Stay Alive! Stop Accepting Trump’s Failed COVID Policies

While watching the videos of people traveling home for Thanksgiving I heard experts say spikes in cases and deaths have happened after every major holiday since the pandemic started. They also pointed to increases in cases and deaths after the Sturgis Rally and Trump’s rallies.

I wondered, why doesn’t someone use the hard data from previous holidays to put pressure on Governors in states like South Dakota and Nebraska to make changes NOW?

And since data isn’t enough for some people, why doesn’t someone shoot videos of coffins and ICU wards to play on TV every night and social media during the day? It’s because too many people don’t want to believe that there are people who are willfully and maliciously spreading misinformation which leads to sickness and death.

People who are doing public health communications believe in the model that “good speech drives out bad speech” that is partially correct, but what is also correct is that there needs to be campaigns and methods to deal with the people who are willful spreading dangerous misinformation. It is a threat to the health and safety of Americans. It constitutes threatening speech and threatening speech is NOT protected speech.

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We’ve adapted to the velocity of COVID-19 deaths. That needs to stop.

Americans have adapted to the velocity of deaths from COVID-19. We need to understand our perceptions have been distorted, so we can act urgently and stop accepting the obstructing behavior of politicians and acceptance by the media.

Like in a war, the number of deaths in the early days that were seen as horrific, now seem normal. I was thinking of a way to talk about this when I found this piece in The Association for Psychological Science.

Too Fast, Too Slow: Judging–And Misjudging–Speeds

This distortion of perception applies to speeding in a car, but also when people watch fast videos for awhile and then normal speed ones.

It’s happens in freeway driving. You leave a highway to take an off-ramp, the fast speeds seem more normal than slower ones, and going the legal limit seems especially slow.

How do we get back to the urgency of action in the early days to a GREATER urgency to act NOW to prevent MORE deaths?

Hammer ALL Governors to push mask mandates NOW & other public health actions People are dying! Stop waiting for elections to be certified.

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