Why we must keep crushing Trump after we win

E. Jean Carroll won. I’m glad she won, but I’m still depressed. Why? Because a financial victory against Trump is not enough.. As I said on the Nicole Sandler show on Thursday, we know how Trump responds when he loses, so we need to KEEP working to crush him after we win. He must be crushed legally, financially, politically and narratively.

I could speak generically, “Here’s what we should do.” But I have experience in fighting the right financially, legally, politically and narratively. I think that experience can be applied to the situation now and apply it in the future.

E. Jean Carroll after a jury found Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing her in 1996. Photo John Minchillo AP May 9, 2023, in New York. 

Recently I spoke on a panel about my wildly successful work to make the violent rhetoric, racism, sexism and religious bigotry coming from right wing media toxic to mainstream advertisers and less profitable to the distributors of RW media. It was a financial victory, but I kept working to make it a legal, political and narrative victory. I spoke about the narrative and messages that I used that people on our side . . . → Read More: Why we must keep crushing Trump after we win