No Gag Order, Yet. How We Profit From Trump’s Coming Threats

No gag order for Trump, but judge requests those involved in the case ‘refrain’ from statements that would incite violence NBC News Reports.

Judge Merchan did say: “Please refrain from making statements that would incite violence or civil unrest.”

NBC News Reports, Phil McCausland, Jonathan Dienst and Gabe Gutierrez

Trump is going to keep threatening and intimidating people. He has already threatened the judge and his family. He’s not going to listen to his lawyers about what to say, OUTSIDE the courtroom. Why should he? He has gotten away with what he says publically and it has benefited him both financially & politically. It’s time to flip the script.

The people being threatened by Trump and the right should profit, both financially and politically.

Make #Trump’s threats cost him money!

I just found out that there is a FINE attached to violations of a gag order. It’s only $1,500, but I wondered, what are the other costs that can be tied to Trump’s threats? Who else can be made to pay for making threats to judges, DAs and their families? Trump supporters. Like when Junior, Marge, And Eric Trump Go After Judge’s Daughter. That can cost them their freedom AND their money.

Trump’s threats can get him re-banned on big Social Media

Did you know that Trump did NOT live stream his WACO RALLY on YouTube? That is because of the policies they have against making threats to others. Some other channels that carried his threats got strikes or were removed. Threats made directly on his channels can get Trump re-banned on Facebook & YouTube. Maybe even Twitter!

Former Manhattan Cyrus Vance just said on Jen Psaki’s show that the threats can turn this ‘little case” in to a bigger case. Vance isn’t thinking about how to hurt Trump when he defies a gag order, but I am.

People in NYC know this is coming. They can start monitoring the phones and social media accounts for threats. Because there will be coordinated threats, we need a coordinated response. Not just by law enforcement for a criminal case but also for CIVIL legal cases. Maybe even a civil conspiracy case.

We know that law enforcement doesn’t like to act on “speech” cases they say, “They weren’t really threatening them, they were just expressing their opinion.” Or “It’s First Amendment protected speech.”
They don’t like to decide what is a “statements that would incite violence or civil unrest.” but social media platforms DO have definitions about inciting others to commit violent acts against individuals. 

So now is the time to PREPARE for a CIVIL case. Besides the City of New York, which will have the best resources, independent private detectives and law firms should be gathering evidence to create a civil case against both “boots” making the threats and “suits” making the threats. Who is being threatened? People in New York City. Judges, DAs, prosecutors and their families, but also all the people who are going to be jurors. All the victims of the threats and intimidation need to be compensated for the pain and suffering they are going through.

Glenn Kirschner noted yesterday that the judge can impose a gag order to stop defendant Trump’s lies, threats & inciting imminent lawlessness. He hoped that the judge would. But just because the judge didn’t impose one today, doesn’t mean he can’t impose one next week. The violation of that gag order can lead to contempt and jail, as former Manhattan DA Vance said to Jen Psaki.

The media talk about the rights of the defendant “innocent until proven guilty” and a right to a fair trial, but so do the people of New York and America. The people being threatened have rights too and death threats aren’t protected speech. Witness intimidation is a real crime and needs to be really enforced.

A civil lawsuit? That’ll never work! He’ll delay. He’ll never pay!

I realized I’m doing another. ‘you know what you should do….” post about responding to Trump’s threats of violence. The first reaction is, “That’ll never work!” I point out how it could.
“Yes, but…”

I can address the various objections but what I’m getting at is that the standard response to Trump’s intimidation tactics aren’t yielding the results we want. He doesn’t stop. HE profits off his actions. So


WE don’t stop. We use his threats for OUR profit.

Does this sound like grift? Do you think that Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss were grifting when they sued OAN for their defamation? ICYMI the Georgia election workers WON a multi-million dollar settlement against One America News! Is Dominion grifting when they are suing Fox for defamation? No. But in America one of the few ways that we make rich and powerful change their behavior is by financial penalties.

The people on the jury who are threatened by Trump’s intimidation should be able to sue in a civil court. The jury is going to be anonymous, but the CITY knows who they are, they should be prepared for the threats against them.

And it’s not just Trump, there are others doing the intimidation. They have jobs, assets & are connected to people with money. Think RICO not just lone wolf RWNJs. Trace them, record them, find them, arrest them and charge them.

Go through the process, if they are found guilty there should be justice and compensation the victims.
It will take time, but it’s not unprecedented. Eric Swalwell is suing Trump in a civil court following Jan 6th.

I’ve had enough of Trump fundraising off of his threats!

BOTTOM LINE: The City of New York should monetize the threats Trump makes. This case will just be tied up in court for years. NYC has time. If the City Of New York sues and wins they have an additional power for Trump, they can put LIENS on his PROPERTIES.

Each threat should mean another KA-CHING from a NYC civil lawsuit after the criminal one.

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