It’s time for the media to destroy Trump’s old excuse list instantly, then preempt new ones

Today’s news on Trump’s national security crimes:

Trump Leaked Nuclear Sub Secrets To Australian Businessman
Susie Madrak, Oct 6, 2023 Crooks and Liars

I dropped my Photoshopped illustration in the comments section of Suzie’s article at Crooks and Liars. I then popped over to Salon to read their article titled, “Tip of the iceberg”: Experts sound the alarm after Trump blabbed nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago by Igor Derysh where I read the various excuses given by Trump’s spokespeople:

A Trump spokesperson told ABC News that the report lacks “proper context and relevant information.”

“President Trump did nothing wrong, has always insisted on truth and transparency, and acted in a proper manner, according to the law,” the spokesperson said.

Igor Derysh, Salon, Oct 6, 2023

The story also included excuses from the Australian billionaire, Anthony Pratt, why it was okay that he got this information they included:
1) It might not be accurate info, because he never saw any documents
2) We are allies and share this stuff anyway
3) Even if the enemies did find out the details they already know them, so it’s no big deal.
4) Bottom line. Trump helped secure a $40 billion dollar contract, so America got the money instead of France.

The story also talked about how Pratt talked to Jack Smith about this, but it wasn’t part of the charges against Trump.

Tonight on Cable News we’ll hear from experts on the national security violations. But what I want to hear are NOT the excuses used by Trump’s spokespeople, the Australian billionaire, the intelligence community, or the DOJ explainers on TV why this wasn’t part of Trump’s charges from Jack Smith.

What I want to talk about is how the media gives Trump time to throw up excuses over and over without cutting them down, in advance! Right now they follow this process, they are first taken seriously, then debunked and then finally mocked by the late night comedy shows.
(He’s my mocking image of Trump’s lie that he declassified the documents before he left the White House.)

“We’re no longer arguing of whether Donald Trump committed crimes, we’re arguing over how to let him get away with it because he’s Donald Trump.”


Some of the MSM understand the pattern that Trump is using with the MSM. But Team Trump KNOWS that the MSM will duly report each excuses, they will have on an expert to explain it’s BS and then Trump will throw out another. They repeat this process for years, as if they can’t break out of it.

Chris Hayes: “They have just been frantically cycling through excuses…trying to come up with some explanation for why Trump had 11 sets of classified documents…they have abandoned, however, each excuse almost as soon as they put it out because they have all been so implausible.”

I went looking for articles on the excuses that Trump uses and found a bunch.

At this point, these pieces should be like the story of prisoners giving the numbers of a joke instead of the joke itself.
“Then Trump gave a number 3 excuse, followed by numbers 5, 6, 7 and 9 excuse. ”

The DOJ doesn’t want to appear “political” when they are prosecuting a crime. They have stopped bending over backwards to give Trump the “benefit of the doubt” when he comes out and threatens witnesses and judicial staff. They sometimes destroy Trump’s excuses in their latest motion. But the media aren’t doing this with new stories they break. One of the reasons that the MSM plays this game of giving Trump and his people the opportunity to throw out all their lame excuses is they aren’t writing stories in an adversarial fashion. They take down what the spokesperson says, letting the BS get out instead of writing something like this.

So, a Trump spokesperson told me that the report lacks “proper context and relevant information.” I said, ‘ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” What kind of context would make this okay. Please tell me. ”
And when they said, “President Trump did nothing wrong, has always insisted on truth and transparency, and acted in a proper manner, according to the law,”
I replied with, “COME ON MAN. Are you really still pushing the line that sharing National Security information is right? What is your basis in fact that this is an appropriate action?”

Then, I’d like to ask the experts to explain, “What are the forces that are HELPING Trump say out of jail for this? What can we do to bust them? What will be the next lame excuse floated and how do we destroy it BEFORE it is used?”

This is the PROACTIVE move that someone should be doing. But nobody is. I’ve been a consultant and when I say, ‘You know what you should do.” to people and I also say, “And here is what you should do when they reply like this.” Keep anticipating their BS and delay tactics.

I know how the media is played by the RW. I know how the norms of the MSM still haven’t totally adjusted to Trump’s methods. I know that the Dems still haven’t adjusted to the gaming of messages and control of social media platforms by the RW. We can use jokes as well as messages, but we need to keep pushing the message of the crimes of Trump. No more excuses.

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