How will Trump block contact tracing after rallies?

From COVID-19 Contact Tracing Course.

  1. How long is the incubation period for the disease? 
    Two to 14 days, but typically five days.
  2. When does someone become contagious?
    Two days before showing symptoms.
    Course offered by Johns Hopkins University (link)

6,000 at Trump’s Tulsa Rally, June 20

Dozens of Secret Service officers and agents told to self-quarantine after Trump’s Tulsa rally, June 24 (link)

Reporter at Trump’s Tulsa rally tests positive for COVID-19, June 26 (link)

3,000 at Trump’s Phoenix Rally, June 23

I’ve been writing about the need for contact tracing for a long time. I started by suggesting we should trace the people protesting in Lansing. Michigan, Link.  Then I attended a conference that pointed out the need to ensure contact tracing was kept in the world of science and public health. It shouldn’t be politicized.  I kept that in mind for future stories on enforcement of violations of people wearing masks.

May 26th following George Floyd’s murder 100’s and 1,000’s of people gathered outside to march and protest. Most wore masks. This continued for weeks.

Protest stemming from the recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, in Brookside neighborhood near 34th Street and Peoria Avenue, on Saturday, May 30, 2020. CORY YOUNG/for the Tulsa World

When the Trump administration saw those protests they used them as cover to start up their campaign rallies.

Students for Trump rally in Phoenix, Nick Oza/The Republic

June 20th & 23rd
Trump held two rallies in Tucson and Phoenix where about 9,000 gathered indoors to cheer and chant. Most didn’t wear masks. 

How many protested George Floyds murder? I’m sure it was more than 9,000 people. There were multiple protests in many communities. 10 times more people? 30 times more?

At the time I wrote about the cases of police brutality. I was concerned about people who lost their eyes from rubber bullets. I suggested that civil suits from videos of the attacks on protesters could be used to fund police reform.

I was also concerned that people at the protest could get COVID-19, which could kill them and their friends in the following weeks or months. I was glad to see a big majority of those who protested were wearing masks.

When the news shows covered the Trump rallies they discussed concern about the spread of COVID-19. It was met online with classic. “Whataboutism” “Where was your concern when you were praising BLM protests!!!”

I’ve always been concerned. When I bring up contact tracing post Trump’s Tulsa rally the right cries.”Where was your concern after BLM protests!?” I WAS worried. Was that maskless person on the left infected? If @HealthyOklahoma  did contact tracing they could tell the people there to be tested and isolate. 

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