New Fantastic Four Script Product Placement and Merchandise Possibilities

Possible Fantastic Four script leaked.  Email forwarded to me by mistake

From: Art Foonman, merchandising and product placement dept.

To: Josh Trank, Fantastic Four producer

Josh, the script looks GREAT! A few notes:

1) Action figures. Tell me more about these costumes Sue wears that contains her “powers!” .  I’m assuming skin tight, blue, white and black. Need Art ASAP.  Confirmed toy art dept is using SPRHRO blue, Pantone 9-286  Heads can wait until casting is complete since they just pop on, just make sure the cast is all white! Remember the scare with a black Spiderman!? HA!

2) The Doombot line of military drones–GENIUS!  Killer line of toys! DoD is already on board with rejected designs from the latest war. Lego has ponied up big numbers for licensing. Got one request for a “cute” doombot from Hasbro, think Wall-E with guns. Any chance of a good Doombot? One with big “eyes?”

3) Computer product placement. Sad trombone sound. Hacking into them? What is this 1989? Boring, nobody wants to pay to see their servers hacked. Oracle paid big bucks for Iron Man tie ins but we had to promise Ellison a bit part. Thank god he was a RDJ fan boy, remember the creepy CEO who wanted a love scene with Scarjo for placement? [shutter]  Speaking of Zuckerberg, the  “N-Zone Machine” has potential.  Can we consider renaming it the FriendZone Machine? Put a pin in that idea. He “likes” it.

Have we considered housing the machine in a Sub-Zero refrigerator? On second thought, scratch that, we don’t want another Indian Jones backfire. I said, “What other product is a hot meme and linked to Indiana Jones?” but GE was NOT amused. Never piss off a military contractor that also owns a TV network.

Dave in mobile marketing remembered Microsoft bought Nokia and are coming out with a iPad like device. Microsoft exes are suckers for force fitting product placements. That 400 million Surface deal with the NFL that all the announcers called iPads!? HA! I’ve got a call in to them.

Could the “N-Zone” machine be like the Phantom Zone? Flat like the nPad from Nokia/Microsoft on the outside that’s bigger on the inside?  (Which gives us a pseudo Dr. Who’s Tardis hip reference with no copyright infringement) The heroes huddle in the nPad to get their superpowers is cool.4) Social Media Marketing: BIG Problem. All the good Dr. Doom handles are taken.  @doom, as well as @drdoom, @victorvonDoom,  @TheDrDoom and drdoom1 through 93 all gone. The best I could find was TheOriginalDrDoom_2015.

5) Location Placement. Did a convenience store store paid for the tie it?  I’m guessing the convenience store plot is because you want Kevin Smith to direct, but if he balks and 7/11 doesn’t pony up enough cash, Target wants a shot, they are still reeling from the computer hack.

I’m pushing for WalMart. They are dying to be associated with superheros not just super savings. The WalMart Fantastic Four has a great ring to it.  They would be able to legally say, “We have Four FANTASTIC deals!” Plus they could force the toy distributors to make cheaper toys if they want to sell them via WalMart.
That’s all for now, someone in mobile marketing is coming over to talk about the app and the game.
P.S. Any word on a Doom cape? I hate it but heard it may be good for cosplay, esp. female Dr. Dooms.

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