Science Kid Studies Impact of Artificial Turf’s Shredded Tire In-fill on Life in the Sea

I love it when kids do science.

This is the related to the project to pave over 10 acres of natural grass in Golden Gate Park and replace it with artificial turf with shredded rubber tires as the infill.

I spoke about this, the book burning video below and other issues on In Deep with Angie Corio last week.

Here is a link to the podcast of that show.

Book Burning Hoax Saves Library In Troy Michigan

I think about this a lot, how do you show people the consequences of defunding government? This is one solution.

h/t Cory at Boing Boing

Keynote Streaming at Netroots Nation

I watched Schneiderman talk yesterday. Interesting, but I wanted more stories about what he was going to do to make people accountable. In the mean time, if people what to know what thousands of foreclosed homeowners can do, they can join Home Defenders League.

Shareholder and Homeowner Activism With Spocko and Stark on Virtually Speaking

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Spocko and Mike Stark discuss activism in a three areas this month. First: Activists at shareholder meetings, with guest activist Aaron Krager. Does it work, how can it be made better, how does the MSM cover it? Second: Activists convinced 15 corporations to leave ALEC. Who made it happen? Third: Activists helping homeowners with guest Greg Basta discussing the new Home Defenders League.


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