Obama, Bad Negotiator or Super Ninja Politician?

Jimmy Dore and Frank Conniff discuss Obama’s proposed Social Security cuts on the Jimmy Dore Show

I thought this was a very interesting discussion. I think that there are plenty of people like Frank, who think that Obama is a really smart politician and is offering up chained CPI knowing that the Republicans will not accept it and then when the Republicans don’t raise taxes he will say, “Look, I was being reasonable, but the Republicans aren’t, so I’m raising taxes.”

Frank thinks that no cuts will be made to Social Security and that Obama will be seen as reasonable and it won’t hurt the Democrats in 2014.

Jimmy Dore thinks that Obama is just a bad negotiator.

Tonight on Virtually Speaking Digby & Gaius Publius will be talking about theĀ President’s budget and the politics of the Chained-CPI, how that affects the 2014 campaign. (What are Republicans really up to?)-

9p ET/6p PT – Listen live and later

Virtually Speaking with Digby and Gaius Publius 4-14-2013

I expect that Digby and Gaius will present the case that Obama has been pushing this kind of “Grand Bargain” since 2006. That he only stops when he is in campaign mode.

I encourage you to listen in to the show tonight because I don’t want anyone to count on Obama protecting Social Security. Bizarre as it sounds, he thinks that this will be a good thing and good for his legacy.

Why do I care? Besides knowing that I will need social security, recently I did as Digby suggested and contacted my senators and House Rep to say “Don’t cut Social Security!” But I just don’t think that is enough. I’m asking what other strong actions we can take now to show our alarm that these cuts might really happen?

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