Who in Trump’s campaign leadership ordered COVID-19 testing stopped at the Tulsa rally?

In Jonathan Karl’s new book Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show, he wrote,

“According to two senior campaign officials, after the eighth person tested positive, two of them with the Secret Service, word came down from the campaign leadership: STOP TESTING.”

My question is: Who specifically in campaign leadership issued that order? Give me a name. Was it a medical professional? Was it Sean Conley? Who was in charge of the White House Medical Unit in Tulsa at that time? Who was in charge of making sure Federal, state and local public health laws and emergency orders were followed?

Karl didn’t use that person’s name in the excerpt I read in Vanity Fair. Why not? Why is he protecting them? Because they were a source from his book?

The name is important because that person’s order led to multiple violations of Federal CARES act laws and Oklahoma’s public health COVID reporting laws that were in effect at the time. Specifically, §63-6103, The Catastrophic Health Emergency Powers Act,Those violations meant that state public health officials could not do their job to protect the health of people in their state. Thousands of people in Oklahoma got sick and died . . . → Read More: Who in Trump’s campaign leadership ordered COVID-19 testing stopped at the Tulsa rally?

FEC failed, so Giffords sues NRA directly

Earlier this year the FEC was presented with evidence that the NRA illegally coordinated with GOP campaigns to use the same personnel and vendors to run ads for GOP candidates, claiming the vendors were “functionally indistinguishable.” That’s illegal. But the FEC didn’t act. So a federal judge granted the Giffords’ nonprofit the right to sue the NRA.

It calls for the court to prevent the NRA from “violating the law in future elections” and for the gun rights group to pay a fine to the Treasury Department equal to the alleged total in the donation scheme.

The lawsuit alleges as much as $35 million in “unlawful” and “unreported in-kind campaign contributions” went toward a scheme that goes back as early as 2014, with $25 million allegedly going toward Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. 

NRA ran shell companies to illegally fund Trump and other Republicans, Giffords group alleges in suit Washington Post 11/3/2021

This is an important development, because it shows what can be done when one of the institutions that is supposed to keep the blatant corruption in check, fails to act. I’m a big fan of civil lawsuits because in America money is power. And when you get in the way . . . → Read More: FEC failed, so Giffords sues NRA directly