Self-sharpening razor maker is seeking crowdfunding

I think this is a pretty cool idea.

The maker in me likes that they used three different types of 3-D printers for prototyping this razor and it has a Arduino-compatible control board for the sharpening system.

The environmentalist in me likes not filling up landfills with disposable blades.

But the consumer in me really loves the idea of a product that can unhook me from the razor manufacturers’ economic model. Of course they wouldn’t make something like this because it doesn’t fit their, “give away the razor, sell the blades” revenue model.

I hope this gets funded, it would be nice to make a dent in the billions of disposable razors filling up the landfills every year.

Here’s the Indiegogo link for funding: BornSharp: Self-Sharpening Razor System.


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