Who knew Trump had COVID & when did they know it?

Oct 2, 2020 Trump tweeted he had COVID. When did Sean Conley, Trump’s doctor, know he had COVID?

White House physician Sean Conley gives an update on the condition of US President Donald Trump, on Oct. 3, 2020, at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  Screengrab Guardian

Trump tested positive with the Abbott rapid test at least one day before he announced it. At that point Trump should have started quarantine and contact tracing should have started. Did Dr. Conley immediately report the results to the D.C. Department of Health? If he didn’t, that’s a violation of state and federal law. The media can’t know without an investigation.

We do know a PCR test was ordered, which typically takes 24 hours. During that time Trump traveled to multiple states. Trump didn’t tell his staff nor the people he was meeting with he had tested positive.

Washington Post Graphic
  • How soon after the results of the positive PCR test came in did Dr. Conley report it to D.C. Department of Health?
  • Did Dr. Conley inform the state health departments in the states Trump was visiting so they could alert the public that a know infected individual would be in their midst?
  • What did the state health departments do with that info?
  • When did D.C. Department of Health contact Trump’s workplace to inform them that an individual* in the workplace had COVID? (They would not reveal names, just “Individual-1 tested positive on this date at this location.)

State health department have a legal right to know when Trump got COVID. Trump’s doctors had a duty to report it to the appropriate state authorities. How many days were Trump’s positive COVID test results kept from them?

People should care about someone spreading a contagious deadly disease, especially when they willfully violate public health laws in the process. But I found state attorney generals really don’t want to get involved with charging Trump, his supporters and enablers for their actions spreading COVID.

I don’t need to know when Trump got a colonoscopy and the results. I do need to know when the results of his COVID test was known and what was done with that information. Especially when delaying it or with holding it leads to infecting of my fellow Americans.

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