How NRA is Making Armed Teachers A Reality In Kansas

In my piece Let’s Stop The Armed Teachers Plans In Florida And Other States, I mentioned how in Kansas in 2013, the sole insurance provider for public schools, EMC, said it would not insure any school that armed teachers.

Other insurance carriers may have come forward at the time to provide insurance for these armed teachers, but their rates would have been higher, because of the greater liability risks. The combination of no insurance, or very expensive insurance, stopped armed teachers from being placed in public schools back in 2013.

NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action saw this insurance roadblock and developed a plan. Someone suggested to lawmakers in Kansas that they insert an amendment in a bill that says “Insurance companies can’t refuse to provide a policy to a school district with armed teachers.”

Next, they added a passage that says the insurance company cannot charge unfair discriminatory premiums, policy fees or rates. This is an attempt force the insurance carriers to eat the cost of the higher premiums necessary to cover the additional risk of gun accidents.

The NRA’s strength isn’t just money, it’s also their legislative strategy and politically active base. I only found out about this hearing . . . → Read More: How NRA is Making Armed Teachers A Reality In Kansas

What are Pro-Gun Parents Afraid Of?

Yesterday I talked about pro-gun parents triggered by the March 14 Student Walkout. What I didn’t include was this interesting point:

“In an email sent to Breitbart News, the parents – who wish to remain anonymous – argue the student walkout might appear to be a fairly innocuous First Amendment event to honor the students killed in the Parkland, Florida, shooting and to advocate for gun control.”

A group of parents hired an attorney as a front person so they could remain anonymous. What a great idea! With a lawyer as your “mouthpiece” the parents can hide their political connections and financial backing. If nobody knows who they are, they can avoid personal and/or professional shunning.

I totally understand why the parents wanted to remain anonymous. Some of their fears of consequences are valid, others are projections of their fear that the left will attack people just like the right. I’ve seen the NRA facilitate a national attack. Slaughter lobby supporters went after gun-control advocates by doxxing them and then carrying out legal, professional, financial and physical threats.

Below is from the comments section at Breitbart. Notice how they assume that the left will attack them and how they will . . . → Read More: What are Pro-Gun Parents Afraid Of?

Pro-Gun Parents Triggered by Walkout, Sue For Equal Time

From the unprofitable Breitbart site, Big Government.

“A group of parents from New Milford, Connecticut has hired an attorney to articulate their concerns about the decision by their school district to allow students to participate in the national student walkout held Wednesday to advocate for gun control.”

I spent years learning how the right-wing mind works, so I knew this was coming. This is what they are saying:

“It’s not fair that the kids get to have an anti-gun walkout! What about pro-gun kids? If you don’t provide equal time we will sue.”

Since I’m from the future, I can tell you that there will be more of this.

Gun loving parents have already been contacting schools complaining about the walkout on the 14th. Sadly, it’s working. For example, students who don’t want to participate in a rescheduled walkout at Romeoville High School will be given 30 minutes free time. (Why did it have to be rescheduled? A student sent out a photo of himself holding a gun saying, “yo it ain’t safe to go to school tmrrw” Also, armed protesters.)

In the letter, made available as well to Breitbart News, Smith and Shugrue wrote that the district’s middle school . . . → Read More: Pro-Gun Parents Triggered by Walkout, Sue For Equal Time

Dear Students: Did Armed Jerks Protest Your Walkout? Ban Their Open Carry

Hey Walkout students, I spotted these stories about armed jerks up showing up at your protests. Pro-Gun Rally In Illinois To Counter School Walkout Church Shooter Dylann Roof’s Sister Arrested for Bringing Weapons to School, Police Say Romeoville High School changes walkout plans after Instagram threat

These stories got me thinking. How should students and their parents respond when they find out people show up at their event armed with guns? I think they should get open carry of firearms banned in their community. Below I explain how to make it so.

Before the March 14 protest, my friend Eric Milgram, spokesperson for the Newtown Action Alliance, shared the story of the pro-gun rally in Romeoville by a woman named Savannah Denvir. A group called Overpasses America supported the protest.

“There may be armed protestors at the pro-gun rally, according to Denvir, who doesn’t know if people plan on arriving armed. She said it’s their freedom to choose whether or not to carry a weapon.

Romeoville Deputy Police Chief Steve Lucchesi said police will be present at the school for both the student walkout and the 2nd Amendment rally. “We’re there to make sure everybody is safe,” he said.

. . . → Read More: Dear Students: Did Armed Jerks Protest Your Walkout? Ban Their Open Carry

If Parents Want Armed Teachers Who’ll Stop Them?

Consider this: 68 groups of parents throughout Florida want armed teachers in their schools


What steps are these parents taking to get their own armed teachers? Who is helping them? How? Are there statewide roadblocks they will face? If not, is anyone creating them? Are there local roadblocks they face? Is anyone uncovering local problems and pointing them out to the state, the media, the school boards? Which organized groups are actively working to blocking them? How?

I have friends who can’t believe any group of people would be crazy enough to arm teachers. Surely, they think, if we give the facts to people they will listen to reason. The majority of parents will block the idea. Even in gun-loving places sensible people are in charge. They won’t let the program happen! Right? Right?

As you know I believe in the power of using logic. However, I also know of the logic of using power.

Remember: Just because you have the terrible facts about arming teachers, doesn’t mean people will listen to them.

Now consider this: Sheriffs throughout Florida want the 68 MILLION dollars in funds from the Department of Education to vet, train and arm teachers

. . . → Read More: If Parents Want Armed Teachers Who’ll Stop Them?

Florida Will Arm Teachers, Give Millions to Gun Makers & Allies, Won’t Ban Assault Weapons

Florida House passes gun restrictions, plan to arm certain teachers

Yes, Florida passed some minor gun restrictions, but follow the money and you’ll see the slaughter lobby and its allies will actually make millions on new guns in the schools programs and they didn’t have to pay for the damage their products do and policies cause. Programs that would actually cut into their revenue streams, like the assault weapon ban, were blocked.

New Florida Laws: Teachers Will Be Armed These type of Assault Weapons Still Not Banned in Florida.

The gun lobby and its allies have created “school safety” programs that generate revenue for the gun manufacturers and their partner service firms. A story in USA Today shows where the money is going in this “comprehensive gun safety bill.”

How did the NRA-politicians get armed teachers and avoided an assault weapon ban? Money, pulled from taxpayers, used as leverage for other programs. From James Call, Tallahassee Democrat Link

…when leaders responded with nearly a half billion dollars for school hardening and mental health programs, lawmakers were forced to wrestle with the proposal’s accounting – money in exchange for guns in the classroom.

The governor will sign . . . → Read More: Florida Will Arm Teachers, Give Millions to Gun Makers & Allies, Won’t Ban Assault Weapons

Florida Senators Won’t Ban AR-15’s. Now what Emma, Cameron and David? @Emma4Change @cameron_kasky @davidhogg111 #NeverAgain

Dear Emma, Cameron and David:

As I predicted the day before you went to Tallahassee, certain politicians pretended to listen to you, and then did what the NRA wanted. On Saturday your Florida Senators voted 21-17 to defeat an amendment to ban sales of AR-15s. Who didn’t pass it? This guy: Joe Negron, Senate President, (Hey didn’t you meet with Joe? What did he say then vs. what he did now? )

Joe Negron, Florida Senate President, Republican @joenegronfl NRA Grade A+

Negron voting record and endorsements on guns And these people.

Baxley Bean Benacquisto Bradley Brandes Broxson Gainer Galvano Grimsley Hukill Hutson Lee Mayfield Passidomo Perry Simmons Simpson Stargel Steube Young

What is your next move? I won’t tell you what to do, because everyone is looking at YOU to do things differently this time than what was done by us veterans of the gun law fights.

One thing that you might want to do differently is not to accept this vote. There are things you can do in addition to voting these politicians out in November. Act now!

For example: You can employ additional pressure. David, remember when you asked students to not come to . . . → Read More: Florida Senators Won’t Ban AR-15’s. Now what Emma, Cameron and David? @Emma4Change @cameron_kasky @davidhogg111 #NeverAgain