Wil Wheaton is a nice guy video

So I was just listening to the David Feldman Show and they were talking about how actors dealt with fans, especially if the actor/actress was no longer a star. One of the people who has impressed me as a human being and a writer is Wil Wheaton.

You watch this video and you see a real guy, remembering something and meeting with a fan. What is interesting about this interaction is that in a way the power balance has changed. The woman now has some sort of show, and Wil is less of a celebrity to her than to her 12 year old self. That is one of the weird thing about fandom, the power differential. Some celebrities know how to deal with it, others don’t.

I’m posting more light stuff these days because I realize all I’ve been writing are castor oil posts about what we should be doing. Time for some variety. I may be half Vulcan, but I’m also half human and my human half has a funny bone (which my Vulcan brian would point out is neither funny nor a bone.)

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