Charge you iPhone while biking with Solar Power

Just signed up to back this Solar powered charger of USB devices. I’ll use it for my iPod touch, iPhone and old fashioned flip phone (Kyocera! $9 Virgin Mobile)

The guy who’s in charge of this is great. I’ve build about a dozen of his solar chargers. I’m not building this, but I would rather buy from him than from some big company.

You’ve got access to sun and need a charge this is the green way to go,

This is my first Kickstarter backing and I find the process interesting. His update and history of getting this done is funny and interesting.

He’s a teacher and I’ve corresponded with him and he really likes explaining what is going on and why it works.

I backed this at the 85 dollar level to get the solar cells and Battery pack I can’t wait to get them. I’m writing this post on an IPod I just charged with my USB charge I made from one of his kits.

If you are a maker you might want to go to and create one now while waiting for the bigger one via the Kickstarter.