.

My emotional human side feels that enforcing public health laws will scare people into not breaking the law.
I want those who intentionally broke laws to suffer-especially when what they did led to the pain and suffering of others.
I want to see them shamed.
I want to hear them cry about how they learned their lesson and will never do this again. But don’t want to be like them. So what do I do?

First I’ll acknowledge there are emotional reasons I want people punished. Then I’ll figure out ways to keep from falling into retribution. To do that I remember to do these four things.

  • Ensure that the punishment fits the crime (Don’t send people to jail during a pandemic!)
  • Work to get the laws applied equally with a focus on intentional violators and high level abusers
  • Push for appropriate next steps after enforcement
  • Focus on enforcement of intentional actions that have led to infections on large groups of people

I feel anger when there are no consequences for people making intentional dangerous actions that harm others. I always endeavor to help the families first, but seeing appropriate consequences for the people breaking public health laws helps me by giving me some sense of peace.

An example of seeking consequences for those breaking public health laws is my push to prosecute Trump and those in his campaign who intentionally helped spread COVID during their rallies. It led to pain and suffering for Oklahoma families and 100’s of thousands of others. I’ve been looking at the faces of those who died from COVID in Oklahoma on this great series, Oklahomans’ We’ve Lost from Frontier.

Trump’s rally in Tulsa happened in June of 2020. The people who committed those violations of public health crimes are still alive. Would an arrest now deter them from future crimes? Get them to stop future superspreader rallies?

On August 21, 2021 President Donald Trump held the largest political rally in Alabama history. The U.S. Secret Service estimated the crowd at 45,000 people, according to Deputy Chad Whaley of the Cullman County sheriff’s office.

Trump’s August 21, 2021 superspreader event in Cullman County Alabama.

As of September 9th 2021 an average of 83 cases per day were reported in Cullman County, a 61 percent increase from the average two weeks ago. New York Times COVID tracking Alabama Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 1 in 6 residents have been infected, a total of 13,118 reported cases. Right now, Cullman County is at an extremely high risk for unvaccinated people.

While the detectives in Unforgotten tried to solve the crimes the writers of the show looked at the pain the victims’ family suffered over the years. It showed how people were damaged by the perpetrators of the crime and asked the question: “What helps the families now?”

We on the left need to push for enforce public health laws. Especially in cases of people whose actions have a big impact on large numbers of people. Doing so sends a message to the people who are breaking public health laws right now. If you break the law you will be in the Government’s crosshairs. You will be arrested and tried. If you are found guilty, you will be punished.

Who ordered COVID testing to be halted & delayed the day of Trump’s Tulsa rally?

In Carol Leonnig’s and Philip Rucker’s book “I Alone Can Fix It” they wrote that someone ordered COVID testing to be halted and delayed the day of Trump’s Tulsa rally.

I investigated this and found out that this violated Oklahoma’s public health laws, so I went to their virtual book tours to ask them who gave the orders to halt testing?

Here’s the passage (p. 199)

My friend Nicole Sandler was able to ask Philip Rucker the question.

The answer? We don’t know. I think that Carol Leonnig knows, but she wasn’t asked the question. And if she does, she might not say because she is protecting her sources.

Based on my conversations and emails with the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Tulsa’s Department of Health and public health experts, it appears that this person(s) violated Oklahoma law.

Halting & delaying testing the day of the rally prevented discovery of others who may be infected. This appears to be a violation of Oklahoma state law, Title 63. Public Health and Safety statutes. Specifically, under §63-6103, The Catastrophic Health Emergency Powers Act,

Someone in the Trump campaign prevented Oklahoma state and local officials from . . . → Read More: Who ordered COVID testing to be halted & delayed the day of Trump’s Tulsa rally?

Who do we hold responsible for infecting 881 Secret Service employees?

Nearly 900 Secret Service employees tested positive for COVID-19 in one year. So why did the DHS IG reportedly block a proposed inquiry into how the agency handled the threat of COVID-19 to agents protecting high-level officials?

— Citizens for Ethics (@CREWcrew) June 23, 2021

I’ve been working on a story on how the Trump Campaign spread COVID-19 with their rallies. There is evidence of actions Trump knowingly took that endangered his staff and Secret Service employees. Public health laws were broken, people got sick & died. I believe there needs to be an investigation by state Attorneys General and prosecution for violations. But… as someone pointed out to me on Twitter:

This is an great point and one that I’ve been thinking about how to solve. Who else can be held responsible for intentionally spreading COVID in addition to Trump?

In the excellent podcasts by Noel Casler, he points out that Trump knows how to avoid responsibility. Casler describes how Trump is ALWAYS one level removed from being held accountable. in Episode 15, 15:40 he talks about how Keith Schiller protected Trump. Then at 19 :03 he explains how Trump hires NYPD guys because . . . → Read More: Who do we hold responsible for infecting 881 Secret Service employees?

Honor the #COVID19 dead, then prosecute their killers

A man protests Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic on 23 April. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Why is no one trying to prosecute DJT for deaths that can be directly tied to actions he took that led to people getting infected and dying from COVID19? I’ve listed a number of reasons below and what is interesting to me is how often people on the left accept the reasons prosecution won’t happen. There are also many who think that prosecution isn’t a reasonable action to be pursued.

I hear: “It’s a waste of time, energy and political capital. He’ll weasel out of it. His base doesn’t care.” Then finally I hear the grim acceptance of failure, “What’s the point? He’ll never serve a day in jail.”

So here’s a list of just some of these reasons there is no prosecution followed by “What if I could meet this objection?” For each of these reasons I have a specific case in mind that would meet the objection, but i’m not including a link. I know each answer will lead to other objections, but I want people to image that someone could provide an ANSWER to those objections . . . → Read More: Honor the #COVID19 dead, then prosecute their killers

Rep. Thompson: Investigate the Secret Service & Trump’s deadly COVID rallies

I learned many troubling things about the Secret Service from Carol Leonnig’s book and during her virtual book interview with Michael Krasny hosted by Book Passage (Video link) (Where I purchased her book.)

I’ve written about my concern about the spreading of COVID from Trump’s rallies starting in June with: Trump’s Contact Tracing Failure I pointed out that the people at Trump’s rallies were suicide bombers. But because of Trump’s contact tracing failure we may never know how many they infected and killed.

In August, after Herman Caine died following the Phoenix rally, I wrote: How To Use The Deadly Results Of Trump’s Rallies Against The RNC I showed how the Trump Campaign avoided proof Trump’s rallies are deadly.

Then in November, when we had proof the rallies spread COVID, I wrote Rallies Led To 30K COVID Cases, 700 Deaths. Make Trump Pay For Holding Them I suggested multiple ways to make the Trump Campaign at least pay a FINANCIAL price for holding their rallies. I even tryed to get cities like Omaha who got stuck with big rally bills to get paid by the Campaign. (As far as I know they STILL haven’t been paid!)

At the . . . → Read More: Rep. Thompson: Investigate the Secret Service & Trump’s deadly COVID rallies

We Must Defeat 2 Vicious Viruses

I’ve been a fan of animated science explainers since “Hemo the Magnificent*” so of COURSE I was going to love this explainer video by Dr. MarkAlain Dery, an infectious disease physician, and Dr. Eric Griggs, a community health specialist. Watch as they journey inside the human body to explain COVID-19 vaccines!

It has the whole Fantastic Voyage “tiny humans in a body” action which I love. It gives visuals for people to lock onto to understand what is happening with the MRNA vaccines. If you want more details watch him on the Majority Report. He answers a lot of questions about what is happening with the vaccines and discusses why we might be needing booster shots.

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Dery because he talks about the science behind viral epidemics and ALSO how society responds to them.

. . . → Read More: We Must Defeat 2 Vicious Viruses

My response to Playteau criticizing my article on getting video of a defeated Trump

A response to my article Where’s The Video Of Trump Admitting Defeat To Biden?

I wrote about how we need to get video evidence of Trump, under oath, admitting his defeat to Biden. Then we rub it in the faces of his supporters. Here’s a link to my comment but I’m reproducing this here because comments sections sometimes go away.

Playteau May 7 Fantasyland hippie sh*t. Delete this dumbass article. I mean really, who the f*ck you kidding? Who snorted some Adderall and cooked this absolutely ridiculous article up?

Please stop treating this sh*tbag traitor like anything less than a Russian asset. That status didn’t magically go away on January 20th.

My god. Smoke meth before you write stupid sh*t like this so you have an excuse, you’re just embarrassing yourself. “Proof” is not something the knuckledraggers are concerned with, or have you not been paying attention for decades?

So, it’s the morning and I’ve read all the comments. I’ve seen a number of people who think i’m naive. I’ve addressed that by pointing out that my piece is a starting place. I did acknowledge how the base would respond, and if they had read the piece they . . . → Read More: My response to Playteau criticizing my article on getting video of a defeated Trump

Where are the photos of a defeated Trump lunching with Biden?

Anyone else notice there are no photos of Biden with Trump since he lost the election? Trump doesn’t want anyone to see photographic proof he was beaten by Biden & that’s he’s a loser.

I think @VP Harris should set up a lunch with Trump to show he was beaten by Biden & a woman!

One of the constructs in the mind of right wingers is the correct way to treat your defeated opponents to prove your manliness. You make them grovel. You boast. You point at them and laugh like Nelson Muntz. HA HA! I won! You lost! It’s what CONAN the Barbarian says is best in life.

In video game parlance it’s teabagging your opponent. (I just found out that teabagging dated back to 1985 NWA World Championship wrestling which makes it even more on brand for Trumpsters. )

Trump has made it clear that he holds grudges and is vindictive. I still remember Richard Branson talking about his lunch with Trump. Apparently he spent the whole time talking about how he was going to spend the rest of his life destroying the people who didn’t help him get out of bankruptcy. (I wonder who those . . . → Read More: Where are the photos of a defeated Trump lunching with Biden?

Who’s linked to the men that killed Officer Sicknick?

Two men arrested and charged for assaulting Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

Washington (CNN)Two men have been arrested and charged for assaulting US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who died after responding on January 6 to hundreds of rioters who stormed the Capitol, the Justice Department announced Monday.

Julian Elie Khater, 32, of Pennsylvania, and George Pierre Tanios, 39, of West Virginia, are alleged to have worked together to spray police, including Sicknick, with a toxic chemical spray during the Capitol riot. Khater called what was in the cannister “bear sh*t,” according to court records, but the Justice Department on Monday said the spray is unknown.

Each time you read a new story about some insurrectionist being arrested, like Khater and Tanios, start looking for the connections to the leaders on the right.

The defense of Khater and Tanios will be,”It was just pepper spray! They didn’t shoot him with a GUN or anything really dangerous!” The defenders of the inciters will seek to distance themselves to any connection with these two. (I wonder which politicians in Pennsylvania and West Virginia will be scrambling to disavow photos of them posing with Khater and Tanios?)

Remember, there are 800 . . . → Read More: Who’s linked to the men that killed Officer Sicknick?

Inciting a mob to invade the Capitol is not free speech

On Jan 6th I knew that incitement was going to be a key issue. I found Lee Rowland, an ACLU lawyer who made a video about incitement and asked what she thought. She said she thought Trump had crossed the line.

Yes, I believe it crossed the line today.

— lee rowland (@berkitron) January 6, 2021

Last week I watched Chris Hayes’ experts praise the Impeachment brief by the house managers, then attack Trump’s. (A typo in the first line! 14 pages of Incoherence!) But attacking Trump’s lawyers’ incompetence isn’t enough. We need to make the case to regular people who don’t understand what incitement is and what it takes to fulfill a legal definition.

On the Feb 4th episode of Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara, he brought up the argument that Trump’s lawyers will make.

-Trump’s lawyers} will make some of these points beyond the procedural points, Donald Trump did not say, “Invade the Capitol.” Donald Trump did not say, “Break windows.” Donald Trump did not say, “Engage in violence.” Donald Trump did not say, “Insurrection.” He did not say, “Riot.” He didn’t say any of those things, does that make a difference? And if . . . → Read More: Inciting a mob to invade the Capitol is not free speech