Who ordered COVID testing to be halted & delayed the day of Trump’s Tulsa rally?

In Carol Leonnig’s and Philip Rucker’s book “I Alone Can Fix It” they wrote that someone ordered COVID testing to be halted and delayed the day of Trump’s Tulsa rally. 

I investigated this and found out that this violated Oklahoma’s public health laws, so I went to their virtual book tours to ask them who gave the orders to halt testing?

Here’s the passage (p. 199)

My friend Nicole Sandler was able to ask Philip Rucker the question.

The answer? We don’t know.
 I think that Carol Leonnig knows, but she wasn’t asked the question. And if she does, she might not say because she is protecting her sources.

Based on my conversations and emails with the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Tulsa’s Department of Health and public health experts, it appears that this person(s) violated Oklahoma law.

Halting & delaying testing the day of the rally prevented discovery of others who may be infected. This appears to be a violation of Oklahoma state law, Title 63. Public Health and Safety statutes. Specifically, under §63-6103, The Catastrophic Health Emergency Powers Act,

Someone in the Trump campaign prevented Oklahoma state and local officials from gaining immediate access to health information of individuals. Without truthful and timely information the public health authority couldn’t carry out their lawful duty, which is to “prevent, detect, manage, and contain health threats’ ( § 63-6103. Items 3-6)

The Oklahoma State Department of Health had the authority to impose a quarantine, isolation, or halt the event.  They could have made an announcement to the people in attendance to self isolate and get tested. They could have told the general public so they could avoid those who attended the event.
They didn’t do any of those things, because they didn’t have all the relevant data about infected individuals.

Remember, there was no vaccine in June 2020. Getting COVID could be a death sentence, in fact, it was for thousands of Oklahomans.  Someone in the campaign broke the laws on the books at the time, Rucker didn’t know who it was, but the Attorney General of Oklahoma can find out.

While Oklahoma’s Emergency Powers Act was rescinded on May 4, 2021. the law about testing and reporting is STILL on the books.

At a press conference on August 5, 2021 Dr. Dale Bratzler, the Chief Covid Officer at the University of Oklahoma, was asked about people who were exposed to unvaccinated people without masks inside a building.
(Keep in mind that the Trump campaign knew which people were exposed to those who tested positive that day.)

Then he was asked what happens to the information if someone tests positive.

“So if you test positive the lab is required by law to send the data to the Oklahoma State Health Department. They will forward it to the county health department who has responsibility if they are going to do any contact tracing, case investigation, quarantine or isolation. ”
–Dr Dale Bratzler, DO, MPH

I’m going to keep trying to find out who gave those orders, violating the law which lead to people getting sick and dying.

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