“Mitt paid 13.9% in Taxes? Sucker!” GE Tax Guys Taunt Romney’s Tax Guys.

I often have conversations with people who don’t exist to illustrate real conversations I know about and have a 93% confidence level have actually happened. Here’s a conversation I had last night about Mitt, taxes, GE and strippers. I’m not lying, I’m writing fiction with my mouth. — Homer Simpson

Over a single malt whiskey at the Scruples Lounge in Bridgeport, Connecticut I spoke to Sam Johnels, junior deputy tax guy for General Electric.

“We totally could have gotten the Government to pay Mitt. The guys he hired? PricewaterhouseCooper? More like Pricy Underwater Houses Pooper! They couldn’t figure out how to get the IRS to pay him? Idiots. If we were in charge of his return, he would be getting $3.2 million from Uncle Sam instead of paying out one thin dime.”

“Do you think that the fact that Mitt was running for President had anything to do with how they structured the returns?” I asked.

“I suppose so, I hate all that political ‘What will it look like to the regular people?’ bullshit.

“Our job is to make the tax system our bitch. That’s why at GE we hire former IRS and Treasury people. It’s an embarrassment to our . . . → Read More: “Mitt paid 13.9% in Taxes? Sucker!” GE Tax Guys Taunt Romney’s Tax Guys.

What Wolf and You Can Learn from the Irish Press for the GOP Debate

At the GOP debate on Thursday will Wolf Blitzer ask Mitt, Newt, Rick or Ron any question with the tenaciousness we see on display in this video at a European Central Bank press-conference in Ireland?

I doubt it, but it could happen. It should happen. After all, Blitzer is an Emmy award-winning anchor for CNN and is also a recipient of the Peabody award for his Hurricane Katrina coverage, the Alfred I. duPont Award for his coverage of the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia and an Edward R. Murrow Award for CNN’s September 11 coverage. Let’s hear his own words of advice to CNN iReporters (their citizen journalist program) on asking questions:

Q: What tips do you have for getting people to get comfortable and open up?

A: My rule of thumb is to be polite but firm in asking the questions and trying to make sure I get the answers.

Q: What is the one piece of advice you wish you were taught about interviewing that you had to learn on your own?

A: The most important thing is to listen to the answer and follow up when appropriate.

Why . . . → Read More: What Wolf and You Can Learn from the Irish Press for the GOP Debate

Why Did Mitt Lose to Newt? No Flag Pin!

Now some of you might laugh and consider this a silly reason for Mitt’s loss. I disagree. This is a very important thing to note. It is so important that it was the subject of the mainstream political press just five short years ago during the last Presidential campaign. Only that time the person not wearing a flag pin was Sen. Barak Obama. On Oct 4th, 2007 the Drudge report ran the story, “Obama Drops American Flag Pin.” It was then picked up by the national main stream media.

The exact same thing should happen here with Romney and Paul not wearing flag pins.

Matt Drudge, ABC’s Good Morning America and ABC’s World News, host Charles Gibson should all cover it (BTW, must credit Spocko of Spocko’s Brain) at the same level as the coverage of Obama’s flag pin story. This time it is not a Democrat but a Republican skipping the flag pin, shouldn’t they know better?

I look forward to Sean Hannity saying the same things about Mitt Romney and Ron Paul for not wearing a flag pin as he said about Obama. It shouldn’t make a difference if the person is a Democrat or a Republican . . . → Read More: Why Did Mitt Lose to Newt? No Flag Pin!

Which Superhero would you be? 9 yr old asks GOP Presidential Candidates


The Last Days of a Christmas Tree

The last days of a Christmas tree.

Resolutions my ass! Found on Street Jan 2, 2012

Clearly someone had enought with the New Year’s resolution to lose weight.