Paving over Golden Gate Park for Fun and Profit!

“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Did you know that over 10 acres of beautiful parkland in Golden Gate Park might be bulldozed, scraped of all organic life and converted into a soccer complex? (With a parking lot!)

The planned development would feature artificial turf with toxic shredded rubber tires for in-fill, ten 60-foot tall towers beaming AT&T Park-like lights into the night–right across from Ocean Beach. These lights would blaze from dusk until 10:00 p.m. every night of the year. Oh, and you know how fog magnifies and glows around car lights in the dark? Envision 150,000 watts of those babies glowing in the night sky on a foggy San Francisco night. (Fog in San Francisco? That’s crazy talk!” )

Now you might ask, “How the hell did this proposed project get this far in San Francisco? Isn’t San Francisco the greenest city in the US. Didn’t they ban plastic bags so you no longer have to answer the dreaded “Paper or plastic” question?

Those were my questions, and so I went to find out some of the answers. And, since I like to understand how things work and what to do about them I dug . . . → Read More: Paving over Golden Gate Park for Fun and Profit!