Barr buys RoboCop Taser Shields for Memphis cops

Check out this cool new product provided to sheriffs and police departments by Bill Barr under “Operation Legend”  This is a from Memphis.

I’m still trying to track down the manufacturer, but until then I’m going with Omni Consumer Products from RoboCop. I mean, just look at the OCP logo on that Taser™ Shield!

Apparently this is part of Bill Barr’s Project Legend that is pumping resources into cities to stop “violent crime.  But in this piece frpm WREG on September 10th, Josh Spickler with Just City (@joshspickler @JustCity901) calls Operation Legend a “fear-based” campaign stunt.

“Many of these folks in Memphis in particular are not charged with violent crimes,” Spickler said. “In reality, crime is down. Our community still struggles with crime and with violent crime in particular. But that is no reason to invite federal agents on to our streets. That is no reason to raise fear.”

He says address the systemic issues instead.

“If the federal government were serious about helping Memphis with some of its societal problems, including crime, then they would further invest in housing,  further invest in mental health care in our community, further invest in our kids’ education,” Spickler said.


This is how Trump’s Federal government is bribing local governments to ensure help when it’s time to put down citizen protests.
The type of tools the police get shows which policing policies are encouraged.

Remember the Pentagon’s program to gave military surplus to cities for free? Communities could have gotten upgraded communications equipment or biohazard gear, military temporary pop-up shelters for their natural disasters, but that didn’t encourage the military mindset in the police. Then small towns competed with each other to see who had the coolest war gear to take down their 2 meth heads and then intimidate those dirty hippies and uppity black protestors.

In a era of “defund the police” the Feds coming through with money now will be remembered. It will also be used as a lever when the authoritarian Feds send out the word to put down their local citizens.

The message: Go in with MAXIMUM force! Use “Knock their eyes out” rubber bullets, toxic tear gas and heat rays. 

That is the money leverage that is behind the suggested suppression techniques that the AG wants that encourages their policies.

Coming soon: ED 2020!

“You have 10 seconds to comply!”

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