2 Shot at Gun Show. NRA Supporter’s Response.

This just in from BLOOMINGTON, Ill.

2 men shot, wounded at central Ill. gun show

Two men have been injured in what officials say was an accidental shooting at a central Illinois gun show. AP, 12:15 p.m. CST, February 26, 2011. Read the rest here in the Chicago Tribune.

Every time there is a new shooting tragedy the spokespeople from the NRA have to create a response. I’ve heard enough of them to anticipate their verbiage. Here is my impression of an NRA supporter’s response. I think it will go a little like this:

“How come the media never report on all the guns shows where there are no shootings? Huh? One little mistake and suddenly it’s, ‘Oh we have to shut down all the guns shows, they are too dangerous.’ It was just a silly accident, get over it. It’s no worse than a forklift accident at a trade show.

I’ll bet this will trigger the Brady bunch to shut down all guns shows. What if they applied the same standard to car shows after someone was killed at a car show? They wouldn’t shut down all the car shows, would they?

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Waka Waka. This Time for Wisconsin!

Envision the public employee union folks and their supporters dancing to this song. Maybe we can get Sharika to change the lyrics from “This time for Af ri ca.” to “This time for Wis con sin”

Flash mob Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) – Shakira in Piazza Duomo a Milano

The Rich are Laughing at Us and the Tea Party People

Remember the Enron recording where two traders were joking about how they screwed the people of California and then “Grandma Millie” was trying to get her money back?

“Yeah, now she wants her f——g money back for all the power you’ve charged right up, jammed right up her a—— for f——g $250 a megawatt hour.”

— CBS News June 1, 2004

Every time I hear a quote from someone resenting what a great deal the public employees unions have I remember that quote. It reminds me of who we are not hearing from in this prearranged crisis in Wisconsin. We are not hearing the voices of the people who set up the financial crisis in the state.

Today Ian Murphy, editor of the Buffalo Beast, called Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, pretending to be billionaire industrialist and secretive conservative political activist David Koch. Koch (pronounced “coke”) is one of the big money people behind Walker. Walker’s office admits the call is real and for a brief period of time the media will be forced to move the focus of the story from unions and their supporters fighting Walker and conservatives.

In the call we got to hear how Walker sounds . . . → Read More: The Rich are Laughing at Us and the Tea Party People

Glock Block! No Civilian Guns at CPAC

Right wing politicians and conservative pundits will publicly tell their supporters how much they love all guns and would never infringe on the rights of anyone to own any firearm or bring it anywhere. But when it comes down to their own lives their actions are clear. GLOCK BLOCK! “Keep guns away from me, even if my security people have to pry them out of my supporters hands at the doorway of the venue.” They actually listen to the people they pay to keep them safe–and that involves sane, rational gun control. . . . → Read More: Glock Block! No Civilian Guns at CPAC

Anger is Illogical

From OneMinuteGalactica. Be sure to check out more of his hilarious combinations of classic SF and instructional videos. h/t Cyriaque Lamar from io9.com

Twilight Landing at LAX International Airport – at Mach 1.5

If you have ever flown into Los Angeles at night you know how beautiful it can be. This video is of a landing at LAX International Airport via the SADDE Six Arrival. The song is “Los Angeles” by Sugarcult. The real time video was sped up to somewhere between Mach 1 and Mach 2.

video from surfbumhnl

UPDATE: I submitted this video to Boing Boing and it got picked up. Thanks Cory!