Our Disaster-Fixer Machines Will Save Us!

Trump Threatens ‘Fire and Fury’ Against North Korea if It Endangers U.S.

Ooooh scary. Saber, meet Rattler-in-Chief.


I’ve seen this before, more than once. But don’t worry. There are multiple ways we scientists from the future can fix things if they get really horrible. One is a little machine we developed called the Disaster-Fixer Machine or DFM for short. We starting it with Ronnie Reagan’s bogus Strategic Defense Initiative program and used 250 billion in black ops funding to create it.) But we won’t need it this time because Ivanka will talk him down first. She’s part of the Trump Babysitting Team (TBT) along with McMaster and Kelly. When Trump was elected the DoD hired her. Why do you think she’s around Daddy all the time? Her fashion design skills? She’s our first line of defense.

If North Korea launches its little nuke it will be shot down by the revamped Star Wars Missile Shield, called the Ground-based Mid-course Defense System or GMD for short. This Warthog Defense video explains how it works. It was a boondoggle program at first, but it appears to work great now. My friend Guy sued to get access to the first SDI . . . → Read More: Our Disaster-Fixer Machines Will Save Us!