I Celebrate National Bomb Pop Day & Watermelon Seed Spitting Week

Today is National Bomb Pop Day – June 30, 2022

Photo from the Herron Nest How to have a BOMB POP Party

I loved these as a young space cadet. “The bomb pop man! The bomb pop man!” I’d cry when I heard the music playing and saw the truck coming up the street.

I found out the bomb pop was created in 1955.

“amidst the threat of nuclear warfare, Abernethy and Merritt came up with a frozen treat to cool down temperaments all over the nation. The pop was shaped like a bomb with six fins, hence the name Bomb Pop, and its color scheme reflected the patriotic zeitgeist of America during the Cold War.”

Bomb Pop FAQ.

This week is Watermelon Seed Spitting Week

Watermelon Seed Spitting Week – June 30-July 3, 2022From the Watermelon Seed Spitting Week FAQ

What is the world record for watermelon seed spitting?

The world record for watermelon seed spitting is 75 feet two inches.

Can a watermelon seed grow in your stomach?

Watermelon seeds along with other seeds will simply pass through your digestive system and be removed from your body in a day or two.

. . . → Read More: I Celebrate National Bomb Pop Day & Watermelon Seed Spitting Week

Hey Ohio! Check out these stories of armed teachers’ gun fails!

“Ohio Gov. DeWine signs a bill arming teachers after 24 hours of training” I just reviewed the Ohio Arming Teachers’ bill history & future. It stinks.

“In more than a year of debate on the legislation, witnesses spoke to oppose it more than 360 times, while around 20 people spoke in favor. ” wrote Bill Chappell at NPR. I downloaded pages and pages of testimony. The opponents gave the statistics, they told the stories of the problems and failures. Yet it passed. The gun lobby is still very powerful and knows how to push the right buttons with politicians. They also know how to push the “armed hero saves school kids’ lives” myth into the minds of the public.

I watched what happened with Florida’s Armed Teacher program. The NRA/MAGA crowd went to school boards where we saw bad slogans, incorrect premises and faulty data. They were going up against Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America who had peer-reviewed research, facts and matching t-shirts.

Unless the law can be stopped, we are going to see the same thing happen in Ohio. And it’s going to be a s*** show. Remember parents screaming about CRT & . . . → Read More: Hey Ohio! Check out these stories of armed teachers’ gun fails!

After Parkland the GOP/NRA sold parents on hope with slogans & guns in schools. It failed. What’s their move now?

I’ve been writing about gun violence and how to prevent it for over 15 years. After the Uvalde shooting I went back to revisit to see what I’ve learned and what I think will happen next. I also want to point to some good gun law changes we have made and some messages we can spread about them. The Republicans will push to get more guns in schools following the Uvalde shooting. This is the “do something” that the Republicans can get behind. It builds on the premise that people with guns in school will be able to gun down an active shooter before they kill kids.* Guns are NOT a passive defensive tool like a bullet proof vest. They won’t stop a bullet coming at you. Guns are an active, offensive weapon. This active, offensive role of the “virtuous person with a gun” is what appeals to men who want to actively respond to threats to their property and their families. For them it’s not good enough to passively stop bullets, they want an active component that stops/kills the person who is the threat.

*Of the nearly 200 Post-identified incidents of school gunfire, only once before this . . . → Read More: After Parkland the GOP/NRA sold parents on hope with slogans & guns in schools. It failed. What’s their move now?

Let’s make winning defamation cases a profit center for the left

First some happy good news. Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss won their defamation case against OAN! OAN Settles One Election Defamation Suit, Only One Million To GoAfter months of vicious harassment Freeman and Moss sued Giuliani and OAN, which “spent months airing grainy edited footage of the pair, and the network’s White House correspondent Chanel Rion for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Separately, the pair filed a similar suit against wingnut website Gateway Pundit in Missouri state court.” Joy Reid’s story in the Reidout Blog reminds people of the threats the two received.

In this third piece on threats I wanted to give an example of what to DO when threatened by the right. (Part 1 , Part 2)This Freeman defamation case is a prime example of a successful action given our current justice system, media and social media environment. I’ve been looking into civil actions because criminal cases take a long time and you have to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Civil cases can be won with a preponderance of evidence. The civil cases against Rudy Giuliani and the Gateway Pundit that involves doxxing are still open. I hope those will be successful . . . → Read More: Let’s make winning defamation cases a profit center for the left

Accepting death threats IS NOT part of the job!

I was watching Judy Woodruff and Martin Baron, former editor of the Washington Post, in a talk when they were asked about criticism of their work. Woodruff gave what I recognize as the standard line that mainstream journalists give that they are doing a good job when they are getting “pushback from both ends of the political spectrum.” She said that criticism “comes with the turf.”The host then asked about her support of the International Women’s Media Foundation and how the focus is on protecting women journalists who are subject to threats and harassment. He asked both whether “this anger at the press is manifesting itself in a kind of behavior that’s not just an angry tweet or letter, but it’s something else.”

Judy Woodruff and Martin Baron with Geoffrey Cowan Apr 13, 2022 | America at a Crossroads

Baron talked about “the aggrieved individual’ that killed journalists at the Annapolis paper the Capital Gazette. (Link ) He mentioned incidents that were directed toward Washington Post staff that “indicated that people knew where we lived and that damage could be done and that physical harm could take place.” He explained that staff at the Washington Post were subject . . . → Read More: Accepting death threats IS NOT part of the job!

Facebook profits from threats, harassment & defamation, why can’t the victims? 

In part one I wrote about the ways that the right uses social media to threaten, harass and defame people. In part two I want to look at how to get accountability for those threatening and attacking people online. Historically, I have shown multiple groups how to organize negative financial consequences for those engaging in violent rhetoric in right wing media. (Reminder, *I* successfully beat Disney/ABC/KSFO in a copyright case.)One way I did that was look at who made a company money & what costs a company money then used that understanding to show companies that what they thought was an asset, can be a liability, unless they took action. I believe that there should be criminal and civil accountability for those threatening and attacking people online and punishment for the wealthy individuals and organizations behind it that are connected with and profit from specific threats, harassment and defamation campaigns. Let me show you one example of how it could be done. Right now my editor at Crooks and Liars, Karoli, is facing a suspension of her personal Facebook account. She was phished and hacked. The hacker inserted offensive words and images in her account. She reported it right . . . → Read More: Facebook profits from threats, harassment & defamation, why can’t the victims? 

Fortenberry, convicted liar and thin-skinned bully, resigns @spockosbrain

Nebraska Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry is a convicted liar who has now resigned. Good. But he has never been held accountable for abusing the power of his office to hunt down and threaten the jobs of people who criticized him with a joke. You might remember his Chief of Staff made national news for threatening a state university professor for LIKING a Facebook post of a sign calling him Fartenberry.

But what most people don’t know is how Fortenberry abused the power of his office to hunt down the people who put googly eyes on that sign. Fortenberry’s office got two Lincoln detectives assigned to lift fingerprints, get DNA samples and comb through cell phone calls like it was a murder case. Keep in mind this happened in a community with 1,000s of untested rape kits.

Later, when people put googly eyes and post it notes on the door of his office and the office of Sen. Deb Fischer, he again overreacted.

Fortenberry got the TV show CRIMEBUSTERS to ask the public to identify his critics!

Instead of laughing it off, Fortenberry and Sen Deb Fischer pursued a criminal case for property damages of one dollar! Sen. Deb Fischer . . . → Read More: Fortenberry, convicted liar and thin-skinned bully, resigns @spockosbrain

Stop helping Republicans weasel out of targeting politicians for death

It’s time to bust these lying weasels for their treasonous acts & reckless endangerment of politicians’ lives.

https://twitter.com/RepDeanPhillips/status/1500131161770766336?s=20&t=l8KzoTX-bnH2qkNcWNP6QA Boebert’s tweet about Speaker Pelosi had the same energy Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted that Nancy Pelosi had left the House Chambers which let the insurrectionists know when she was there.

This weekend Senators Rubio, Daines and Grassley all tweeted out info about where a politician was at a specific time to people who wanted to kill them. It reminded me of Lauren Boebert’s tweet about Pelosi during the January 6th insurrection. Once again we see Republicans giving out location information of a politician to people who want to kill them.

This SHOULD be an opportunity for Democrats to nail these three senators and Rep. Boebert’s for their reckless endangerment and, in the case of Boebert, her treasonous behavior. When this first happened I tweeted about it, then predicted the GOP lies and how they would spin it to the MSM. (I could show you the timestamp to prove that I got it right but that’s not a big deal.) But what I want to do now is go further into what the 3 GOPs said & how the media could . . . → Read More: Stop helping Republicans weasel out of targeting politicians for death

Intimidation works. How the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers won.

In some timelines people welcome the vaccine!

Who will stop Missouri’s AG from spreading deadly misinfo on masks in schools?

Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt went on TV and said masks don’t work for kids. He’s spreading dangerous and deadly misinformation.

Why is @AGEricSchmitt pushing this misinformation? He’s running for Senator! (BTW, Schmitt replaced the previous AG from Missouri who ran for Senator. Josh Hawley.)

I don’t believe in the forced masking of 5-year olds. There’s no science behind it. There’s nothing to support it. Families are best to make these decisions, and that’s why we’re fighting so hard on this front. Where we’re at now, I mean the flu is much more dangerous for the 5-year old than COVID is. Those are just facts. The problem is it’s not based on facts and science. There’s just no, there’s no study that shows any measurable protection for kids wearing masks. In fact, the good news is, um, you know, uh COVID isn’t.. you know It’s hard for kids to contract, transmit, or get seriously ill from COVID. That’s the good thing. Not all viruses are the same.

Eric Schmitt, Attorney General of Missouri, December 12, 2021 AG Schmitt’s spread misinformation on masks Dec 12, 2021. He needs to be called out by medical professionals and told to stop . . . → Read More: Who will stop Missouri’s AG from spreading deadly misinfo on masks in schools?