Use Vaccinations to Force Govs to Pass Mask Mandates

Everyone wants to show the happy videos of people getting vaccine shots.
Especially the Governors in the 12 states that haven’t passed mask mandates. They will crow about how Their President got them the vaccine. Not said, but implied, is that their refusal to pass a mass mandate was justified before and is not necessary now.

The Experts say we will still need masks for months and to not relax the mask protocols. How do you send that message?

Method 1 
Have the top medical experts tell the Governors behind the scenes, “You don’t get to be part of the vaccination press conference unless you pass a mask mandate.”

People in the public health medical community still want to believe that Governors will respond to facts and science. They won’t.
Withholding good PR at a press conference isn’t withholding their vaccine, just the reflected success of a vaccine. But since most public health experts don’t want to be this direct I suggest:

Method 2
COACH THE MEDIA ON HOW TO ASK the Governor why there is no mask mandate and won’t be.
Prep the experts to point out the EXCESS DEATHS that will happen because there is no MASK MANDATE.
When the Governor still doesn’t respond with a mandate have quotes from DYING NURSES to call out the GOVERNOR for NOT pushing a mandate before. Repeat. THIS MESSAGE.

VACCINES won’t be enough for months, but a MASK mandate can happen now. You can save lives, but refuse to.

If the Governor says. “I’m not against masks. I’m BEGGING PEOPLE to wear a mask,  I just don’t think a mandate is the way to go because …”
Prepare for those lame answers.
“Governor, I just spoke to OUR STATE’s top expert, he said, “Without a mask mandate an extra [XXX] people will die in our state.
Why are you still refusing a mask mandate?”
Prepare for his lame answer.
If he names anyone besides an infectious disease expert–like Scott Atlas–prepare with details on that person’s lack of credentials.

If he brings up lame economic ‘balancing things’ prepare with economic experts calling BS.
“Can we talk about the difference between the “inconvenience” of masks and how it might “hurt the economy” vs people getting sick and dying from COVID-19? I spoke to EXPERT who said…”

The thing is that reporters don’t have to go into “gotcha” questions, but just make it clear what the failure to pass a mask mandate means in terms of human deaths.

Point out the success rate of a mask mandate vs. the”‘personal responsibility” and the “MY Freedums!”plan.

Show that the economic calculation vs lives they are making is a false choice.

Finally, make it clear who is supporting these deaths by their support of the Governor OR the people whose FAILURE to challenge him publicly means more death.

In most cases it’s the business community, but sometimes there are hospital administrators or doctors who aren’t experts in infectious diseases who need to be called out as being like Scott Atlas.

The public health medical community is too fucking polite in the face of RW death messages.
To destroy RW death messages they can’t just put the truth out there. They also need to attack the diseased messages like white blood cells going after pathogens.

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