Jesus Has His Yearly Performance Review

Considering how the Catholic Bishops want to tell people what to do, I though about who was really in charge of that organization. And so I wrote this piece. I just warped around the Sun and used my universal translator to listen into one performance review that didn’t go too well.

“Greetings, Jesus. Have a seat. Well it’s that time of year again. Performance review time. I’ll go through the review and then you can comment later before you sign it.

“Okay, the good news is that the people seem to like you and they loved the free food you got them at that picnic. I don’t want to know where you got those loaves and fishes, if they fell off a donkey or what, but it was great because it didn’t put a dent in our food budget. Some people called it a miracle, but it’s only a miracle if you’re not in the business of selling loaves and fishes. Our concessions vendors were really unhappy that day. But our real problem was revenue from plate passing was way down.

In the future if you are going to give away free food, remind them that there is no “free . . . → Read More: Jesus Has His Yearly Performance Review

How To Use Social Media as a Weapon Against Organizations

Tuesday, February 7th on Virtually Speaking Mike Stark and I discussed what we could learn from the SOPA fight and the Susan G Komen Debacle. Listen to the podcast by going to the BlogTalkRadio link

There will be a billion pixels spilt on these stories that you can read elsewhere by scholars, experts and journalists. What I’m most interested in is what works/worked for the media activists out there.

How we can replicate this to fight the right? How can we press the advantage? Why the left will NOT press the advantage. How will the Right defend against this in the future and who will they enlist to help them?

BTW, can anyone else see the fingerprints and style of Ari Fleischer all over Brinker’s media interviews and statements?

(Fleischer personally interviewed candidates for the position of “Senior Vice President for Communications and External Relations” it’s a safe bet that he would approve and suggest someone who mirrors his style.)

What steps will the PR experts at Ogilvy take to try to repair the brand?

The right has often taken tactics and methods used first by us, discredited them until they have time to become . . . → Read More: How To Use Social Media as a Weapon Against Organizations

Romney Wins Florida! Chris Christie Claims Credit

Last October Chris Christie threw his support behind Mitt Romney, I’m pretty sure that is the reason that Romney will win tonight. Check out the video of the phone call Christie makes to comedian Jimmy Dore bragging about how his support for Romney will help him win. The whole podcast can be found at on the Jimmy Dore show. website. I like to describe the podcast as “The Daily Show for Radio”, very funny, very smart. The “celebrities” who call in are voiced by @MikeMacRaeMike. His Bill O’Rielly and Herman Cain are spot on and the writing, by Dore, Frank Connif, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura and Steve Rosenfield is hilarious.