Take a short, fast trip to Paris via hyper-lapse

I went to Paris a long time ago. It’s all a blur now, but thanks to modern technology I can relive that blur in HD in 2 minutes!

I tried to watch in full screen in 4K, but my local modern technology couldn’t keep up. Try it at 2K if you also have a slow connection.

One of the first things I ever saw on the World Wide Web were photos from the Louvre. Look at art you could never visit in person!  People were in “It’s like TV, only on a computer” mode because they didn’t know how to use it yet.  Just like TV was “radio, with moving pictures” at first.

louvre-winged-victory-samothrace01Just for fun I went to the actual Louvre website today. They still have photos, but in a crummy slideshow format. They aren’t even high resolution–although I’m sure you can buy some in the gift shop.

They have two online media “virtual tours”  were you were allowed you pan around a bit. They also have a mobile app, which might be nice, but it’s only for Apple products.

How we interact with the world via our devices has changed as the technology has gotten better, but it’s still our eyes looking at a screen. I’m glad I went to France and saw the art in person, with people around me. It helped to keep me in touch with my human side–which sometimes gets lost in technology gee-whizness.

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