When Trump jurors are stalked & threatened by MAGAts, who arrests them?

As of April 26, 2024 Donald Trump hasn’t stopped violating his Judge Merchan gag order. Until the punishments are strong enough to make him stop, we need to take steps to stop and punish his followers, who make threats on his behalf.

Marcy Wheeler was on the Nicole Sandler show last week talking about Donald Trump’s systematic threatening of his critics and how normalized political violence is for anybody who comes up against Donald Trump. I’ve written about, and asked a lot of questions about, how threats online and social media have an impact and what can be done about them. It was great to hear from Marcy the scope of the problem, how it involves the legal system, the media, social media and gave some names of major players who make threats on social media and get away with it.


“There is nobody who is on the wrong side of Donald Trump who is not stalked, who does not face mob violence, and it is systematic.

There’s a group of these people, Jesse Watters, we talked about. Jack Posobiec is always involved. Mike Cernovich is always involved. These people in Roger Stone’s world. They have the ability to go find these people, they have the ability to stoke violence, they have the ability to terrify people. And it has been going on for years.

Marcy Wheeler, on the Nicole Sandler show 4-19-2024
Jack Posobiec and Roger Stone
Mike Cernovich

She points out how for the right it’s okay if it’s just Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. If it’s Michael Cohen, it’s okay. If it’s Marie Yovanovitch, it’s okay. If it’s the whistleblower, it’s okay. She had thought that when Don Bacon’s wife was threatened and had to sleep with a gun under her pillow, the Republicans might have done something. But they haven’t. They are quiet or they do what Republican Mike Gallagher just did, quit.

Marcy said that right now it’s the moment where we have to figure out how to get Trump through the trial.

My question is “What can be done to deter his followers from making more threats to jurors?” I don’t expect to stop them entirely. But there ARE ways. Law enforcement and the courts in NYC knew this was coming. They should be prepared to protect the jurors, AND arrest the people who are threatening them.

I’m betting there have already been threats, but people haven’t been arrested yet. One thing that we have learned is that law enforcement doesn’t want to talk about the scale and scope of the threats. Why? They give multiple reasons, but some are excuses for their failures:
1) The need to confirm who made the threats
2) Confirm that the threats were violations of specific laws, and for True Threats, the intention of the people making the threat.
3) They need evidence for indictments for the laws that were broken

We have seen they go after the most blatant and obvious first threats first, hoping that will act as a deterrent for others. They don’t charge people who making vague mob type threats, because they are hard to pin down. But based on the history of the scale and scope of the PREVIOUS threats to judges, prosecutors, witnesses and their families, there will be LOTS to solid, clearly illegal threats choose from.

Arrests aren’t deterrents if nobody knows they happened

If I was in charge of promoting a “Protect the Jurors” campaign, starting this week I’d be pushing stories about the people who have been arrested for threatening the jurors. If they don’t have current cases, I’d look at historical cases where the person was arrested and convicted. I would include threats to people in person, on the phone, via email and on social media.

I talked to Glenn Kirschner about the steps the legal system takes for protecting jurors (and witnesses). He said when jurors are contacted (or threatened) they are supposed to tell the court immediately. Then three law enforcement agencies are involved: local, state & Feds. Because of this there needs to be a coordinated response. The Feds do the interstate threats, like social media. The locals do the in-person threats. Here is what I want to know now, but we probably won’t be told:

Are the Feds already monitoring the juror’s social media accounts?
If not, when do they start? After they get their first threat?
The COURTS already know the names of all the jurors and their social media accounts, are they being monitored by law enforcement looking for threats? If they spot threats what do they do? Do they contact the social media companies with subpoenas to get the information of who is making the threat?
BTW, social media companies must comply with law enforcement subpoenas to provide information it’s part of all of their TOS, that includes Truth Social and X.

Who is monitoring the juror’s phone calls and emails?
We know from the threats to Judge Engoron’s clerk that she was getting constant calls they 275 pages of transcribed voicemail threats. But the only REASON we know how huge it was is because the New York State Court public safety people took that information to the media because LAW ENFORCEMENT WASN’T DOING ENOUGH TO PROTECT Engoron’s clerk and staff.

People need to know that it is not the practice of any law enforcement agency to tell the media about the scale and scope of threats, nor the status of investigations.

Here’s the thing, law enforcement doesn’t want to charge people for their online threats, but they CAN. And when they do, those arrests need to be publicized. But right now they aren’t.

Did you know that Tyler Vogel, 26, from Lancaster New York was arrested for threatening AG Letitia James and State Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron? Did you see his mug shot in any media stories? I haven’t, and I looked. I did find ONE photo in a story about the threat ON TikTok! I’m not using it here because I couldn’t confirm it was from an official source. I don’t know the reason for not providing the mugshot to the media, but I’m sure they have an answer. Maybe I’ll call and find out.

If law enforcement doesn’t want to put up the photos of people arrested for making threats, maybe they can see the mugshots of the people who have been convicted for making threats on social media.

Taylor Taranto, a Jan6er, went to Obama’s home with a van full of explosives after Trump posted the address on Truth Social

Marcy talked about how hard it is to arrest people, even someone like Taylor Taranto a Jan6er defendant who was arrested near Obama’s home with a van full of explosives after Donald Trump posted Barack Obama’s Kalorama address on Truth Social.

“[Taranto] started engaging in whole martyrdom complex outside the DC jail and it got so bad he was such an disturbed person that even those nut jobs outside the DC jail said, “Please don’t come back.” And one day Donald Trump posted Barack Obama’s Kalorama address on Truth Social and that dude started stalking Barack Obama in Kalorama. And he was arrested for that stalking. He was arrested because he had a van with explosives in it. And he was he was hunting down a Secret Service protected former President, and it feels like you should be able to hold Trump accountable for that.”

Marcy Wheeler @Emptywheel on the Nicole Sandler show

A cardboard cut out of Donald Trump with Jan6er Taylor Taranto
Photo of Taylor Taranto, the building he threatened to blow up, a weapon found in the car when he went to Obama home address

“We really have to find a way to shame people for this kind of witness intimidation, because it’s going on everywhere. And it is one of the most toxic things in our politics right now. And we just haven’t had that conversation as a society.”

I don’t think we are going to “have a conversation as a society” about this unless we push for it. To do that


I think that the DOJ needs to make a big deal about the threats to jurors. There needs to be PR about it beyond putting out a press release. But it won’t be about Trump, because as Marcy said, “Trump is very, very, very, very skilled at like toeing the line. He’s like a little child, a toddler who knows exactly how much he can get away with, and how to be most effective when he is doing that. And so in this case, in the  Taylor Taranto case, all he did was post, somewhat public information. He didn’t say go, “Go stalk Barack Obama.” It is just the fact, and he knows this, that his followers are going to respond to that. And then people like Jack Posobiec, they’re going to ratchet it up, they’re going to say, “We need to defend our guy, we need to hunt out the dissident.”

What people need to know is that Taranto used his own Truth Social account to re-post the address. On Telegram, Taranto then stated, ‘We got these losers surrounded! See you in hell, Podesta’s and Obama’s ‘”
Taranto also told followers on his YouTube live stream that he was looking to get a “good angle on a shot,” prosecutors said.

Truth Social, GAB and Patriot(dot)Win have ALL provided detailed info in the past to law enforcement when a subpoena is provided. People on Social Media are NOT “anonymous” to the companies that post their information. Law enforcement can get their identities, can determine if they have likely broken laws, get a warrant and arrest them. The people will have a chance to challenge the arrest in the court system, this is good, some might be found to have NOT violated the law. BUT if there are NO PUBLIC arrests, then there will be NO deterrents for threats.

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