Factory Owner Reinstates Employees Fired For Unleashing Toxic Gas

Elon Musk has unbanned the guy who runs The Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin, Neo-Nazi Twitter User restored by Elon Musk. Notice how he positions himself as the victim in advance?

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, who was booted off Twitter in 2013, has had his account restored. Right Wing Watch is a part of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Factory owner welcomes back employees fired for intentionally spreading toxic gas

I’m imagining a “community meeting” where the factory owner has to explain his decisions to the community who has been hurt in the past and could be affected again in the future because of the owners decision. I was going to make this a press conference, but cunning factory owners know how to deal with the media. Public: Aren’t you worried they will do it again?Factory Owner: I have robots in place that will suspend them if they put out toxic gas again.Public: Why risk it? Why allow them a chance?FO: (Answer for public) They will make tons of gases daily but only a small percent <.01% will unleash toxic gas.

Also many useful gases are toxic, but we control them with safety measures. (Answer for investors: . . . → Read More: Factory Owner Reinstates Employees Fired For Unleashing Toxic Gas

Here’s how Musk will try to weasel out of his promises to Apple and the EU

The Matt Binder Doomed Podcast had on a great guest, Alejandra Caraballo, talking about Twitter and the harm that Musk is causing people with his actions. I called in during the after show to talk about efforts to pressure him and what he is doing to avoid negative consequence. Since then a few things have happened. Musk took a walk with Tim Cook at Apple and had a video call with the EU commissioner. I talked about them on the Nicole Sandler Show.

I’m going to break down what’s happening and what we can do besides popping popcorn and cackling.Musk makes promises to people who can help him be successful. And those who can thwart his success. Early on at Twitter it was big advertisers. When he didn’t deliver what he promised he said: “I don’t need you advertisers anyway!” (But behind the scenes he is still talking with them and asking them to give him a shot. “Think of all the people you will reach!” ) When Twitter Blue was a disaster he pulled it and is trying to fix it so he won’t have to rely on advertisers. (Behind the scenes he knows that Twitter Blue . . . → Read More: Here’s how Musk will try to weasel out of his promises to Apple and the EU

Musk’s Twitter blunders lead to hilarity & harm

Musk is making massive blunders in his take over of Twitter. It’s great fun to point and laugh. Which I will happily do. It’s an opportunity to show him (& the rest of the world) why his definition of “free speech” is juvenile and harmful. It’s also a time to point out that when social media companies fail to act on known harmful content, there should be consequences.

I’m @Spockos@mastodon.online

Showing companies the financial consequences of their failure to act on harmful rhetoric is a powerful tool for change. It’s one of the methods that I have developed and taught multiple groups & people for the last 15 years.

Bloggers Take on Talk Radio Hosts — New York Times January 15, 2007

A San Francisco talk radio station pre-empted three hours of programming on Friday in response to a campaign by bloggers who have recorded extreme comments by several hosts and passed on digital copies to advertisers.

The lead blogger, who uses the name Spocko, said that he and other bloggers had contacted more than 30 advertisers on KSFO-AM to inform them of comments made on the air and to ask them to pull their ads.

The activist . . . → Read More: Musk’s Twitter blunders lead to hilarity & harm

When we win, keep talking about winning!

I was really anxious & depressed for the last 2 weeks. Today I’m feeling a bit better because it wasn’t the blow out that the BS polls were predicting. 

During my delusions of grandeur I think about how to change the system. Part of it is Spreading the Good News about what good Democrats have done and can keep doing.But that is REALLY boring to the media and Social Media.

What is more exciting to the media is when we Fight the Bad Guys. So, talk about our wins then talk about fighting bad guys!

He won!

Hey, that Fetterman win felt good! RIGHT? I’d also like to say, “F that Oz guy!” But talking about crushing him is uncool. The consultant class say, “Be the bigger man… ” Sure because..

The MSM will ask what he is going to do next. “Are you going to “Reach across the Aisle to all the people who didn’t vote for you?” Sure, he’s supposed to look out for  “all Pennsylvanians, no matter their party.”

Gene J. Puskar AP

But that’s different from his role in the Senate. He can support the need to prosecute people where we have evidence and probable . . . → Read More: When we win, keep talking about winning!

Central Park Karen Loses Lawsuit Against Former Employer

Remember the woman who called the police on a black man who was bird watching? You probably saw the clip when it went viral. Her company saw it, investigated it and fired her. She then SUED the company for defamation. Well, SHE LOST the case.I want to use this story to illustrate how the RW responds when someone finally faces justifiable negative consequences for their words and actions. They have learned to flip the script and will try to convince everyone that they are the REAL victims. They aren’t. We need to anticipate their use of this strategy, point it out when it is used, then refocus on the harm they have caused to actual victims as we seek justice.

This is good example of how the RW always has to be the victim EVEN after they face justifiable negative consequences for their actions. The good news is because there was DUE process and an investigation when they fired her, the company was on solid ground and proved even MORE so that she was fired for a justified cause.This is why I was talking about giving the people making threats a chance to do the right thing before . . . → Read More: Central Park Karen Loses Lawsuit Against Former Employer

Do the threats keep coming because the RW is too cunning or we don’t have a strategy to stop them?

I was working on a long post about the recent arrest of a woman for calling in a bomb threat to Boston Children’s Hospital. I was suggesting a plan for steps BCH could take to hold people accountable for their threats. Then I saw this tweet about Tucker Carlson’s show. I got really depressed.

Tucker Carlson just named and showed pics of executives at a hospital that provides gender affirming care to trans teens, calling them criminals who deserve the bomb threats they receive. I won’t share the image, but I think we all know where this is headed…

— Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) September 22, 2022 The right knows how to use threats with no consequences The cunning ones have learned how to “just ask questions” when suggesting violence.Others use mob-speak and have learned what law enforcement can and can’t use to charge them. Many right wingers know to use the “I was JOKING!” line or the “I didn’t intend to actually DO anything I said!” response when questioned. Some will say, “I was just being hyperbolic! Everyone says stuff like that!” Tech savvy right wingers have learned the key words not to say on Facebook or . . . → Read More: Do the threats keep coming because the RW is too cunning or we don’t have a strategy to stop them?

How the DOJ is Leveraging Trump’s BS responses.

I’m a big fan of the TV show Leverage, when the team is going after a bad guy they study them first and anticipate how they will respond. They then USE how he respond as part of the process to take him down. They also plan for contingencies. “If the mark does X then we do Y. After we do Y he will likely do Z, but he might do “C” so prepare for that too. “

We, as the viewer, are brought along in the process to a certain degree, but we don’t always see the whole story. At the end of the show, when the bad guy is caught and the victim gets some kind of justice, they show the prep they did that was off camera. The show involves former Con men & women, thieves, hackers and muscle working with an insider, someone who understands “The system” either the corporate system or the legal & justice system. The insider’s job is to say, “Here’s how the mark got away with it before by using the system. This is how we can USE that system against them if they try it again. ”

In the latest . . . → Read More: How the DOJ is Leveraging Trump’s BS responses.

Marcy Wheeler, ‘Emptywheel’ on Trump, Espionage and the FBI Seizure of Stolen NatSec Docs at Mar-a-Lago: ‘BradCast’ 8/17/2022

Marcy Wheeler, ‘Emptywheel’ on Trump, Espionage and the FBI Seizure of Stolen NatSec Docs at Mar-a-Lago: ‘BradCast’ 8/17/2022 This is the Otter.AI transcript of the Bradcast. Here is the audio link to the show.

Bradcast Marcy Wheeler, ‘Emptywheel’ on Trump, Espionage and the FBI Seizure of Stolen NatSec Docs at Mar-a-Lago: 8/17/2022

Podcast on Stitcher:

Marcy Wheeler, @emptywheel Brad Friedman Bradcast M-F 7-pm to 8 pm Twitter: @TheBradBlog

Brad Friedman 19:47

So yeah, they we are still searching. They are still searching. We’re all still searching for documents at Mar a Lago and answers to what the hell is going on in this nation and with Our former President. Welcome back to the broadcast Brad Friedman from bradblog.com. There is a lot we now know but there is still much more that we do not know. Following the FBI is federal court approved search of Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago compound in Florida last week, seeking to retrieve as we now know, following the unsealing of the warrant highly sensitive classified national security documents that were stolen from the White House when the former President left office last year. The search by several dozen FBI agents based on . . . → Read More: Marcy Wheeler, ‘Emptywheel’ on Trump, Espionage and the FBI Seizure of Stolen NatSec Docs at Mar-a-Lago: ‘BradCast’ 8/17/2022

How to use attacks on the informer against Trump & his MAGA mob

Exclusive: An Informer Told the FBI What Docs Trump Was Hiding, and Where William Arkin of Newsweek revealed that there was an informer at Mar-a-lago. Everyone will be speculating on WHO it was. I want to talk about how we can use the expected attacks on the informer against Trump and his MAGA mob.

We know what Trump will do. He’ll go after the informer on social media. It’s what he does. His people will get the message. The informer is in danger. The FBI knows who the person is, so this a perfect opportunity to capture all the calls/texts/ social media threats, smears and libel coming at them from all sources. But will they? And if they do, what will they do with this information?

If they chose to, the FBI can use the expected threats to build strong criminal cases against the people making them. And, if the informer chooses to, they can build strong civil cases against the people defaming, harassing and threatening them.

We know that the FBI has a method when working with sources to prepare them following witness tampering. When Trump called a witness Glenn Kirschner explained how the FBI prepares for witness tampering . . . → Read More: How to use attacks on the informer against Trump & his MAGA mob

The J6 Committee has the “missing” texts

I think the J6 committees already knows the contents of the missing texts from the Secret Service, DHS and now the DoD. Texts of top Trump officials in the Department of Defense wiped. The “missing texts” investigation is designed to reveal people involved in the cover up. It’s a setup to implicate Trumpers embedded in government. And it’s working, it’s already exposed actions and non-actions taken by Trump appointed Inspector General, Joseph Cuffari. Monday, Reps. Bennie Thompson and Carolyn Maloney ( said they also have new evidence the inspector general’s office stopped trying to recover the missing records over a year ago. Link

.@SamSeder the J6 cmte telling the media the Secret Service texts are "missing" is a set up designed to catch those who tried & are trying to obstruct justice. It's working too, it's exposed IG Cuffari. @MattLech @majorityfmGood Job #J6committee! @January6thCmte pic.twitter.com/T4J0VEJAxm

— Spocko (@spockosbrain) August 2, 2022

“But Spocko,” you ask, “if the committee has copies of the texts, why didn’t they reveal them?” There are a couple of reasons. Not revealing the content now is giving the committee the opportunity to get more people in to “refresh their memory” and cut deals. They . . . → Read More: The J6 Committee has the “missing” texts