I #AskPreet: “Trump threatens Whistleblowers, isn’t that a crime?”

I write to Preet Bharara about his comments on Trump’s threats to whistleblowers and witnesses.

Anne Milgram @AnneMilgram and Preet Bharara @PreetBharara


This is Spocko in San Francisco, you called Trump’s threat to the whistle blower an abomination on your October 1 Cafe Insider episode, but will Trump be charged for threatening the whistle blower(s) Does the witness tampering statue apply to whistleblowers? What about the others in government who gave the whistle blower information? Trump is threatening them too.

I would like you and Anne to discuss the witness tampering statue and how Trump and others like Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan will avoid being charged with witness tampering. I’m very concerned that with the DOJ under Bill Barr no one will be charged with threatening witnesses. Is it possible for US Attorneys in other districts to charge Trump with witness tampering? LLAP, Spocko

Here is the section of the show that discussed it. 2 minutes 23 seconds.



NOW the detailed questions, because you are lawyers and know politics too.


I’ve seen the right wing media spin the President’s threats as no big deal, just “tough talk” I have a few . . . → Read More: I #AskPreet: “Trump threatens Whistleblowers, isn’t that a crime?”

Our superpower? Impeachment.

We are all Captain America.

This is my favorite scene in Captain America.


Illustration from @PresVillain

I WILL TOTALLY DESTROY AND OBLITERATE THE ECONOMY OF TURKEY!!! I’VE DONE BEFORE–!!! #PresidentSupervillain pic.twitter.com/1co7Dns4f6

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