Revoke Fox’s Congressional Press Credentials

Fox is NOT a journalistic entity, it’s a political operation.A person working for a PAC wouldn’t get congressional press credentials, but Fox does.It’s time to revoke the congressional press credentials for anybody from #Fox.

I’m happy Marcy started the conversation. I want to move it forward. I think that de-credentialing should be one result following the resolution of the Dominion case in favor of Dominion.

Why Bother To Revoke Fox’s Credentials?

Press credentials have VALUE to Fox. It allows them, as a political operation, to masquerade as a news organization. I’m making the case that Fox is like the RNC or a Political Action Committee and not a journalistic entity, therefore they are not entitled to the benefits and protections we offer journalistic entities in America. Having Congressional Press credentials, is a sign of legitimacy. Not having them wouldn’t mean they couldn’t still publish information, but NOT having them, and the REASON they don’t have them sends a message to everyone. I’m already hearing all the defeatist responses from the left about trying to do this. And the predictions that journalists and media organizations will defend Fox and won’t even TRY to revoke the credentials. We know how . . . → Read More: Revoke Fox’s Congressional Press Credentials