When anti-vaxxers get fired, employees cheer

My niece works at a hospital. The day that they announced on the intercom that every employee had to get a vaccine or would be terminated, she said a cheer went up that could be heard throughout all the corridors.

Don’t feel bad about cheering when one of these crackpots gets sacked. It’s only human to want to survive.

sandyhh, Oct 24 Crooks & Liars

I love to hear stories like this. It more accurately expresses how the vast majority of the public feels toward anti-vaxxers than what you see in the media. In Eric Boehlert‘s excellent newsletter Press Run titled, Sorry Chuck Todd, America is not hopelessly “divided” over Covid he pointed out that the press continues to push the nonsense 50/50 split narrative about the vaccinations and support of vaccine mandates. We are not. The press uses fuzzy math and headlines that focus on a tiny percentage who are embracing rabbit-hole conspiracies about a vaccine that nearly 200 million Americans have safely taken.

For example, on October 13, 2021 United announced that 99.7% of its 67,000 employees were vaccinated, the 232 who weren’t were going to be fired. Now check out the headline used by Forbes, Newsbreak, Business . . . → Read More: When anti-vaxxers get fired, employees cheer

Death threats must die!

The right wing harasses, intimidates and threatens people online. They aren’t going to stop, because it works for them.

When you watch someone screaming and punching a flight attendant when they are asked to wear a mask, it changes what you might do when you see someone not wearing a mask.

When people show up with guns at school board member’s house they aren’t there using their 1st Amendment rights. it’s not a conversation about an issue. It’s a threat. In today’s House hearing on Justice Department oversight AG Merrick Garland was asked to re-edify Jamie Raskin’s colleagues on what the 1st Amendment protects and what it doesn’t protect. He said, “What they are not allowed to do is threaten people with death or serious bodily injury.”

I admire the school board member who spoke out about her death threats, but how many people think, “I’m not going to be on a school board if it means getting death threats & people coming to my house with guns.”?

I’ve noticed that the media is very reluctant to push for any consequences for threatening speech. They get all balled up into questions of, “What is free speech?” and . . . → Read More: Death threats must die!

Spocko’s Top 5 Video Meeting Commandments 


Download and USE THE Zoom Desktop app and close Chrome after clicking on the link(Chrome hogs memory even when closed! To fix thisGo to SETTINGSADVANCEDSYSTEM then TURN OFF running background apps when Google Chrome is closed) It should be GREY


FIND and use a good quality Ethernet cord and run to your ethernet port from your router to your laptop or desktop.Most home WIFI routers suck when it comes to video.

3) START the process of getting connected 30 minutes early. Something WONDERFUL is bound to happen.

And by wonderful I mean terrible. Prepare a 2nd way to communicate with the host via phone, or text, email or message ahead of time to tell them of your problems.

4) Turn your computer off and on again 15 minutes before you start

Especially if you have been using your laptop all day. This resets the memory and other application problems.I say 15 minutes because you will need 5 to start it up and 10 for the new Windows patches to run that you didn’t know were installing. MACS are . . . → Read More: Spocko’s Top 5 Video Meeting Commandments 

Send prosecutors advance copies of all Trump-staff books

Yesterday Stephanie Grisham was on CNN pushing her new book. She said she thought it was a coup. That Trump was fomenting violence. Jake Tapper asked her if she had talked to the 1/6 commission. She said no, but that she would if they, “reached out.”

Grisham thinks Trump was trying to stage a coup. She's ready to say this under oath. She might have hard evidence of that.The 1/6 committee should have her testify under oath against the mobsters she worked with. @BennieGThompson @AdamSchiff pic.twitter.com/UUTj0rXgxT

— Spocko (@spockosbrain) October 7, 2021

Brazilians of books are being written by former Trump staff. They’ll be careful not to incriminate themselves, but they might incriminate others. If they didn’t commit the crime, they might have witnessed others committing them. People like Grisham and Omarosa aren’t experts on the law. They likely witnessed multiple crimes. They might have been told what was happening was legal. Or, they knew it was illegal, and looked the other way hoping the entire admin would never be prosecuted.I think the DOJ, state AGs and various committees investigating the Trump White House should get early copies of the books. Someone should be reading these books . . . → Read More: Send prosecutors advance copies of all Trump-staff books

Who knew Trump had COVID & when did they know it?

Oct 2, 2020 Trump tweeted he had COVID. When did Sean Conley, Trump’s doctor, know he had COVID?

White House physician Sean Conley gives an update on the condition of US President Donald Trump, on Oct. 3, 2020, at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  Screengrab Guardian

Trump tested positive with the Abbott rapid test at least one day before he announced it. At that point Trump should have started quarantine and contact tracing should have started. Did Dr. Conley immediately report the results to the D.C. Department of Health? If he didn’t, that’s a violation of state and federal law. The media can’t know without an investigation.We do know a PCR test was ordered, which typically takes 24 hours. During that time Trump traveled to multiple states. Trump didn’t tell his staff nor the people he was meeting with he had tested positive.

Washington Post Graphic How soon after the results of the positive PCR test came in did Dr. Conley report it to D.C. Department of Health? Did Dr. Conley inform the state health departments in the states Trump was visiting so they could alert the public that a know infected individual would be . . . → Read More: Who knew Trump had COVID & when did they know it?