When anti-vaxxers get fired, employees cheer

My niece works at a hospital. The day that they announced on the intercom that every employee had to get a vaccine or would be terminated, she said a cheer went up that could be heard throughout all the corridors.

Don’t feel bad about cheering when one of these crackpots gets sacked. It’s only human to want to survive.

sandyhh, Oct 24 Crooks & Liars

I love to hear stories like this. It more accurately expresses how the vast majority of the public feels toward anti-vaxxers than what you see in the media.

In Eric Boehlert‘s excellent newsletter Press Run titled, Sorry Chuck Todd, America is not hopelessly “divided” over Covid he pointed out that the press continues to push the nonsense 50/50 split narrative about the vaccinations and support of vaccine mandates. We are not.

The press uses fuzzy math and headlines that focus on a tiny percentage who are embracing rabbit-hole conspiracies about a vaccine that nearly 200 million Americans have safely taken.

For example, on October 13, 2021
United announced that 99.7% of its 67,000 employees were vaccinated, the 232 who weren’t were going to be fired. Now check out the headline used by Forbes, Newsbreak, Business Insider and NY Post.

United Airlines Firing 232 Employees Who Refused Covid Vaccine, CEO Says

United CEO confirms 232 employees are being fired for not complying with its vaccine mandate,

232 United Airlines workers will be fired for not getting vaccine: CEO,

Headlines are hard, I suck at them myself, but these have no context & focus on the 232 who won’t get vaxxed, not the 66,768 who have been vaccinated. I flipped that headline around to focus on the happy, vaccinated employees.

In his latest post Boehlert writes about this Wall Street Journal story. Headline:
Why Some Healthcare Workers Would Rather Lose Their Jobs Than Get Vaccinated

The sympathetic, 2,000-word Journal piece focused on a minuscule portion of the workforce that has irrationally decided not to take a free, safe, and effective vaccine. Instead of presenting these actions as delusional, the press often frames the quitting as being principled or even heroic. (The “resistance” is “unwavering,” the New York Times announced.)

The continued, hand-holding coverage — “brainwashing” is virtually never used — represents the latest example of the press helping to normalize irrational, nihilistic behavior by Trump followers.

Who cares if anti-vaxxers quit their jobs?

At Biden’s CNN Town Hall in Baltimore he mocked the BS idea that people have the freedom to kill with their COVID.

People have been retweeting stories about cops and 1st responders who wouldn’t get vaccinated, got sick and died, like Stan Wilson the 59 year-old EMT from Bartlesville, Oklahoma who died September 27 from COVID-19.

The mainstream media doesn’t really like to run the “HA HA! Idiot anti-vaxxer got COVID and died!” karma stories, but they will run stories of people who get fired after being required to get vaccinated and choosing not to. The press should make sure the headlines for those stories have context, like including how many are vaccinated in the entire company. But they won’t–so we need to add it before retweeting. It’s important to do because as Eric adds,

The anti-vaxxer coverage also creates the false picture that Americans are deeply divided over vaccines, and that the inoculation push under President Joe Biden has been a failure. Neither are true. 

Who cares if anti-vaxxers quit their jobs?

During the Town Hall Anderson Cooper said that in ‘as many as 1 in 3 emergency responders in cities like Chicago, LA and Baltimore are refusing to comply with city vaccine mandates. ” and asked Biden about vaccine mandates for them.

Biden said that cops and first responders should be mandated to get the vaccine and if not, they should stay at home or be let go. The audience cheered and applauded.

What media won’t do is return to the “1 in 3 first responder refusing to comply” story after the requirement date passes, but they should, since it will show that mandates work. That’s the time to get stories from the first responders who are pissed at their colleagues and happy they were required to be vaccinated or tested daily. I want to hear from the vaccinated who believe in protecting and serving.

Fox News HR says: We’re 90% Vaxxed!
Employees will either get vaxxed or test daily.

Biden finds it mildly fascinating that Fox News has mandated a vax or daily test requirement. More than 90 % of Fox’s employees are vaccinated.

I wonder how many of the 8,100 Fox Corp employees cheered when they heard of the vax or test requirement? We’ll never know. We’ll only hear from the ones (likely vaxxed!) who want to make this a political issue.

Brainwashed Covid zombies will continue to walk away from good paying jobs and put their families at risk, economically. But that doesn’t mean we have to care. And that doesn’t mean it’s news.

Who cares if anti-vaxxers quit their jobs?
It’s not news

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