Hey LaPierre, the Media’s Not to Blame, You Are.

Today, Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association finally addressed the Trayvon Martin shooting— by attacking the media for covering the case, claiming they are “manufactur[ing] controversy for ratings.”  Link to story with audio of speech


LAPIERRE: But the media, they don’t care. Everyday victims aren’t celebrities. They don’t draw ratings, don’t draw sponsors. But sensational reporting from Florida does. In the aftermath of one of Florida’s many daily tragedies, my phone has been ringing off the hook. Now, the National Rifle Association will not comment on any story without a full understanding and a thorough understanding of all the facts. But if I were to answer a call from Diane Sawyer or Chris Matthews or Brian Williams or Rachel Maddow, let me tell you right now what I’d ask them.

Where’s your outrage? Where’s your outrage about Willie Brewer III from Akron, Ohio? Or Derrick Linkhorn from Decatur, Georgia? Or Daryl Adams from New York City? Or what about Antonio Duff? Just this past Monday afternoon, about the same time I got here into town, he was killed and murdered. And he’s not the only young man murdered in this city this past week. You reporters, you don’t know their names. You don’t care about those people. You manufacture controversy for ratings. You don’t care about the truth, and the truth is the national news media in this country is a national disgrace, and you all know it. And so do Americans throughout the country, and it’s getting worse every single day, and your dishonesty, duplicity, and moral irresponsibility is directly contributing to the collapse of American freedom in our country.

Here is my response from my human half, because as coolly analytical as I normally am, his inane remarks need something extra.

Yes, LaPierre, it’s all the media’s fault. You had NOTHING to do with those four dead black teens. Were they killed in car crashes? Because cars are a tool just like guns! Isn’t that what you always say? Maybe you are going to suggest we will want to ban cars because they kill people too, right? You know, the usual strawman crap your groupies try to put into our mouths every single time we suggest some reasonable, non-insane regulation. You know, like not legally selling guns to terrorists on the no-fly list.

Speaking of the dead black teens you suddenly care about,  how did the killers get their guns? What policies did you push, or regulations you blocked that gave them easy access? Will we see an, “I’m Outraged by Black Gun Deaths” twitter feed from the NRA? (@NRAHoodieDeathNews?). Do you really care about those teens? Or do you push the fear of shooting deaths because it sells more guns? My money’s on selling guns, and speaking of making money from  guns…

Year after year you make up some imaginary crap about Barak Obama taking your guns so you can raise money to give your racist members an excuse to spend another $320 on yet another small penis compensator. You WISH Obama said a word about taking your guns. Amno-net already calls him “The greatest gun salesman ever“. The guns and ammo manufacturers would happily pay him millions for the billions in revenue a single “gun grabbing” comment would generate, but that would cut you out as the middleman.

You know who is going to “take your guns?” Nobody on the left.  If you lose them it will come from the right. Remember when Reagan was shot? You should, that  was how we finally got some restrictions and you got your nemesis, James Brady.  Reagan was all for that foundation, which was the least he could do considering James took a bullet in the brain for him. (Oh, and Reagan’s banning guns from the California state capitol when the real Black Panthers showed up with guns? Classic! It looks like Reagan was to gun restrictions as Nixon was to the environment.)

If Obama gets shot at by one of your members, I’m pretty certain you will you use it as sales tool. “Now he will really take your guns, buy today before the Secret Service comes to your door! Glocks 10 percent off!. ” Because if and the four dead  black teens you suddenly care about and  a sitting congresswoman getting shot doesn’t change your MO now I doubt an attempt on Obama will.

Speaking of members, was George Zimmerman an NRA member? Do you ever revoke anyone’s membership for bringing dishonor to the association? I doubt it. “If you outlaw NRA membership only NRA members will be outlaws.” (Or some kind of rhyming bumper-sticker nonsense like that.)

If  Zimmerman is tried and convicted of 2nd degree murder will you lobby for him to keep his handguns and CCW when he gets out of jail in 2032?  Because felons aren’t supposed to get guns.  That WAS something you used say, right? But as most of the world doesn’t know, thanks to the NRA, in many states FELONS NOW GET THEIR GUNS BACK.

Based on your track record, by 2032 the restrictions for felons to own guns will probably be gone nationwide, not just in Minnesota or Washington. When the newly released felon Zimmerman wants a gun ? Will you make it hard or easy for him to legally get one?

“But if I were to answer a call from Diane Sawyer or Chris Matthews or Brian Williams or Rachel Maddow, let me tell you right now what I’d ask them.”

But you didn’t answer a call from them did you? Why not? Because none of them would really give you a hard time. Brian Williams would let you have your say, while bringing up easy, “Devil’s advocate  strawman” questions about the non-existent gun control  laws that Obama never mentioned. Then he would admire your dis-proven electoral power.

I know your technique of pretending the press is all bad ass and confrontational, but we both know they just aren’t anymore.  Even if Chris Matthews confronted you, it wouldn’t be about your radical guns everywhere agenda, he would probably reminisce about being on the beat with a gun in the Capital.  Most media personalities aren’t going to point out just what a fucking insanely dangerous world you have helped create.

You have buffaloed the media and they aren’t going to call you out on your bullshit. Why not talk to some real challengers? Few in the media have the brains and the heart to take you on. No, for that we need some people like my buddies Cliff Schecter and Elliot Fineman who can intellectually and emotionally strip you naked in front of the world with their expertize and heart. We could film that, and send it out to the world. And then the world will see what a small, pathetic, cowardly man you are. A man who makes money on fear, bathes in the tears of dead gun violence victims and poops out strawmen arguments for people who don’t want to understand what a well regulated milita means.

Wayne, you should WANT that confrontation because it could increase gun sales! You could be the victim! “Those words hurt me! I need to the ultimate defense, a gun. I challenge them to a duel! ” Elliot already said he would take you on and he doesn’t even have a gun!

Why not do it live on TV?  A tie in with the Hunger Games! It would get great ratings. But I’m warning you if you ask for a duel you will already have lost because resorting to a gun shows just how weak your arguments are and have always been.

A man who can’t defend himself or his actions with his words and has to resort to hot Teflon-coated cop-killer lead isn’t much of a man. You aren’t paid 1.27 million a year because you are a good shot, you are paid that to talk to the media and to push guns everywhere.



P.S. Are you carrying right now? Probably not, because  the City of St Louis and the American Center management know  and as you point out on your own page, The city of St. Louis prohibits the carrying of firearms at the America’s Center Convention Complex.”  Would that cost you your concealed carry permit? Or would the look the other way for the business you bring in. Would it at least get you and your illegal carrying buddies frog marched out of the venue, ‘for the safety of the other guests?’  We’ll never know, because the media won’t ask, which is surprising, since it would be good TV and great for ratings.

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