Research Sampling Firearms Incidents by Police, Teachers or Staff on School Campuses

George Washington Middle School, Alexandria, VA
A school resource officer at a Virginia middle school accidentally fired his gun inside
of the school Tuesday while children were attending classes, officials said. The
officer, who was not identified, “discharged his service weapon inside his office” at
George Washington Middle School in Alexandria, police said in a news release. He
then checked for “potential injuries in the area” before informing staff members of
the gunfire. Police said no one was hurt, and classes continued as normal.

Maplewood, MN
Nobody was injured Monday afternoon when a student at the Harmony Learning
Center fired a school liaison officer’s gun, Maplewood police say. The officer was
sitting on a bench talking with some students about 1:45 p.m., when a third-grader
pressed the trigger of the officer’s holstered weapon, according to a news release
issued by the Maplewood Police Department. The gun discharged through the
bottom of the holster and a bullet struck the floor, the news release said.

Berkley, NJ
Home economics teacher Karen K. Horen could not believe the loaded pistol she
found in her bag during a December school day was her husband’s, according to
police and school officials.

Grayson College, TX
School officials said a bullet from an accidental discharge went through a classroom
wall, came out through the other side and exited through a window.–469653223.html

Dalton, GA
Police have a teacher in custody after responding to reports of a shot fired at a
school in Dalton, Georgia. The teacher was reportedly apprehended after
barricading themselves in a classroom, and after firing a single shot with what was
reportedly a hand gun, police told local media. Local reports indicate the hand gun
was eventually recovered. While the Dalton Police Department stressed that no
children had been injured in the incident, the school was placed on lock down, and
students were being taken to a nearby convention center, according to the Dalton
Police Department.

North Broward Preparatory School, Coconut Creek, FL
A sound thought to be a gunshot put North Broward Preparatory School on
lockdown Thursday morning. During the investigation of what turned out to be a
false alarm, there was another sound of a gunshot, Broward Sheriff’s Office said.
That was a gunshot and from a BSO deputy’s gun — into one of his legs. The
deputy was treated at the scene, BSO said.

Seaside, CA
At around 1:20pm March 13, Seaside police responded to an incident at Seaside
High School after a report of a teacher accidentally discharging a firearm in a
classroom. That teacher, Dennis Alexander, is also a Seaside councilmember and
reserve officer for Sand City Police Department, and he was teaching an
administration of justice class (Alexander is also a math teacher).

Isabella County, MI
Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main said he accidentally left his gun in the locker
room on March 14, when he used the facility to change, the Morning Sun News
reported. A sixth grader found the weapon in a bathroom stall, and immediately
reported it to faculty, the report said.

Fort Worth, TX
The two employees of Roadrunner Charter, a contractor with TCU that provides
shuttle bus service, had gotten into an argument, Perez said.

“We are not sure what caused this argument, but one made a bad decision to pull a
weapon and fire,” Roadrunner Charter CEO Ron Willis said in a prepared statement
Tuesday afternoon.

Saint Paul, MN
University Security Officer Accidentally shoots himself.
A security officer at St. Catherine University in St. Paul who told police that a
suspect shot him Tuesday night admitted on Wednesday that he accidentally shot
himself, authorities said.

Lima, OH
A referee is arrested and jailed when a gun accidentally fired inside his pocket at
Bath High School Wednesday night.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office told Your Hometown Stations, that during a local
basketball officials meeting inside Bath High School’s cafeteria, deputies said a
male referee’s handgun, being carried inside his coat pocket, accidentally fired,
hitting the floor. Bath Local Schools alerted parents to this incident. No one was

Easton, MA
An employee at Stonehill College in Easton has been terminated after accidentally
discharging a firearm and injuring another employee.

Lithia Springs, GA
11:55 a.m.: A handgun has been recovered and is secured, Douglas sheriff’s Sgt.
Jesse Hambrick said. “Obviously we do not allow teachers to carry handguns on
our property,” he said. However, there is no way of checking teachers to make sure
they don’t have weapons on them, he said.

11:50 a.m.: The teacher who shot himself in his classroom at Lithia Springs High
School made his way out to other parts of the school after the shooting, Douglas
sheriff’s Sgt. Jesse Hambrick said during a second press conference. And a fellow
staff member found him. She then directed another staff member to call 911.–law/veteran-lithia-springs-high-teacher-shootsself-school-classes-canceled/ySkZFldVAcQEqaXTYrihbK/amp.html

Kirbyville, TX
A southeast Texas high school principal shot himself Tuesday afternoon after he
notified district officials of his resignation, police said.

Dennis Reeves, 45, killed himself between 4:30 and 5 p.m. while sitting in his
pickup at Kirbyville High School, Police Chief Paul Brister said. The truck was in
reverse and his foot was on the brake.

Chambersburg, PA
A teacher at a Pennsylvania Christian school accidentally left her loaded pistol in a
bathroom, where elementary school children found it, Pennsylvania State Police
said Tuesday. Beth Jean Dixon, 63, put her holstered pistol on a toilet tank when
she used the unisex, one-toilet bathroom Aug. 25 at Cumberland Christian School,
in Chambersburg, police said. They said she forgot about it and left. Four children,
ages 6 to 8, used the bathroom while the gun was on the toilet. One child told his
parent, who told a teacher.

Panama City, FL
A part-time corrections officer with the Bay County Jail accidentally shot himself
while in the Patterson Elementary School Parking lot, Friday morning. The officer
was injured in the leg and taken to a local hospital where he was treated and
released. Officials said the corrections officer was there for a job interview.

Solano College, CA
Solano County sheriff’s investigators arrested a 32-year-old Fairfield man Friday
after he accidentally shot himself at the Solano Community College Vallejo campus.

David Reese Jr., an employee at the college, was apprehended after an
investigation Friday morning that came after the discovery of blood inside one of the
offices on campus, authorities reported Saturday.

Orlando, FL
Officer’s accidental weapon discharge endangers hundreds of UCF students
As a UCF officer was putting his service weapon into his cruiser, it went off, officials
said. The incident happened just feet away from the hundreds of students standing
outside the library.

Indianapolis, IN
A staff member accidentally fired his gun as he was placing it inside his car’s glove
box outside of Northwest Community High School Wednesday morning.

Auburn, MI
A teacher was struck by a bullet when a Bay County Sheriff’s deputy fired a gun
inside a high school classroom last week.

The shooting occurred at about 12:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 11, inside Bay City
Western High School, 500 W. Midland Road. The deputy, a school resource officer,
was in a room by himself when he negligently discharged a gun, said Michigan
State Police Special 1st Lt. David Kais

Homosassa, FL
School officials have identified the owner of a gun that was found at Rock Crusher
Elementary school Tuesday morning. School staff and detectives found out the gun
fell out of a man’s pocket while he was dropping his child off. Roy Caffera said it fell
through a hole in his cargo shorts.

Citrus County school authorities said the weapon was discovered sometime after 8
a.m. in the area where parents drop off their children for a pre-care program in the
back of the school.

“A parent noticed the weapon, contacted one of the employees. They came out,
secured the weapon. They thought the weapon was a pelletgun,” Asst.
Superintendent Mike Mullen said. A janitor fired the weapon, trying to discharge the
pellets. That’s when he learned it was a pistol.

Moultrie, GA
A student being escorted through a school fired a Colquitt County deputy’s gun in its
holster Thursday, but no one was injured.

Glenwood, IL
Former Police Officer/Parent accidentally shoots self on school grounds.
A former police officer accidentally shot himself Friday outside an Iowa elementary
school, authorities said.

No children were hurt in the incident at West Elementary in Glenwood.
The shooting victim, Douglas Trent Good, was wounded in a leg and taken to a
hospital, the Mills County Attorney’s Office said. His condition was not immediately

Taylorsville, MI
Utah teacher who shot elementary school toilet pleads no contest
In court papers, city prosecutors say Ferguson-Montgomery discharged her 9mm
handgun inside a Westbrook Elementary School restroom on Sept. 11, leaving a
live hollow-point 9mm round in front of the toilet and an expended casing in the
adjacent stall. A blast pattern from the shooting indicated the weapon had been
fired from above the toilet and from right to left, as if the person had been facing
toward the bathroom stall’s door.

City prosecutors say Ferguson-Montgomery initially told police the gun had fallen from a hip holster and accidentally discharged. The Tooele resident later admitted
to removing the weapon from its holster and placing it on top of the toilet paper
dispenser. Ferguson-Montgomery suffered injuries to her left calf, possibly from
bullet fragments or pieces of the damaged toilet, Granite School District spokesman
Ben Horsley said. No one else was injured.

Pocatello, ID
The Idaho State University instructor who accidentally shot himself in the foot
Tuesday has been identified as Byron Bennett, an assistant professor of chemistry.

Bennett was giving a lecture Tuesday when a small caliber pistol that he was
carrying in his pocket discharged. The incident occurred in the Physical Science
Complex at 785 South Eighth Avenue just before 4 p.m. ISU Public Safety and the
Pocatello police responded to the scene.

Highland, NY
Sean McCutcheon, an officer in the Lloyd, N.Y., police department and a school
resource officer for Highland Central School District, accidentally discharged his gun
at 1:38 p.m. Tuesday in the hallway of Highland High School here, the school
district and police said.

Rapid City, SD
Lemut was found dead Thursday morning in the Electrical Engineering/Physics
building. He died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound

Palm Beach, FL
Suspect arrested in the murder of two custodians at the Alexander W. Dreyfoos
School of the Arts was also a custodian at the school.–law/dreyfoos-school-the-artsmurders-issues-slow-bringing-suspects-back-from-other-nations-standcharges/Cf4PrAdJFFPPqEc3Dc3qBK/

Stillwater, MN
At that point the instructor picked up the 1911 Colt 45 and showed the man the
different types of safeties on the gun–all while pointing it away from the eight kids
and their parents who were getting ready for the class to begin. While the teacher
was explaining the different types of safeties on the gun, the handgun discharged,
causing a bullet to go through the wall of the cafeteria.

Van, TX
An East Texas school maintenance worker was in fair condition Thursday after
being accidentally shot during a district-sponsored handgun safety class, according
to local media.

The concealed handgun license class is part of an effort to permit teachers to carry
firearms in schools in Van, Texas, the Tyler Morning Telegraph reported.

University of Colorado Denver
A University of Colorado staffer who accidentally fired a shot on campus last week,
injuring herself and a colleague, is no longer employed by the university. A police
report from the incident reveals that the ex-worker, Mary Beth Loeb, was showing
her coworkers her handgun, and trying to unjam it, when she accidentally fired a
bullet that ricocheted and hit another woman.

Long Island University, NY
A professor accidentally shot himself in the leg with his gun right before he was due
to give his class a test.

Long Island University professor Jack Carney – a criminal justice teacher and retired
New York City law enforcement officer – was attempting to safeguard his handgun in
the hallway of the campus building before he ‘accidentally discharged it’.