Why Did Mitt Lose to Newt? No Flag Pin!

Now some of you might laugh and consider this a silly reason for Mitt’s loss.  I disagree. This is a very important thing to note. It is so important that it was the subject of the mainstream political press just five short years ago during the last Presidential campaign. Only that time the person not wearing a flag pin was Sen. Barak Obama. On Oct 4th, 2007 the Drudge report ran the story, “Obama Drops American Flag Pin.” It was then picked up by the national main stream media.

The exact same thing should happen here with Romney and Paul not wearing flag pins.

Matt Drudge, ABC’s Good Morning America and ABC’s World News, host Charles Gibson should all cover it (BTW, must credit Spocko of Spocko’s Brain) at the same level as the coverage of Obama’s flag pin story.  This time it is not a Democrat but a Republican skipping the flag pin, shouldn’t they know better?

I look forward to Sean Hannity saying the same things about Mitt Romney and Ron Paul for not wearing a flag pin as he  said about Obama. It shouldn’t make a difference if the person is a Democrat or a Republican or if he is a black man or white man.  Hannity himself gave the reason why all Presidential candidates should wear flag pins:

HANNITY: Why do we wear pins? Because our country was under attack.

Hannity attacked Obama during the October 4 edition of Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes, with Kate Obenshain, the former head of Virginia’s Republican Party,  identified on the show as being affiliated with the conservative Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute:

HANNITY: Let me ask Kate. Kate, this is the point: Barack Obama accused our troops of killing civilians, air-raiding villages, when there’s no evidence. We’ve had a series of incidents: They’ve been compared to Nazis by leaders of the Democrats. [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid [D-NV] said the troops have lost the war and the surge has failed. And what’s bothersome to me here is the American flag on your lapel ought not be politicized.

 OBENSHAIN: It ought not to be. And regardless of how you feel politically about the war, we are at war. Our men and women are in harm’s way. Somebody wants to be commander-in-chief should have pride in our country enough to wear the lapel, continue to wear the lapel pin on their jacket during this campaign.

If conservatives really care about this issue, and they certainly sounded like they do, they should care just as much about it when it comes to Romney and Paul.  The media who reported on this controversy can cover it exactly the same as they did with Obama. Eventually someone from a local media outlet will ask Romney and Paul why no flag pin and they will have to provide an answer. Then all the mainstream media will report on the controversy. That is how this works. And the reason that it works this way is because answering the really hard questions is difficult and often complex.

You want a short cut to not like Mitt? Blame it on his lack of a flag pin and not his job destroying views of the economy.

These kind of political stories are designed to entertain. It is fake outrage for many, real outrage for a few. The smart people behind the development of these stories know that their first job is to entertain and their second is to destroy. I wish that the smart people on the left understood this and know how to play this game. I’ve been trying to help them understand it for years, but they don’t get it.  Maybe its time for me to go back to helping the private sector and help them.  In the mean time you will see me with my blah, blah, blah pin from the Di Rosa collection.


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