I call out gun humpers’ crap stats on gun free zones

Gun humpers love to spread what I call bumpersticker “logic” and crap data. Even though it is crap, it is really powerful for the believers and it sucks in unaware people too. I just spend 7 hours trying to make a compelling short video about BS that the Gun nuts spread. I don’t think I was successful. Now my mousing arm and shoulder hurt.

However here is the attempt

Here’s the problem, normal people don’t want to challenge gun humpers, because who wants to argue with assholes? But they want to argue with you! Usually using their own rules, data and assumptions.

If nobody is constantly challenging their data and bullshit ideas like “more people with guns will save the day!” they get laws passed where more people have guns in more places.

Here’s the research, in case anyone wants to see it.  “Mass Shootings in the United States: 2009-2016 -Study April 11, 2017  Everytown Research

Also I got a lot of great information to links from FBI studies in this great article Commentary: Gun-Rights Advocates Say Places That Ban Guns Attract Mass Shooters. The Data Says They’re Wrong. Debunking the myths about gun-free zones.  BY Evan Defilippis and Devin Hughes ·June 18, 2015

And here’s another thing. When you show some people they are using bad data and evidence leading to an unsupported conclusion, they don’t stop spouting it.
They just find someone else to tell it to, someone who doesn’t have the knowledge, energy or inclination to challenge them.

Here is an example from March 2016, at a Kansas legislation hearing. The Republican Senator, Ty Masterson,  said “98% of Mass shootings happen in Gun Free Zones.”
That’s wrong. It’s only 13%.
The senator was corrected by the Democrat Representative. Brett Parker. But will Masterson stop repeating the crap stat? Doubtful.

The next problem is the conclusion this crap data leads to. People getting shot in gun free zones?! Give them guns! Gun humpers think average citizens could stop would-be mass shootings if only gun-free zones didn’t stand in their way. That’s wrong too. Based on extensive FBI analysis from 2000-2013, there is no evidence that lawful gun owners have been able to intervene to stop these attacks.

The most recent mass shooting in Virginia has John Lott saying if only there were people with guns in the building, they could have stopped the shooter before more people were killed. BULLSHIT.

You know what stopped one of his bullets from killing someone? A bullet proof vest. A cop, with a gun who was going after the shooter was shot in the chest, but the VEST stopped the bullet. I listened to the audio of the police during the shooting. That vest saved his life, not the gun in his hand.

Here is a cop calling for heavy shields and vests.

You want to be safe from bad guys with guns? Get and wear a bullet proof vest all the time, even at home. Why at home? Because 70% of mass shootings happen in homes.

Here is the Powtoons generated video. If YouTube is unavailable for some reason.

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