Future History: The Steve Simels Redemption

From the 2019 short story “The Steve Simels Redemption”

(Sent from the future via Wormhole Extreme)

From Facebook November 17, 2016

And may I just say and for the record that I plan to be carrying Mace for the duration of the Trump administration?
I have decided that I will not tolerate being subjected to hate speech and if the people I call on it get physical with me they’re going to get Maced.

I’m too fucking old to put up with this shit and I won’t.

Steve Simels

Dear Steve:

I would recommend against anything that involves a physical response. Be like smart small funny men everywhere. Think of a witty rejoinder.

Then, after you have made them laugh, get them on your side. Go to their homes, meet their wives or adult daughters. Learn about their lives, hobbies and income.

Next, when you have been friends for a year or so, get them to reveal their greatest fears and secrets. Then set up an investment program that they sell to all their friends.

At first make it look like they are making money so they get more friends to invest. Soon you are making millions.

When you have access to all their finances and they have opened up their world of white right privilege to you, expose THEIR scheme (which you didn’t know anything about, you are just a rock critic with some accounting skills.)

Spocko’s Time Traveling Report

Here is what happens if you follow the above path and don’t use Mace.

The exposure leak comes out in Breitbart News and on Fox News but then quickly jumps to the mainstream media because the players all turn on each other. (When rich people rip off other rich people things get done!)  The biggest person hit was businessman Sheldon Adelson. It becomes the largest Ponzi scheme busted since Bernie Madoff.

The story of how you were duped by this anti-semitic white man, who you took a chance on years ago, is made into a major motion picture starring Dustin Hoffman and Matt Damon.

You get an academy award for the soundtrack you put together for the movie. The film “Never Trust” does well during awards season but just okay at the box office because there aren’t any super heroes and explosions in it. However, the studio reverses the TV to movie trend and resells the concept to Netflix which turns it into a block-buster series by David Simon that runs six seasons.

On Frontline you talk about the pain you felt when you found out about the Ponzi scheme. You talk about your sad sad betrayal and how you thought that maybe this time you could trust white men on the right.  When the story broke the man who subjected you to hate speech claimed you were behind everything. They were clearly projecting and motivated by hate. All the records show that he was behind everything.

As he starts ranting about “sneaky Jews” who run the banking system you shake your head and point out to the media. “For goodness sake, I married his DAUGHTER! She converted to my religion!”

You tell the world that you really should have listened when people said that he didn’t really mean what he said. You should have gone with your first impulse and ignored him or sprayed him with Mace or something silly like that. Maybe now people will learn, NEVER TRUST A WHITE MAN ON THE RIGHT. Especially with your finances, even if it looks like they are making you money. It’s all a scheme that can collapse when it is exposed.

You vow to never again trust a white man on the right. You announce the creation of the Steve J. Simels Fund. It invests in journalists, researchers, private investigators, lawyers and accountants who dig deep into right-wing money empires.

The SJS Fund makes money from Qui Tam cases where you sue groups that rip off the government. You also lead class action suits against organizations where women, minorities, immigrants, Jews, Muslims and transgender people are discriminated against. Your first successful case is against Trump Inc., the company that was run by deposed President Trump’s children.

Multiple unknown people,  Jews, Muslims, Hispanics and women in the company turned state’s evidence against the company’s executives. Trump’s daughter goes to jail, but the real blow is when the assets of the company are liquidated. It is shown that they were not running a blind trust, but giving and getting information from their father the former President. This was going to be ignored until it was shown that classified information from the US went to the Russians.

The trial also revealed that the Trumps were skimming from the Russian oligarchs. Tapes of Eric and Donald Jr. laughing at what idiots the American people and the Russians were leaked to YouTube by the Intercept.

The auto erotic suffocation of Eric was ruled suicide. The choking death of Donald Jr. at the 21 Club was ruled an accident when a tiny cocktail weenie got caught in his throat.

End report

Or you could buy and use Mace.


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