Candy’s for Closers! Trumpian Halloween Tricks

Don’t have money for Halloween Candy? Hate giving away Halloween treats and love Halloween tricks? Hate the new office tradition of cube to cube trick or treating? h/t Val Rodham Think that people who give things to others, without making a profit or getting a big tax deduction, are suckers?

Think that using desperate people to make money is just smart business? (e.g. Whitefish in Puerto Rico )

If so, follow these simple tips from Evil Spocko channeling today’s Trumpian Halloween Trick and Treat techniques.

Put out a BIG empty bowl with sign over it that says, ‘Help yourself to 3 or 4.” or “These are big, so take only ONE!” h/t David Feldman Next to the empty bowl put a milk carton with a coin slot in the top covered with orange construction paper. Write on the paper “Trick or Treat for UNICEF!” When people see that there is nothing in the bowl, complain about greedy co-workers who must have taken all the treats while you were gone. When asked what candy you had, mention the favorite candy of your office rival. “I’m not saying he took it, but you might want to notice what candy he is . . . → Read More: Candy’s for Closers! Trumpian Halloween Tricks

Why Didn’t I Read About This Before? How Sexual Harassers Quash Stories

This piece, about Lisa Bloom’s attack strategy on Rose McGowan while defending Weinstein, makes me ill. But I suggest reading it because it explains other reasons we didn’t hear many of these harassment stories.

Clients Turn on ‘Champion for Women’ Lisa Bloom After Her Scorched Earth Crusade for Harvey Weinstein

When you take on a group or person who has money and power they aren’t just going to roll over. They will fight back. Sometimes viciously. They will use multiple intimidation tactics, including hiring lawyers to make subtle and not so subtle threats to control the narrative.

They will use carrots and sticks to achieve their goals. The sticks scare the crap out of most regular people. At least if there is the possibility of a payout, you might get access to the kind of lawyers who will take the case.

We often don’t see details about many harassment cases because of the intimidation of journalists and their publishers.

Hiring lawyers and PR fixers to intimidate people is the method used by the rich and powerful. Harassers who don’t have money use other methods to intimidate before and after the fact. It is helpful to be prepared for these actions. . . . → Read More: Why Didn’t I Read About This Before? How Sexual Harassers Quash Stories