How Do Justice Failures Effect You?

I used to work with a great organization called the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Beyond their four tenants of social justice, simple living, spirituality and community, they also had some interesting bumper-stickers. I’m a sucker for a good bumper-sticker.

One from Pope Paul VI said, “If you want peace. work for justice.”

the winds of skagit. by heanster, license via Creative Commons

I was thinking about that today after listening to Kevin Gosztola talk about his coverage of the Bradly Manning trial on the Sam Seder show. (You can listen to the show here, or watch it here, tell Sammy Spocko sent ya.)

Kevin talked about the Manning case, the legal definition of a whistle blower and how the government was all hopped up to get justice, but he was struck by how this cry for justice (and punishment) wasn’t being applied to people who had committed war crimes. Kevin is there every day, he knows how Manning was treated. He knows how he has suffered and what it has been costing Manning for trying to help expose bad actors.

And I thought. “How is the failure to bring war criminals to justice impacting me personally?”

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