VA to Trump, “Sir, we don’t have body bags.”

VA orders $300,000 of body bags.

The Department of Veterans Affairs ordered nearly $300,000 worth of body bags this month, according to a contracting document reviewed by POLITICO.

By Betsy Woodruff Swan, @woodruffbets Politico 04/30/2020 06:48 PM EDT

I don’t think Trump will change his “Sir,we don’t have ammunition” story? to “Sir we don’t have body bags” anytime soon.

Interesting side note in the story. FEMA paid $51 per bag when they bought 100,000. But you can get them for the low low price of $16.80 each if you get them from the Body Bag Store! Or just ignore social distancing rules and get one for free.

States with tight budgets have an alternative!

Due to extremely high demand for body bags during this COVID-19 pandemic, you may wish to consider our mortuary shrouds as a body bag alternative. From The Body Bag Store  website.

I’m, sure Trump will find a way to get credit. “These are the best body bags. Very strong. Powerful body bags. When I came into office we had a broken body bag system. Now we are the top user of body bags for Covid-19 in the world!”


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