VA to Trump, “Sir, we don’t have body bags.”

VA orders $300,000 of body bags.

The Department of Veterans Affairs ordered nearly $300,000 worth of body bags this month, according to a contracting document reviewed by POLITICO.

By Betsy Woodruff Swan, @woodruffbets Politico 04/30/2020 06:48 PM EDT

I don’t think Trump will change his “Sir,we don’t have ammunition” story? to “Sir we don’t have body bags” anytime soon.

Interesting side note in the story. FEMA paid $51 per bag when they bought 100,000. But you can get them for the low low price of $16.80 each if you get them from the Body Bag Store! Or just ignore social distancing rules and get one for free.

States with tight budgets have an alternative!

Due to extremely high demand for body bags during this COVID-19 pandemic, you may wish to consider our mortuary shrouds as a body bag alternative. From The Body Bag Store website.

I’m, sure Trump will find a way to get credit. “These are the best body bags. Very strong. Powerful body bags. When I came into office we had a broken body bag system. Now we are the top user of body bags for Covid-19 in the world!”


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Who makes the life or death supply decisions for your state?

I read a letter yesterday that made my face go numb. Congress doesn’t know where critical pandemic supplies are going, what the criteria are for sending them, what gets sent to which states and who makes the final life or death decision about the supplies.

Today, April 27th, the House Energy & Commerce Committee‘s Health, Oversight and Investigation subcommittee chairs expects a detailed accounting from HHS and FEMA of the critical supplies the federal government is obtaining and distributing. These questions are from a letter sent by the House Energy & Commerce Health, Oversight and Investigation subcommittee on April 20th 2020 to Alex Azar of HHS and Peter Gaynor of FEMA.

These two questions made the tips of my ear go numb.

Who are the members of the Supply Chain Stabilization Task Force? Who makes the final decision on where and how many supplies to distribute to a particular area or state?

HHS and FEMA need to deliver the following information by Monday, April 27th.

No later than April 27, 2020 provide daily reports to the House Energy & Commerce Health, Oversight and Investigation subcommittee the following information: The total number of the following supplies that the federal . . . → Read More: Who makes the life or death supply decisions for your state?

Let’s Track The COVIDIOT Protesters

Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan on April 15, 2020. Composite by Spocko Original Photo: Jeff Kowalsky /Getty Images

It’s time to start tracking the people who are gathering to protest stay at home orders. Tracking & contact tracing is one of the ways other countries control the spread. We can start with these people, the #MichiganMorons. They’re in public, so they have no expectation of privacy. They aren’t wearing masks, so the facial recognition software will work. They chose to risk their health when they traveled and meet in groups, but when they went home they risked the health of others who are unaware of their protest. All of those people might be exposed without their consent.

If these protesters don’t want their face being seen they can wear a mask! (I really would like it if that would be their response to facial recognition being used on them, because that would be a win for public health!)

The general public should be able to find out who these people are for multiple reasons. First so we can keep OURSELVES away from THEM if they live in our state. Second, so people in other states can . . . → Read More: Let’s Track The COVIDIOT Protesters

Don’t let Trump pick how to measure his pandemic response

Trump wants to measure how he’s doing on this pandemic based on the numbers he chooses. To counter this we must actively promote legitimate metrics of success and failure that come from trusted entities. Then we frame his numbers with numbers that matter. Like how many died who didn’t have to because of his actions.

Trump has always picked the numbers he wants to measure his success. First he wanted it to be inauguration attendees. When the media pushed back Sean Spicer had to go on Dancing With The Stars for not being a good liar. Next Trump used numbers the media couldn’t deny like the electoral college vote. When the stock market was up it was tweet, tweet, tweet! When unemployment was down? He bragged about it in every rally, especially in a category that he was weak in–African American employment.

Thursday he picked a number he believes shows he is winning the fight against the coronavirus. TV ratings. I’m not going to let him, so I’ve physically–and linguistically–framed the metric he chose with one the people care about.

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