Star Wars Fans Can Bring Real Guns into Marcus Theaters

This is disturbing. At the Marcus Corporation theaters (NYSE:MCS) in Nebraska people with concealed carry permits can bring their real guns into the movies anytime they want. This includes the opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, their costume policy says you can’t bring fake weapons or props that look like real weapons into the theater. Fictional props, like light sabers, are okay.

As crazy as it sounds, the Marcus Theaters’ fake gun policy is stronger than their real gun policy! I go into details below, but for now I think that Star Wars fans in Nebraska should know what they might be walking into.


Although I just spotted AMC’s weapon and costume policy last week, (photo), the Star Wars cosplay people have known about various costume restrictions since October. Big chains even put their costume policy info on their posters. The costume policies were created in the wake of the Aurora and Kentucky theater shootings, it’s very sad, but understandable.

But since I write about politics and gun violence, as well as science fiction, I wanted to confirm and compare the various movie chains’ costume gun policies and their real gun policies.

First I checked . . . → Read More: Star Wars Fans Can Bring Real Guns into Marcus Theaters

If only Obama would add the word Muslim to extremists

…maybe the bombs would explode harder.

Ted Cruz complaining about Obama not adding the word Muslim to extremists made some people wonder,

“Did they give FDR shit for not saying Hitler’s middle name?”

Listen to an explanation how ridiculous that is: Warning EXPLICIT language

From the Jimmy Dore Show with Mike MacRae as “Obama”

Here’s the entire call here. Warning EXPLICIT language

Here’s the entire Jimmy Dore December 11th 2015 episode here.