Why I don’t rub Trump voters’ noses in his failures

. Great cartoon. Is this really how the conversations go? I don’t think so. Most folks on the left don’t get a kick out of baiting the right and rubbing their noses in their electoral choices.

Why is that?

I could seek out Trump voters and rub their faces in his failures. Why don’t I?

The right does. It’s fun for them.

“I don’t want or need government help! Repeal Obamacare! I don’t need it. I pulled myself up from my own bootstraps!” (They pull themselves up from their bootstraps so hard I’m surprised they don’t fly around the room!)

I could go into “rubbing it in mode,” by pointing out all the government help they get. I could “win” the conversation.

If I wanted to, I could even do it in front of others. I could humiliate them, crush them. I could make them angry and sputtery.

“But, but, Benghazi… Hillary, Benghazi! …”

But why stop at making them sputter? Why not keep crushing them?

When Trump’s actions hurt them or their family, I could bring it up. Force them to acknowledge it.

I’m not going to convert them, so why not mock them? If THEY were in my . . . → Read More: Why I don’t rub Trump voters’ noses in his failures

Values: Brand, Corporate & Bill O’Reilly’s

I was very pleased and gratified to see the Spocko Method being used on Bill O’Reilly this week. (Up to 70 so far!) Now he announces he’s taking a vacation amid the sexual harassment scandal (My friend Jeff wondered where, “Thailand?”)

I was thrilled to hear its principles, and some of the specific language I created over a decade ago, being spoken by Anita Hill on Saturday’s Weekend Edition on NPR. (And no, it’s not plagiarism when she uses my language, so bite me wingnuts.)

” I think the message is clear from advertisers as well as from consumers – direct consumers of the media that this is not tolerable, that the advertisers and consumers understand that they have a vested interest in this. The realization from advertisers, of course, is that the ads being associated with the show is not good for their brand. It’s not good for their bottom line. And it also, perhaps, doesn’t reflect their own business values internally.” — Anita Hill on Weekend Edition NPR

Anita Hill, Brandeis University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

I’ve been following the stories aboutthis, and, believe it or not, reading the comments . . . → Read More: Values: Brand, Corporate & Bill O’Reilly’s

Are you arguing about heathcare with a sockpuppet?

Sheri Wilson and Lamb Chop, a good sock puppet

I was out-of-town away from electronic communications last week, when I got home I heard and read about the successes of all my various activist friends in the healthcare front.  Good job folks!

To catch up I listened to Sam Seder and Digby for an analysis of the whole situation. The conversation started before the vote to repeal Obamacare happened, and ended right after they heard it failed.

As a time-traveling Vulcan I know how this will end, but for the rest of you it is good to hear Digby and Sam giving the correct analysis, which is, “Okay we beat this back. Now they will work to sabotage the rest.”  Digby and Sam also talk about how Trump and Ryan will work to sabotage the ACA. Because you know they will, but what specifically will they sabotage?

Here is what to expect, stories about:

Obamacare fraud committed by PATIENTS (which is the rarest kind, but fits their bias of brown people getting something for nothing.) “Ill-eagles” getting FREE healthcare High premium costs for users (this one is legit, but came about because of the end of subsidies, something that could . . . → Read More: Are you arguing about heathcare with a sockpuppet?

Dirty Funny Hippies

The T-shirt I’m wearing today.

Dirty Funny Hippies

It’s from the best convention I’ve ever attended in my life. The memory of the standing ovation I got after my talk about defunding right wing media keeps me going during the dark times.   I’m proud to wear this shirt. It was so great to meet and get to know so many wonderful people.   It may look like Bedford Falls is transforming into Pottersville now, but like George Bailey, if any of you had not existed, our world would be much darker.   Sometimes we need the mean old Mr. Potter to remind us of what we value, why we fight, and who we fight for.   Our recent victory in stopping the repeal of AHCA, reminds me what we can do when our gains are threatened, and we act.   My favorite Capra movie is Meet John Doe, but I do love this line from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” – . “No man is a failure who has friends.” My life is richer from having met you all.   To all Atriots, Dirty Funny Hippies and people bringing the light and fighting the darkness.   Live Long . . . → Read More: Dirty Funny Hippies

Senator Deb Fischer (R) Questioned at Nebraska Town Hall on Why She Voted YES to Allow Severe Mentally Ill to Get Guns


Audio only


Transcript. Angela Sorensen Thomas questions Sen. Deb Fischer vote to allow the severe mentally ill to buy guns. at Holdrege City Auditorium Town Hall on March 16, 2017

Angela Sorensen Thomas: AST Senator Deb Fischer DF

Photos by Eric Gregory Lincoln Journal Star

Angela Sorensen Thomas: Recently you voted for house joint bill resolution 40. That allows people who are so mentally unstable they need a guardian or representative to manage their bank accounts to buy deadly weapons.

I have a brother-in-law who was one of the 75,000 people in this category. And it terrifies me thinking about him getting a gun. He lives here in Nebraska. Fortunately for us he’s in a protected setting and it wouldn’t affect him now.

But 10 years ago it would’ve been deadly for him. Not necessarily that he’s a threat to anyone in this room, but he is a threat to himself. Can you explain to me why it’s so important for people who cannot manage their own funds, because of severe mental illness, to be able to obtain deadly weapons?


Deb Fischer: This was a resolution that I happen to agree with the ACLU and other groups . . . → Read More: Senator Deb Fischer (R) Questioned at Nebraska Town Hall on Why She Voted YES to Allow Severe Mentally Ill to Get Guns

Good news on the health insurance front!

The stock prices for all these health insurance companies are up since they met with Trump.  Thanks Republicans!

  We hear so many tragic stories about people who will go bankrupt and/or die because of the repeal of the ACA, and its  pathetic replacement, that I thought Americans would want some good news about health care insurance.   The stock price of every single publicly traded health insurance company represented in this photo has gone up since this photo* was taken on February 27, 2017!   Humana. Was 207 now 217 UP $9   Cigna. Was 149 now 152 UP $3   UnitedHealth. Was 165 now 168 UP $3   Aetna. Was 129 now 132 UP $3   Anthem. Was 164 now 166 UP $2   Things are looking up!  .  On Vulcan we have a phrase that roughly translates to “Who benefits?” To understand who Trump and Republicans actually listen to, work backwards from the question, “Who benefits?” To determine what will happen next, look forward into what the men in this photo say they want every quarter on their financial conference calls. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Email this! . . . → Read More: Good news on the health insurance front!

Unpresidented. The Media and How They’re Spun


I’m very excited about all the new activists that this election has inspired. I love looking at photos from the marches, hearing their stories and knowing about the in-person connections made. I look forward to hearing and reading about their future successes on social media.

I want to help these new activists by connecting them with experienced activists and experts I know who kick ass. We can learn from them.

When thinking about activist actions I always want to know, “What was done in the past that worked?

What has to be done to make it work now? How do we go about doing that in our current environment?  

Video of aliens flying over a wall and attacking the White House by Dan Mcenroe

My friend Cliff Schecter is starting a new podcast called An Unpresidented Podcast, Bigly that will be addressing some of these issues, especially as it concerns the media. The GoFund me link is here.

“Many of us have lamented the lack of progressive media infrastructure. I’ve given my all to combating this by founding (and partially funding) an independent, progressive radio station in Washington DC and going on independent radio and tv. With the election of Donald Trump, I . . . → Read More: Unpresidented. The Media and How They’re Spun

Obamas and Bidens Walk Away from the White House


Photoshop from jerjozwik at Reddit

From Photoshop Battle discussion PsBattle: The Obamas and Bidens Walk Away from White House. Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Email this!

Don’t Relax! 47 Hours Left Till Obama takes your guns!

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Weaseling Out of Things Is A Core Trump Skill

The media still hasn’t figured out how to deal with Trump and his weaseling skills.

They are using the, “If a democrat did this…” model. That one was blown out of the water early. But Trump has even surpassed the “It’s Okay When You Are Republican” model. And they are light years away from the “If a regular person did this”…” model. Normal, Democratic, Republican and Decent people norms haven’t been applying to Trump.  The media hasn’t adapted, but we need to.

Now I could coach the press on how to bust him, but they are too busy trying to figure out how to stop being humiliated daily.

In a recent Talking Points Memo Josh Marshall was telling the MSM to stop being crybabies about losing access. I saw how Bush treated the DC press like dirt and they ate it up. My friend Eric Boehlert’s great book Lapdogs was all about how the press rolled over for Bush.

If they do get kicked out of the press conferences they might start noticing how Trump has continued to play them. So most of them are beyond help, but that doesn’t mean that WE can’t do their job.

In the piece . . . → Read More: Weaseling Out of Things Is A Core Trump Skill