Budget runs out, director trims CGI monkey scene, names the monkey Blawp, after sound made when seeing it.

(Opening Weekend April 1998, the film does 20 million US on an estimated 80 million budget

SE: [looking at the numbers] We’re doomed.
AA: Maybe it will become a cult favorite. Or a guilty pleasure. Or a niche success. What’s the worst that could happen?

May 4, 1998 after rapid box office fall off. 
Studio exec’s phone rings. caller ID says, Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery
SE: Hello?? Hello?

Caller: We have a disturbance here at the cemetery. One of our clients wants to talk to you, please hold.

Caller: What have you done? You have ruined Lost In Space!

SE: Who is this?


SE: Who is this? Mary? is that you? Knock it off Mary. I’m already depressed enough.

Caller: I’m Shelia Fucking Allen you idiot! The owner of the intellectual property rights to Lost in Space whose value you just KILLED! I’m calling from the cemetery because I came to see why my husband’s corpse was spinning so fast it knocked over Mama Cass’ urn!

SE: But but, it just opened. I’m sure it will do great overseas.

Shelia: Screw that, my husband was the master of disaster, the good kind, the kind that makes money here in the US first before the suckers overseas buy it. You’ve destroyed his legacy! I’m coming for you… Every skyscraper you go to, every ship you sail in, every time you go into a tunnel, I’ll be there waiting to take you down. I’ll get you, and your stupid CGI monkey too.
That’s it for you cocaine fueled freaks. They’ll reboot my husband’s IP over my dead body….

18 November 2013, Irwin Allen’s Widow, Sheila Mathews Allen, Dies at 84

20 November 2013, Casting of Lost in Space reboot begins… Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Oh, the pain, the pain…